Friday, October 17, 2008

WOW....A Politician Who Doesn't Apologize For Being American

Yesterday, I listened to Joe the Plumber give a press conference.  One of the most important things he had to say is that he is tired of politicians bashing Americans.  He said that it angered his friends and neighbors.  They aren't the only ones angry about American being bashed from within.  Here is yet another reason, why Sarah Palin has so much support.  

Does it not make you stop and think that poor Joe the Plumber is getting the same treatment from the media and Obamabots that Sarah Palin received?  H/T again to


Anonymous said...


Shadowbrook Smith said...

Joe the plumber was thrust into the media by John McCain, not Barack Obama. John McCain mentioned Joe the Plumber 20 times in a national debate with an audience of 70 million people. John McCain should have asked for Joe the Plumber's permission to use his name at the very least. John McCain should have verified Joe the Plumber's story before using it as a campaign gimmick. He did not. Much like the bracelet issue, John McCain should understand the use of real people to make political points should be retired as a political tactic. In doing this politicians destroy people's privacy and their dignity.

As for Joe the Plumber, he milked his 15 minutes of fame. He could have easily said, "I was trying to make a point. I am not considering buying my employers business. I have no idea if Obama's tax plans will help me or not. I simply don't think anyone should pay higher taxes." He didn't. It was dishonest. He has made his own bed. Our actions have consequences.

As for McCain, it seems to me that this is his George H. W. Bush moment. When a member of the audience asked him, how much a gallon of milk actually costs, Bush had no idea. He was out of touch.

When a plumber in a rope line tells you he works all day long, by the sweat of his brow for his dream of buying a $278,000 net income business, most thinking people recognize the insincerity of it. When a plumber suggests he is reconsidering purchasing the business because of the fear of a 3% marginal tax increase he is not really a businessman in the first place.

When John McCain says, "Joe, your rich", he is being facetious. When John McCain is being facetious about being rich to a man who can buy a $278,000 net income business he is being naive. If Joe's statement were actually true, Joe would indeed be doing very well. If Joe's statement were actually true it would be quite reasonable for him to lose the Bush tax cut, that benefited people in his tax bracket so disproportionately. The Bush tax cuts did not trickle down to Joe. The Bush tax cuts most certainly wouldn't trickle down to Joe's employees. Joe most certainly has little interest in providing health care for his employees that he does not have now, and most certainly won't have in the future.

The sad fact is McCain feels that people who clear $278,000 are simply muddling through. He is wrong. This is a very good income in Ohio. I suppose if you have eight homes $278,000 becomes very, very relative. This whole exchange says a great deal about Mr. McCain.

Anonymous said...

What Shadowbrook Smith said.

Stacy said...

Wow....your comments really touched on the point that I made in my blog. I don't see any where that you are showing support for American.....just attacking an American. Obama came to this man's front yard. He asked a simple question whether you believe it right or wrong. Stop attacking the man. Do you really what to attack or make fun of blue collar workers?

Better yet.....keep it up please.

Anonymous said...

Don't Worry, Be Happy.

(smiley face icon here)

Palin for President

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin said today at a rally "I'm glad to be in a pro-Ameica part of the country". She was basically making the point that any area of the country that wouldn't vote for her is "anti-America". This is far more divisive and frankly untrue than anything involving "Joe the Plumber" (who, by the way, doesn't seem to have a problem talking to that media that's been so mean to him)

Anonymous said...

If American's aren't able to criticize eachother, wouldn't that be quite un-American? If we can't acknowledge that Joe is the exact opposite of how he portrayed himself, then how can we understand what meaning he represents?

In all likelyhood it seems Joe just wanted to have a joke at Obama's expense and neither Joe nor McCain realize that their actions have consequences. I feel sorry for Joe because I know people like Joe who would think they would be having fun in this situation, but McCain and his advisors should know better than to inject a regular guy into the race for the most powerful office in the world. Of course the blogs wills eat him alive, and of course the news will dig into his life, that's what they do. The question is whether it is permissible to do this to a man who had benign intentions and is already proving himself unprepared for the scrutiny that McCain's focus has created.

Anonymous said...

"We have seen Mrs. Palin on the national stage for seven weeks now, and there is little sign that she has the tools, the equipment, the knowledge or the philosophical grounding one hopes for, and expects, in a holder of high office."

