Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stop The Hate....Remember The Worst Times In America Are Better Than The Best Times Elsewhere!

My roots come from vastly different parts of American history. My maternal great-grandmother was an Italian immigrant whose name is proudly inscribed into Ellis Island. My maternal grandfather was also an Italian immigrant who came to this country and built his life as a brick layer.

My paternal great grandmother was a Seminole American Indian, a native of this country. My paternal blood line leads back to the likes of General Robert E. Lee and Light Horse Harry who was asked by Congress to address the death of President George Washington.

Many of us have amazing stories to how our family ended up in this country....yet history was not as kind to others. The fact of the matter is that I am not a Native American. I am not an Italian American. I am simply an American, a mom, a wife, a daughter, and a sister.

It seems that with each passing election those things that unite Americans, that quality that makes other world citizens envious of our station in life is being torn down internally. I have tried to make this blog a place for honest debate, where people regardless of positions can state their points of view. I have stated very clearly that you visit this blog knowing that it tilts to the right. I am a conservative and I make no apologies for my beliefs.

Unfortunately, this blog, that has become such a passion of mine the last three months, has been turned into something that I no longer can support. So I made the decision to address the issue one time and then turn my blog back into exactly what it was meant to be.......a place for respectful discussions.

There is anger in this country from both sides. With the current state of our economy it is not surprising that people are mad. I would be surprised if you told me that you weren't angry. Yet, it seems that the anger is currently being spent in the wrong direction. We, the voters regardless of who we voted for, did not create this mess. Our anger should not be directed at each other. We need to look at our leaders for that blame.

In the last few days, the media has made McCain/Palin rallies into racist mobs. Have there been people who have shouted despicable things? Yes. Is that representative of the majority of those attending the rallies or who are supporters of John McCain? NO. I can tell you for a fact that there are horrible things shouted from Obama protesters outside of these events and that it was happening before the McCain campaign turned negative. I have personally seen things written about Sarah Palin that I wouldn't call my worst enemy.

We can go back and forth about who is spewing more hate. Both sides have haters. Our society has haters. Does that mean everyone in our society hates? No. I personally have been to one of those rallies. The majority of those attending are respectful, courteous, and are excited to be part of the scene. They shout USA, USA, USA.

People are fearful in trying times. Democrats fear that John McCain will be the next George Bush while Republicans fear that Barack Obama will send us on a fast track to socialism. Fear is a normal part of life, but if it is leading you to spew hate or wish harm to others or simply leads you to a lack of respect for your neighbors, then it is time to step back. Remember that even the worst time in America is better than some of the best times in North Korea, or Pakistan, or Somalia.

I forgot that for a little while, but now that I have remembered I hope it will help a few others to think about it as well.


Bob Vanderet said...

Thanks so much - well said!

Anonymous said...

Thank You!

Anonymous said...

I am so very weary of the words “spewing hate”. I am particularly tired of the word “spew”. I have heard that word used so many times over the last 4+ months and with such enthusiastic animosity that I have considered petitioning to have it removed from the English language and Webster’s Dictionary. I am beginning to detest it more than the “f” word. It appears to be the hate mongering phrase of choice during this election. I wish I could report it is used equally by both sides, but I find it predominantly used by Obama supporters frustrated that others cannot see the rightness in their chosen candidate. The word infiltrates a site and circles round and round until it contaminates and destroys the integrity of the site. It is premeditated and highly contagious and brings out the worst in the best of us. I wish I had a remedy for neutralizing this disease and render it useless, but I do not and you are correct in taking charge of the situation and eliminating the problem for yourself and for the rest of us that appreciate your insight. We do not all have to agree, but we need to be respectful to you - - - or move on.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, and well said.

Irregardless of who you support, respect should be given to both candidates with regards to their well being.

Thank you so much for drawing a line in the sand for decency.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

I am concerned now more than ever about Obama. It's not mere
"socialism" - which is dangerous in itself. It's the threat of Black Liberation Theology (BLT)which ties racial and religious hatred in with "socialism". Obama sat for 20 years under the teaching of Reverend Wright - untilit was not politically expedient to his image. The hate in the church was to certain extent "exposed" and so then, only then, did he leave claiming he'd "never heard it". A Harvard man is not so unintelligent not to understand the reality of the doctrines and points of view of his church.

