Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vetting The Media........What's In Couric, Olbermann, Matthews Closets?

There should be no doubt that the media has inserted itself into this election.  The final straw came this week when the New York Times reporter sent a message to friends of John McCain's youngest daughter through Facebook looking for dirt on her mother.

Heaven forbid that a normal citizen ask Barack Obama a question without having his entire life history thrown throughout the media like tabloid trash.  Joe The Plumber did not seek out Barack Obama to ask him a question.  He was simply playing football in his front yard with his son.

Barack Obama, along with his media pals, came to Joe's neighborhood to do some door-to-door campaigning.  The man asked Obama a simple question.  It was Barack Obama who showed his true colors by stating that he wanted to "spread the wealth". 

Now in the blink of an eye, poor Joe has been trashed up and down.  He can no longer continue working as a plumber in Ohio.  The media has taken away his ability to support his son.  This guy is an average Joe.  It could have been any of us that asked him a question that day.  Imagine how you would feel if the media had gone through your personal life.

Since the media continues to fail it's one be objective, they have in essence become part of the campaign itself.  So why shouldn't they get their turn at being vetted.  I am not sure that two wrongs make a right, but I have to tell you.......I will be happy to read the dirt.

There is now a new website that intends to vet that same media that has taken it upon themselves to vet Joe the Plumber.  The new website is  The site was only started on Friday so it is still in the infancy stage.  They have already received hundreds of volunteer requests and are currently taking any tips regarding media personalities.

If the media has the right to vet or not vet a candidate, do we have the right to vet or not vet the media?


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

By default, the media have vetted themselves.

They don't even qualify anymore to be called journalists.

There's nothing they can do in the current OMSM to redeem themselves.

A full-scale cleanout and change of management would be a rigorous first step.

Short of that, they're worthless. And will be.

Anonymous said...

The media took away his right to work? Joe was doing something wrong. What has become of that beloved conservative principle of personal responsibility?

While you're vetting the media by the way, go check out that beacon of conservative integrity "The Washington Times" founded and published by Reverend Sun Myoung Moon, the self- proclaimed Second Coming of Christ.

Be careful what you look for, you might find it.

Oh yeah, drop by The National Review too. Without William F. Buckley there would be no modern conservative movement. Yet, when his son Christopher, who has never voted Democratic in his life, had the audacity to endorse Obama he was ridden out of town on a rail.

So much for you're high minded ideals huh?


Crystal said...

The media has become a joke in this election and voters can no longer look to them for any real information. The majority are biased liberals who are out to destroy any competition Obama has.

Anonymous said...

You are quickly becoming one of my favorite posters. LOL!

Historically, the media has been both a power for good and a power for evil. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, today's newspapers are more interested in the bottom line than maintaining any purity of objectivity. If you doubt that, check out the news stands on your way out the grocery store.

Man up Joes, if it makes you feel better it isn't personal, they are just trying to make some money. They are trying to enrich themselves at the expense of your life. As a future small business man, let this be your first example of the Republican "greed before need" business model.

-An American Liberal

A Mom for McCain said...

Stacy, this is a great post. I really enjoyed reading it. You bring a nice perspective to this pre-election time. Thank you and God bless-

Anonymous said...


Here is a post I found on one of the blogs I visit. Some times we only see the hatred in this race, so please forgive my slight off topic to bring you something more positive that touched me. It is not my intention to offend anyone here, or to persuade you to swap sides.

If you find it offensive, please delete it and understand that this was not meant to be disrespectful to you or your readers in any way.

Thank you!

"Jeanne // Oct 19, 2008 at 11:36 pm


Do you know what Rev. Wright preached over the 35+ yrs. he served his community; or do you just know what the media fed you with continuous, very short excerpts, of his sermons? Are you aware that Wright also served his country as a United States marine; and that he was part of the medical team that tended to President Lyndon B. Johnson? Are you aware that Wright has been a professor at Chicago Theological Seminary, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary and other educational institutions? And that he has received a Rockefeller Fellowship and seven honorary doctorate degrees, including from Colgate University, Valparaiso University, United Theological Seminary and Chicago Theological Seminary. Wright was named one of Ebony magazine’s top 15 preachers. He was also awarded the first Carver Medal by Simpson College in January 2008, to recognize Wright as “an outstanding individual whose life exemplifies the commitment and vision of the service of George Washington Carver.”