Peggy Noonan

Wall Street Journal

Shadowbrook Smith said...

To Stacy.

Did you see where I said, "John McCain should understand the use of real people to make political points should be retired as a political tactic?" My statement does support all Americans and in this case one Joe the plumber. Joe was stating a hypothetical. He obviously didn't make the money he was claiming, nor was he affected by the issues he was asking about. Most people understand this intuitively. The right wing media and John McCain simply didn't recognize it. They are out of touch.

I have nothing against Joe the plumber. He was trying to make a political point. I understand it. The way he went about it got him into trouble. The problem is that he didn't really understand the economic issues he was referring to very well. He also was less than honest about his situation. Obama responded to a bone headed question with a bone headed answer. He should have simply said, "wow, you clear $278,00 as a plumber. You must be very good at what you do" and moved on. There is no reason to make someone look stupid even when they themselves are trying to make you look stupid.

PS. Obama is an American. I am an American. You are attacking us. I cannot for the life of me understand why you think that Joe the plumber is especially American and yet we are not. Can you explain?

Stacy said...

The whole point of my post was that many people are tired of hearing how bad America is and all the things we have done wrong. Even John McCain has at times fallen into this mantra. It does on occasion feel good to hear someone say something positive for a change.

Many of you underestimate Sarah Palin. Just last week she drew a crowd in Ohio of 20,000 in a highly democrat area. Two days later, Biden appeared three miles away to a crowd of 2,500.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog. Check out my site.

We need to reach as many voters before the Election Day as possible. Keep up the good work!

- Allen, another NObama fan

Anonymous said...

Joe the Plumber, and Sarah Palin both crying about their poor treatment at the hands of "Obamanites" and the media?

I mean, how could people be mean to the self-proclaimed "pit bull with lipstick"?

Or be difficult to a man who purposely courted his fifteen minutes of fame by ambushing a politician in a high stake war for the President of the United States?

I think Americans have perfected the sport of identifying arrogant idiots and then making fun of them. Matter of fact, I would suggest that this sport is far more popular than all the other sports combined. Don't blame Americans for having two new contestants serve themselves up to the sport....

Anonymous said...

Hey shadowbrook smith: I don’t know how much a gallon of milk costs either - - - I am lactose intolerant and don’t drink the stuff. Does that mean I am out of touch too? I know how much a box of macaroni costs. Do you?

You recognize the insincerity of Joe the Plumber and I recognize your posting for exactly what it is: destroy the integrity of the opposition by any means, fair or foul. It’s typical Obama strategy and you’re very good at it.

You know an awful lot about Joe the Plumber - - are you the attack dog from the Obama campaign that was sent to “dig up the dirt” on Joe? Whether you get the facts correct or not, makes little difference to the Obama campaign as long as they undermine the integrity and honor of the opposition. Good job; maybe when he is elevated to emperor you can be one of his minions. Obama never gets his hands dirty; he just uses collateral damage stooges like the ones that post derogatory fiction here. Typical of a coward and/or a master puppeteer.

McCain said he had seven (7) homes, not eight (8) You seem to have the same problem as Biden, you cannot count (If you were following Joe’s campaign you distinctly heard him say he had a three-letter word for his audience: J-O-B-S). Most of those homes to which you credit McCain belong to HIS wife and/or HER business and NOT HIM. Obama is the real elitist here, not McCain.

Let’s call Obama’s plan what it is: “redistribution”; and the biggest welfare give away in American history. I guess if middle Americans buy into that hype, they will wake up around the end of January wondering how they could have been so completely duped and so terminally stupid.

The real voter fraud here is the methodical takeover of the American government. I could venture a guess on when this plot was hatched and it’s a good bet it was in the living room of Bill Ayers. He didn’t give up the fight; he just orchestrated it from underground.

Anonymous said...

This must be “attack Joe the plumber” day.

Joe didn’t go looking for Obama; Obama came to Joe’s house. I guess Obama got upset when Joe forgot to genuflect and therefore he understandably forgot to conceal his real agenda with a mind-altering smile and the truth popped out instead of his practiced rhetoric.

It is definitely Joe’s fault and I think we should really make his life miserable: we should not only give him a house with zero down payment and zero interest, we should plant two trees to support the hammock that I am sure Joe will need after a stressful day of doing nothing. Not to worry, he’ll get used to living off his redistribution allowance and eventually he’ll be able to tame his desire to work and for the American dream.