In simplest terms, look at Louis Farrakhan. That's what we're talking. The Nation of Islam leader shares the same foundation in Black Liberation Theology. It's quite basically the same religion of Reverend Wright by a different name sharing the same radical racism in hatred of Christianity (mainstream - which they consider "white"), whites and Jews.

Obama's die, in my mind, is set. When I see him, I see Farrakhan lurking just past the veneer of his image that he presents to the American people. But in his heart, I see the same heart and the same spirit and the same worldview as Farrakhan.

Unfortunately, I believe people are not "overreacting" to a concern for his socialism. Unfortunately, I believe we are "underreacting" in a lack of understanding of the true nature of the doctrines under which he sat for 20 years. His 20 year presence was an assent and a nod to this mindset...and this mindset became his worldview. I can believe no less. I believe a man's feet much more than I believe any words from his mouth (especially when Obama has lied so many times).

We may truly want to heal the divide between the right and the left. But I don't see that as a potential occurring in the reality of what must occur. The Bible says that the darkness of spiritual blindness will only get worse. The great divide will become only more divided between the right and the left.

We have a radically left candidate in Obama - and the greater danger is that he is radically left... and radically religiously racist if I am correct in my assessment of his internal indoctrination into Black Liberation Theology. (This is a cult created by James Cones in the 1960's and can by no means "mix" with traditional mainstream Christianity whose God the BLT says it wants "to kill".)

We can no more easily "make friends" with terrorists as we can "make friends"with this world and this theology. It will seek to destroy us just as terrorists do from an inward belief in their own radical racist religion.

I wish I had better news.

I cannot agree that the the worst times in America are going to be better than the best times elsewhere under an Obama Presidency.

I am personally thinking of where does one flee to to escape a socialist racist state?? If America becomes that - where does one flee to?? America was always the land to which others fled.

But the divide is so great - it will not be spanned.. at some point. The radical left will move to crush all opposed by the force of revolution - or worse.

"It could never happen here" people think. Really?? We have just experienced only the beginning of the greatest economic disaster of 100 years or more. That is fertile ground for a Marxist revolution... and we have a Marxist for President in Barack Hussein Obama - with teachings that may have created within him radical racist "Black Power" hate that will make this a parallel of Hitler rising to power.

Yep, I see things that people in the MSM will try to shout down as "fearmongering". No, unfortunately, I don't think so.

I am thinking I need to make a whole lot of money quickly... in an effort to gain safe passage for me and mine like the Jews who fled Hitler's rule.

Am I "scared"?? I'm more evaluating and seeing the potentiality of danger - and making for a proactive solution to protect my family from what potentially may soon come to pass.

I'm not listening to the MSM tell anyone these concerns are unfounded.

I'm sorry, I can't give you "hope" that this "change" will be anything that maintains America as the best place to be... anymore... possibly in the future... should Obama win.

I'd say, reread what happened when Hitler rose to the head of the Socialist National German Worker's Party... and ran for President by promising people everything... and then became Chancellor... and did so with a mind to replace democracy with totalitarian socialism with him as the dictator.

This occurred as the result of instability... from the market crash of 1929... that's how he gained the will of the people in their economic and social ruin and unrest.

And consider that Ayers helped put Chavez in office in Venezuela... and line up what is happening now.

Ummmm... wish I could help you sing "kumbaya" and say "why can't we just be friends?" with Rodney King.

But I see a great storm coming... and I see no way to avert it... as the divide between the right and left is radicallized by Obama in leadership.

Just an opinion... from one who knows that in the right circumstances... history repeats itself in differing ways.

Jay Henderson said...

"My paternal blood line leads back to . . . Light Horse Harry" Lee. Same here, by way of Charles Carter Lee, Robert's older brother. Not a particularly rare distinction, but it does make us umpteen-something cousins.

Anonymous said...

Grace Explosion,
Where do I begin with your post?

Well it is obvious that you will not be convinced by anything that I say, so let me just try something easy.

The Republicans allowed George Bush to become president, not once, but twice. His policies were obviously flawed during the first four years, but that didn't stop the "we must win" machine.