Am I saying that Rev. Wright’s comments were not divisive or a bleak perspective on America? No, I’m saying that he is not the monster that the media portrayed him to be. Rev. Wrights comments were a result of his personal experience as a black man in America.

I too fell into the trap that Rev. Wright did. I have been a victim of racism on a multitude of occasions. My first horrible, memorable experience was as an elementary school student chased home by grown white men with baseball bats, angry that black children were attending the same school as their white children. One man actually spit on me…a seven year old child. And I am not a product of the sixties; I am only 35yrs. old.

I too felt a deep distrust of America; I did not feel as though I was considered equal in the land of the free. I did not think that America included me; America was white and racist and would never change.

Remember the controversial comment Michelle Obama made, saying that this was the first time she was truly proud of her country? I can tell you that this is the first time I have felt that my country truly values me. I would have never thought in a million years that a black man would be considered a serious candidate for the highest position of the land.

This campaign has made me take a hard look at myself. I now understand that my perception of America was dated, and unfair. I allowed my negative experiences to blind me to the fact that our society has changed. I was a victim of the very same mentality that fueled Rev. Wright’s divisive statements.

I have been liberated, not by Barack Obama himself, but by the multitude of people, regardless of race, religion, or gender that have banded together to move America in a more positive direction. I am an American! You just don’t know what this campaign has done for me, and many more Americans like me.

I have become the voice and champion of America to many of my friends who are still lost in their memories and victim to their past negative experiences. They are just waiting for America to swallow Obama whole. Listening for the gunshot…saying that America will never let a black man be president. And I must admit that these unfounded attacks on his character, the absurd notion that he is a terrorist, non-citizen looking to single handedly destroy the fabric of America (You know…Like W. did), is trying to tear down my new found pride in my country. But I will not allow it…Yes we absolutely can! Yes we absolutely will…and we will do it together, as proud citizens of the best country on earth!

Go America, Go Obama! And thank all of you out there who have lifted this weight off my shoulders and have ignited my soul. Some out there are still clouded by prejudice, but this election has shown that THEY are the real minorities."

-The American Liberal

Stacy said...

Liberal-I don't buy the argument that they are trying to make any money. If that were true, why would NBC be failing so miserably. This week they announced they were cutting $500 million and laying off 1500 employees. MSNBC brought them into the toilet.

Jeanne-thanks for your post. We hear from The American Liberal over hear all of the time. Thanks.

pf said...

My husband always thought the MSM were the watchdogs for the rest of us and we were lucky to have them. I asked him yesterday if he still felt the same way. He, like me, feels betrayed by the biased media. We can no longer trust them to give an accurate accounting of world events. They have become a propaganda machine for the left. They are no longer objective and news isn’t just prejudiced, it is misleading and inaccurate.

I have noticed over the last 10-20 years that our new generation has taken a self-centered turn, both the people and the corporations. Workers used to give an honest day’s work and loyalty and employers treated their employees with respect and loyalty. I have watched the new generation employees stepping over the backs of their friends and treating fellow workers like the enemy; I have seen the employers turning workers against each other and into stoolies doing anything for a buck. I don’t know where those workers/employers of yesteryear have gone, but I miss them. I believe the main reason for the extinction of humanity in the work force has been greed; not only by the companies but by the workers. That same sickness has permeated the news industry and they are up for sale.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubts that MNBC is trying to make money, but like many of our friends on Wall Street they just aren't doing a very good job.
Not to be disrespectful to Joe the Plumber, but how long before we see him on the front page of the National Inquire purportedly having the love child of ET? I give it a month....

Thanks for not deleting the Jeanne post. It really did move me.

-An American Liberal

eva said...