Anonymous said...

McCain did not thrust Joe the Plumber into the MSM; the MSM showed an instant replay directly after Obama’s blunder. When you travel with such an extensive entourage for the sole purpose of political opportunity you don’t always get the results that you anticipate. I heard it on CNN and FNC eons before I heard it from the McCain camp. Someone may have told you about it, but I was there when the story broke; perhaps you should get your facts straight before you start pointing fingers.

If Obama is so tired from campaigning that he can’t keep his stories straight, then he has two choices:

1. Get a massage and a good night’s rest.
2. Quit telling stories that you may have to remember. If Obama was my brother, my mother would have washed his mouth out with soap a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

So McCain's wife has a bunch of houses, that is why John can't remember how many he has? That makes him a normal guy and Obama an elitist?

What do you say to someone who says something so obviously untrue as that? Do you think there is a "12 step program" for Republican Koolaid? Perhaps you could be featured on the hit show "Intervention"?

Here are some others:

Let me guess, voting with Bush policies at a rate that exceeded 90%, oh, that is just John being all "mavericky" and humoring the man? He didn't really agree with his policies did he? (wink wink)

LOL! Come on, if you are going to attack one of the candidates, at least show some mental abilities. Or perhaps look up elitism in the dictionary, the pretty picture of McCain should clarify the definition.

-An American Liberal

Stacy said...

Elitism isn't about what you have or how much you have. It's about what you do with it and how you act because of it. Cindy McCain uses her father's money that he worked hard to earn. She donates millions through her charity organization.

If you don't think that talking about PA clinging to religion and guns and then mocking an innocent plumber is elitism I don't know what is.

I don't think Michelle Obama made the proud of her country comment because she doesn't love her country. I think she made it because she is an elitist. You can disagree if you want. That is my personal opinion.

Stacy said...

Oh and Joe Biden can pretend all he wants, but there are no plumbers that live in his neighborhood. He can tell you he is from Scranton all he wants. He showed his true colors when he talked about going to Katie's diner in the debate only to learn the next day that it had closed 15 years earlier.

Anonymous said...

Stacy: the obamabots are out in full force and they have attacked your blog once again. I had thought they had finally given up a few days ago, but they only went for reinforcements. They are doing that “spew” thing again and it is getting a bit tiresome and extremely tedious. Obviously Obama has called them to attention and commanded them to “go out and spread the word” whether it is welcome or not.

Obama must be getting nervous that he isn’t further ahead in the polls than projected in addition to the voter registration fraud being investigated coupled with the illegal overseas donations and the cloud still hanging over his birth certificate that could disqualify him for President. Could there be a threat of jail time? I think it would certainly be embarrassing for the U.S. if their President had his oval office desk in San Quentin instead of the Whitehouse. At the very least, it would send a terrible message to other countries if after being sworn in our President was sentenced to 10,000 hours of “community service” for his participation in nefarious political affiliations and activities. Seeing him in an orange work suit picking up trash around the Whitehouse might set a bad example for the next generation.

Anonymous said...

Wow American Liberal, talk about someone that lacks some mental capabilities, you take first prize. Your nonsensical ramblings made me do something today that I never in a lifetime thought (as a Democrat) that I would do. I went to a McCain headquarters and not only bought a “McCain/Palin” T-shirt, I volunteered to work for the McCain/Palin campaign. Is that response enough for you? I will be at the polls watching every little discrepancy taking place and believe me, when I blow the whistle, it will be heard across three states and loud enough to pass over the corrupt MSM and go directly to the American citizens.

Oh, and my thanks to you and the rest of the Obamabot squad of posters; while I was there, I met a large contingency of volunteers (dissatisfied Democrats exactly like me). You Obama posters have done much in helping us achieve our purpose: turning voters away from Obama. Thanks a bunch, sorry I can’t return the favor being for the good of the country and all.

Anonymous said...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows Barack Obama attracting 50% of the vote while John McCain earns 45%. These figures reflect a remarkably stable race in which Obama has enjoyed a four-to-eight point advantage for twenty-three straight days. McCain has not been up by even a single point in over a month (see trends).