Stacy: I have determined to neither read nor reply to any posts from The American Liberal, RJ or others like him. You can tell from their first paragraph that they are here to cause confusion and that is unacceptable to me. Your blog is well-written, well-thought out and well-substantiated and I resent the intrusion of posters trying to undermine your integrity and intelligence. Your blog has been a starting point for me to research facts from fiction and I have yet to find any of your articles to be unfounded or unsubstantiated.

I think of this blog as support for people of a like mind; these obvious Obama supporters should do likewise and find a site conducive to their beliefs and values. I find the disruption of these Obama hit-squads very distracting and a waste of my valuable time. They are not interested in a legitimate exchange of ideas; they are here solely to troll for Obama votes. They have insulted our intelligence by assuming we are as malleable and as programmable as the Obama supporters have proven to be.

In responding to their posts, I would be acknowledging the success of their intrusion and their Obama-given right to vandalize your blog. Since your admonishment, they have toned down the intensity of their attacks, but they are attacks nonetheless.

Being fair, you will continue to include them in the comment section, but I/we do not have to legitimize them by reading or responding to their propaganda; just as I do not have to bother to read or watch the biased MSM’s comments to know what they are going to say - - - i.e., “Praise be to The Obama”.

Stacy said...

Eva-Thanks for the post. I do not enjoy reading their comments. I detest the fairness doctrine. By silencing them I am only doing what they wish to do to us. If the Dems proceed with the Fairness Doctrine then I will no longer tolerate objecting comments as well.

I am sure that the liberals who bash Bush for disturbing their rights will be the first to defend the Fairness Doctrine. Hopefully blogs like mine will still be allowed to exist one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Eva et al,

This blog is linked from Real Clear Politics. I am fairly certain that if that was not the case I would have never arrived here, given the vastness of the blogosphere. I suggest that if Smart Girl aka Stacy finds me disruptive she make this a closed blog or disable the link from a high traffic site frequented by millions of all political persuasions.

Now, in re: this post. All I suggested was an examination of 2 sources in her "vetting" process, The National Review and The Washington Times.

Also suggested Plumber Joe was the maker of his own misery.

In the last 2 days I have asked for an electoral strategy that gets McCain/Palin to the 270 required votes to win the election.

If those are not legitimate issues then please explain to me what you define as legtimate political discourse. As best as I can tell my "disruptive" behavior is simply not agreeing with all the opinions of the author.


Stacy said...

RJ-I do not close this site and have no deleted most of the comments that several have left. Unless, they were direct attacks on me or overly offensive to someone. Things will always be offensive to someone, but there has to be a line.

As for your electoral question, it is legitimate. First, a little history, in 2004, John Kerry was up in 13 battlegrounds states by 10 as much as 10 points in some polls three weeks out. So, take the polls with a grain of salt.

One of the scenarios for McCain is scary which would leave him tied 269/269 with Obama. God help us if that happens. I would say any state where Obama has a lead of less than 4, could go either way when it comes down to it.

I would also watch PA...some thing is a little funky here.

Anonymous said...


Okay, lotsa luck to you!


At the risk of inflamming people here, but what about Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright? Do you think it is fair to state that they too have been victimized by the media?

By the way, yes Palin got bushwhacked on SNL (doh, who didn't see that coming).

Finally, the New York Time this morning published a rather hateful article concerning Cindy McCain. I have not read the article, nor do I intend to. She is out of bounds and publishing an attack piece above the fold is reprehensible.

-An American Liberal

Stacy said...

Are you comparing Joe The Plumber to Wright and Ayers? I just want to understand. If that is the case, Wright preached for years to a very large congregation. No, I don't think the media victimized him. There is a reason that high profile people like Oprah and a few others left the church when they did. Why didn't Obama?

As for Ayers, please tell me he is not a victim in you eyes. There is no excuse for violence...none...period.

Anonymous said...


I think you missed my point.

If a man walks up to a bank of microphones/cameras to shoot off his mouth is a victim of an overzelous media, then perhaps by extension, the continued exposure of Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright make them victims too?