If Obama holds all the Kerry states that equals 252 electoral votes. Kerry plus Florida or Kerry plus Ohio, game over. He currently leads in both those states in many polls.

He also leads in Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico. Virginia plus Colorado or Virginia plus New Mexico also give Obama 270 without winning either Florida or Ohio. As he holds the lead in so-called "toss-up" states, these combinations become more numerous.

In order for McCain to win he has to flip a Kerry state red and win the majority of the toss-up states.

Please give me the scenario by which McCain accomplishes this task by election day.


Anonymous said...


If you are a Democrat, I'm a monkey's uncle, but whatever, get out and vote!

Being an intellectual does not make you an elitist, nor does questioning the efforts of your country un-American. Where do you guys get this nonsense?!

And Joe the Plumber? He isn't even a plumber according to today's news. He was just some smuck who wanted fifteen minutes....

McCain never had to work for anything a day in his life with the exception of those miserable seven years. The other 65 were pretty easy with that silver spoon he has....

Anonymous said...

Of course most anonymous agree with most other anonymous; you are either birds of a feather or you are the same bird. Do any of you anonymous' have a surname or is that your surname? I am going out on a limb here, but I think your name is either Anonymous Obamabot #1 or Anonymous Obamabot #2, #3, or #4. I give up, which one is it? Only you know for sure since you all sound alike.

You loose Monkey’s Uncle. Not all Democrats are brain-dead. Did it ever occur to you that you are attacking an average working American like Joe the Plumber because you do not have the courage to say it to his face? The same Joe six-pack who is probably sending you a “redistribution” allowance so you can sit in front of your computer making disparaging remarks about him anonymously. No? I didn’t think so. You may now assume that no one here pays much attention to an “anonymous” entity that likes to attack behind a mask of anonymity - - believe me: Obama is not Robin Hood and you sure aren’t Zorro or the Lone Ranger!

Mike said...

I am tired of all the bashing too. It happens on both sides, so please don't act like it is restricted to the Obama campaign. It is disgusting to me, and I can't remember it being this bad.

Part of the problem is that this campaign has lasted forever and there was nothing new to talk about until Joe the Plumber came along. All these news-starved media outlets decended on poor Joe the second John McCain mentioned his name.

Sarah Palin was new too. Again, they decended on her to try and get as much information as they could.

Is this some liberal conspiracy? I am not so sure about that. I think it is really all about money. News organizations make money when people watch their commercials. If there is nothing new, people aren't going to watch.

Sarah Palin was new, so they decended on her as well to try and get that exclusive. I am sure CBS made big bucks selling advertising around her interviews.

They also followed Obama around as well, because it was good for ratings. He was new over the summer, but is now old news.

I also think the MSM gave Bush a free pass on the Iraq war and never really investigated it much, because they had the promise of being "embedded". Being able to report a war from the field was huge for ratings as well.

Anonymous said...

October 18, 2008, 1:48 pm
Obama Rally Draws 100,000 in Missouri - Wall Street Journal

A Rasmussen poll released on Friday shows Obama leading in Missouri 52% to 46% for McCain.

I was listening to Limbaugh earlier in the week and he was trying to boost the spirits of his listeners by saying that Obama’s crowds are dwindling and that there was more enthusiasm brewing for McCain/Palin.



Anonymous said...

You are why Democrats are so frustrated with Republicans? Based on this Blog and the comments of the party faithful there is nothing of substance to justify McCain's selection as President, but empty hateful words.

The assertion that I don't care about Joe the Plumber is absurd. My candidate wants to ensure that he has a good job, good health care, and an opportunity to suceed. Your candidate wants him to enlist, destroy any hope of getting decent health care, continue to give tax breaks to his wealthy friends, and toe the line on all of the special interest groups that continue to pour money into his campaign (like he has done all of his political career).

With such great slogans as "Joe Six-Pack", "Drill Baby Drill", and now "Joe the Plumber" it is a wonder that everyone doesn't run out to the polls and vote for McCain this instant. Oh wait, those one liners are empty hot air, and on matters that people really care about, McCain is on the opposite side of the fence.

Today, "socialism" is in the news. Here is a question for you Christian pretending, anti-abortion, anti-sex educating, pro-war mongering Republicans: which of you compassionate conservatives are going to tell little four year old Annie the Curable that she is going to have to die because her parents don't make enough money to get decent health care? Which one of you stewards of morality are going to stand in front of these families and say, well I didn't vote to help you because I'm afraid of Socialism.

We have a moral impetus to protect those that can not defend themselves. Despite the trash that the compassionate conservatives have fed you, pro-Life does not end after the baby is born. But you Republicans keep snickering at your Joe Six Pack and Joe the Plumber comments, it really is what's important in this campaign. Why bother with little Annie the Curable, her parents don't make enough for you to care....

In case you think Annie the Curable is fake, I encourage you to look a bit more into the health care crisis, and your "compassionate conservatives" voting record on the matter.

-An American Liberal

Stacy said...

I have responded to your comments longer than I care to. I read pro-Obama blogs, but I don't comment. They have the right to believe how ever they chose to.

Unfortunately, it appears that those Obama supporters do not have the same respect for me or those who read my blog.

I will no longer respond to you. You can leave all the comments that you like as long as I judge them to be respectful. I am leaving these comments because I have had several friends respond that I should let people see what junk is left here. So for now.....look above for the junk.

Anonymous said...

RJ, An American Liberal, objectionable anonymous’, etc.:

I wonder how many people at that same rally were coerced into attendance. You do remember that the "truth squad" is targeting any ads or citizens in Missouri that say anything remotely detrimental to Obama's campaign. For all I know, people attended so they didn’t look anti-Obama and have the police or prosecutors taking them into custody for dereliction of duty to Obama. In Missouri, as in Germany, I noticed the front quarter of the crowd cheering enthusiastically and the remainder of the crowd not doing much of anything. Kind of reminded me of the rally in Germany where the people were there for the free brats, beer and rock concert.

The money that the Obama campaign has spent on this election could feed a third-world country - - - scratch that, it could feed at least five third-world countries for five years. It is a flagrant abuse of money that would have solved the mortgage crisis; after all, it was the Democratic Congress and Senate, including Obama, that created this mess.

I know in my town you are cautious in the same way. I wanted to put a McCain/Palin sign in my front yard but after reading about the family who was firebombed for doing that in another town, I sacrificed my pride and discontinued the idea. Then I thought about it from another angle: If I cancelled my insurance and let the radicals burn my house down, perhaps I could get the government (or ACORN, whoever offers first) to give me a new and better home with zero down payment and zero interest and I probably wouldn’t have to make any of those pesky mortgage payments that have been dogging me for the past 25 yrs. In fact, I could quit my job, stay at home and wait for my “share the wealth” check that Obama promised me.

P.S. Joe the Plumber doesn’t want Obama for his President and neither do I. I saw interviews with other Joe Plumbers and they indicated the same preference. I can only assume that the people supporting Obama are not the small businessmen this country has come to rely on for jobs. RJ, I sincerely hope you have a job and pay your patriotic taxes as I am looking forward to sharing your wealth with you.

It doesn’t matter what the polls indicate, when you go into that voting booth you are alone with your ballot and your conscience; you are free from peer pressure and prying eyes and I know from voting in twelve previous presidential elections that in a split second the choice you came in with may be contrary to the one you actually make. This election is not over until the last vote is counted; we’ll see you at the finish line.

In the future, I like Stacy, will not reply to anymore of this nonsense from the Obama machine. I am glad she is finally fed up with your disrespectful and objectionable behavior. Her blog has been pleasant and informational; it’s a crying shame it was infiltrated by the Obama hit squad. Unlike Stacy, I do not visit your liberal sites as I no longer consider myself a Democrat or share your views and I do not trespass where I do not belong. The Democratic Party used to represent people like me and now it represents people that I neither know nor like - - - like you.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is so offensive here? People who disagree with your post are commenting?

We are in the middle of a hotly contested election, and this is a political blog. If you do not want comments, remove the ability from your posts. Otherwise, the combatants are going to go at it.

What is with you guys referring to Obama supporter negatively? Should I refer to the McCain supporters as the "senile club"? Oh I got it, I will refer to you guys as the "Joes". "OMG there goes the Joes again with their atrocious leadership record and no ideas other that hateful rhetoric." What do you think, will it catch on?

As to Obama supporters fire bombing a house, please provide the link. Anyone who commits an offense like that ought to be sent to jail. Don't think that because we support Obama that we support criminal activity in any form whatsoever.