If that thought seems repugnant to you, then you understand my thoughts on no license, no tax paying "Joe the Plumber".

-An American Liberal

Anonymous said...

I forgot to respond to your post, but you know what, you, your husband and I share the same opinion about the media and espectially GREED. Who would have ever thought that day would come?

I forgot to acknowledge your comment on violence. With repect to that issue, there is absolutely no difference between your opinion and mine. Please, do NOT assume that my mentioning of Bill Ayers indicates support for his past efforts.
And ditto for Rev. Wright and his messages of hate. No excuse for that sort of thing.

As to the fairness doctrine, I must admit that the issue has me confused. The basic argument for its support seems flawed, but some of the ideas have some merit.
For example, I do think it would be helpful if broadcasters would clearly identify and perhaps separate their opinion elements from their news organizations. Or perhaps labeled the shows appropriately.
Unfortunately, I do not see how that could be enforced without stamping on constitutional rights, which is ultimately why I give the big thumbs down to the effort.

Closing loopholes in the ownership statutes is something that I think needs to be revisited though.

Warmest Regards.
-An American Liberal

pf said...

Definition of Redistribution: “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”.

Anonymous said...

I just got an phone call from a relative in Pa. He said the McCain headquarters near him have been trashed; and some of the people housing McCain signs have been having similar problems.

What is it about Obama supporters? I have not seen or heard of any destruction to the Obama stations or people hosting Obama signs. If they run their elections with fraud and vandalism, how then are they going to run the country?

I have acquired McCain bumper stickers fed up with the Nazi-style of politics practiced by the left but am leery of attaching them to my car’s bumper as I cannot afford a new one should the Obama hit-squad take exception to my sticker. I have voted in over a dozen presidential elections and have never been witness to intimidation tactics of this magnitude. How much longer are the American people going to tolerate these attacks?

I am fearful for the U.S. as this could be an indication of things to come if Barak Adolph Obama gets elected.

jen said...

Stacy: Found this on net news and thought it was worth forwarding:

“Congratulations, Team Obama, we've still got two-plus weeks until Election Day and you're already destroying jobs. After last week's now-notorious encounter with Joe the Plumber, Obama's media foot soldiers were dispatched with a simple mission: destroy Joe. On Sunday's Fox and Friends, Joe announced their success; his business has been shut down.

Thanks to the intrepid reporting of journalists who've obviously lost all sense of perspective, it turns out Joe has been fixing Ohioans' plumbing without a government-issued license. Talk about irony. Joe came under fire for humiliating Obama by noting his tax plans interfere with Joe's American Dream. He wanted to buy his plumbing company and expand it, but higher taxes on small businesses threaten to turn that dream into a nightmare. The left, in other words, used Big Government to silence Joe Citizen for speaking ill of Big Government.

In turn, Americans have offered financial support to Joe - offers he's politely declined.

Americans have taken to Joe for his willingness to go where the media refuses - that is, for actually speaking truth to power. Nothing's more infuriating than reporters allowing themselves to be used by politicians, yet that's exactly what's being done on a daily basis at CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. Joe got the opportunity to tell Obama directly that his tax plans - which penalize hard work while claiming to further America's best interests - were an insult to his intelligence.

Is the type of bullying and intimidation that Joe's endured what Americans can expect from an Obama administration in response to serious criticism? “

Anonymous said...

Deficit = approximately 12 TRILLION dollars! Since it practically doubled under Bush, I say let's try something different.

So, you have decided that since vandals are running amuck in your state that Obama must be the equivalent of a Nazi?
No one besides me thinks this is inappropriate?

Do you off the top of your head know how much bigger the federal government got under President Bush? Any thoughts on how we can reduce the deficit listed above?

How about some ideas on how to create jobs, put people to work, give them access to good healthcare, and move our country forward?

Instead of ideas on any of those topics, you give us Joe the Plumber, and complain about his mistreatment....

I will give Joe the Plumber some props though, unlike the McCain campaign, Joe was actually engaged on an issue.

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