You should NEVER EVER feel afraid to share your political views. Hearing that kind of stuff just makes me really sad.

-An American Liberal

Anonymous said...

92,000 people attended the Alabama versus Ole Miss football game yesterday. They were herded there by The Alabama State Troopers on the orders of Nick Saban.

All I want to know is how McCain gets to 270. Is that a disrespectful question?


Anonymous said...

Stacy: The American Liberal finally made a valid point I can believe in: I don’t know about your other posters, but if you want to use your administrative privilege to delete their (to use an Obama phrase) “distracting” blogs, I would not only support your decision, I would welcome it.

Stacy: Unfortunately I can no longer provide a navigational link to the firebombing article. I did however cut and paste the body of the article to support the growing fear of McCain supporters. I also read where James Carville predicts violence if Obama looses the election; something all of us have suspected for quite a while. The atmosphere in the neighborhoods is troubling if not downright scary. We are rapidly approaching a socialized police state and intelligent voters are asleep at the wheel.

"PORTLAND, Ore. - Authorities have arrested two men after a Molotov cocktail was thrown at a 4-foot by 8-foot campaign sign for Republican presidential candidate John McCain in a southeast Portland yard….

Witnesses said the suspects threw a Molotov cocktail at the sign and used another as a torch.
The Scruttons worried that their home could have caught on fire.

Taking their cues from the Obama campaign, Leslie Brockette Leudtke and Kevin Carl Robinson are following in the footsteps of Bill Ayers, the terrorist…..

Or perhaps these fabricators of booze bombs are simply following Obama’s exhortation to his supporters to “get in the face” of those who will vote for John McCain.?....

Vandals spray-painted the words “Republican means slavery” on the door of the York County GOP campaign headquarters overnight Friday.
Party volunteers called police after discovering the message when they arrived at the office on Rock Hill’s Oakland Avenue. The vandals also stole about 45 candidate signs from the front yard and spray-painted over a banner that carried a picture of Republican presidential nominee John McCain. Their messages included lettering and symbols sometimes used by gangs.

While Obama supporters in South Carolina did not throw a bomb, they did vandalize and steal private property from those whose politics they liken to “slavery.” And this occurred just days after John Lewis compared McCain and Palin to a notorious segregationist. I guess words really do have discursive effects.

III. Obama supporter Madonna exhorts the crowd to kick Sarah Palin’s ass; a male blogger follows her command.

According to Michelle Obama, this race is about “role modeling.” And she is right, for Obama’s campaign continues to incite violence and crime across the country. Larceny, vandalism, Molotov cocktails, violence against women: I guess this is change in which everyone, especially criminals, can believe."

Anonymous said...

Good for you Stacy. Keep up the good work and eliminate the rabble-rousers so we can get back to intelligent dialog once again. We have so very little time left to get the word out.

Colin Powell endorsed Obama this morning and I lost a lot of respect for him. His vote is his concern and no others, but this has been well-timed to do the most damage to John McCain. How can he support a candidate that not only has ties to admitted terrorists but ties to ACORN, the group who brought down the American economy and is making a farce of our election system? It makes me reevaluate my judge of character.

Mike said...

Andi, I don't know if you saw General Powell's interview or just heard about it.

Listen carefully and objectively to what he has to say and his reasons for not supporting Senator McCain. I always liked Senator McCain looked forward to his candidacy. I didn't support Obama until the last month when I felt I could not believe in Senator McCain's judgement based on his handling of the financial crisis.

What General Powell said echos my feelings exactly, and the feelings most of the people that are just now supporting Obama.

If you want Senator McCain to win, he has to answer General Powell's concerns, because most people have already tuned out Ayes, ACORN, Kenya and all the other crap that has been spewed.

The Senator McCain I liked and respected was a uniter, but his campaign has been anything but.

Anonymous said...


General Powell is going to probably be villified in the next few days.

As a veteran who is (and always has been) grateful for his steady hand during GW1, and I can only imagine the "pound of flesh" he is going to have to pay for this.

Personally, I think he deserves a pass from the Right for falling on his sword.

Gen. Powell just so you know, I would have changed parties if you had run for President. Not that anyone on this blog cares, but this is one of my personal heroes.

-An American Liberal

eMOM said...

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Keep up the great work!

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