You have ridiculed a man who has since gone on to win a Nobel Prize (unbelieveably, they still ridicule the man), and somehow convinced Americans that Kerry was a coward and not a war hero. All for the sake of putting George W. Bush in the White House. Let us not be myopic here, they also allowed him to sleazily win over McCain in the 2000 primaries.

So here we are, and now I read how the Republicans are scared about socialism, facism, communism, and for the lack of another ism, let's just cut to the chase and say -according to the right- America is going to purgatory.

If you look out the window, we have some real problems. People are dying in two wars, our economy is faltering, our enemies have never been so numerous, and our allies so few. At what point does the character opinion of the Right start to become a bit suspect?

I for one am tired of being on the "crazy train" (not that you are crazy, just my term for Republican character denigration tactics), and I really am ready for a "change".

But let me leave you with something to mull over, the "bradley effect". Obama's ascendency is not guaranteed by any stretch of the imagination.

Warmest Regards.
-An American Liberal

Anonymous said...

There is a terrific article on Don't let the slant or the title scare you, this article is about McCain at his finest, and right on the money with regards to your post! I am on topic, woot!

I'm sorry that my linking ability is so poor.

-An American Liberal

Anonymous said...

Whoa there anonymous. You cannot just put the blame on the Republicans. The Republicans alone could not have elected Bush to a second term. As you must have heard on the MSM repeatedly, there are more Democrats registered to vote than Republicans. Perhaps the reason people feel so strongly in this election is that they helped to elect Bush and now they feel responsible for the situation we now find ourselves. I do not feel the least bit guilty as I did not vote for Bush so maybe I’m just a bit more objective.

The Republicans are not the only Party anxious about Obama’s socialist upbringing and ties to the machine in Chicago. Most of the sites I visit are Democratic and they are concerned for those same reasons. There’s a whole lot of money, both here and abroad going into the Obama coffers and there will be a whole lot of payback before the debt is repaid. We may be coming out of the frying pan only to be jumping into the fire. Some believe Obama is just the talking head of a major conspiracy. Could they be right? You decide at the voting polls.

Our enemies have always been numerous and overwhelming. The more we help people and send them aid, the more they hate us. Our way of life is a threat to some and met with envy by others; all reasons to hate us. I guess if we can’t raise them up to our level, they want to take us down to theirs.

Anonymous said...

Quite honestly, the more I research into the background and ties of Obama, the more nervous I become about an Obama Presidency. Obama campaigned for a relative of his, Odinga, who is responsible for horrendous slaughter after his defeat. If Obama does not secure POTUS, will we have the same atrocities here? People whisper that they are frightened of that possibility. “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

If Obama was conducting his campaign fairly, I wouldn’t have the least problem giving him my vote; but I have seen the manipulation and corruption of his past elections and the elevation of those tactics in this campaign and I know I cannot give him my confidence or my vote. Obama was defeated in the only fair campaign he ran in Chicago. With Ayers help, his training and subsequent control over ACORN’s youth under the auspice of Community Organizer have produced an army of willing soldiers. Our liberal and biased educational system has produced the rest of his army of followers.

Although some believe that Nancy Pelosi, et al, have continued to manipulate this economic crisis to benefit their candidate, some of us believe our economic crisis is a product of economic terrorism. I have thought that for quite a while but it was just a feeling and not based on any specific facts. Clues are coming to light that may just substantiate that theory. Buffet and the rest of the elite appear to be buying up our assets at bargain-basement prices; when this is all over, they may be the owners of the world.

The premise that the USA may be taken down from the inside is becoming a real possibility. Whether Obama secures the Whitehouse or not, we may be facing some really tough times and the revolution that is being whispered about may be an indication of things to come. The passing of FISA could just be the tip of the iceberg; trying to take away our right to bear arms may be the start of suppression; and the passing of the Fairness Doctrine could be the end of freedom of speech as we know it. Socialism could be the road to the ultimate goal: communism.

At the polls in November you get to make a choice - - and then you have to learn to live with that decision. You alone are responsible for your choices and the future of our country is in the hands of the voters.

sarainitaly said...

Ciao! great post. I just found your blog, and look forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Obama really does believe in "change?" After all, if he did, why not set the example and give back all of the donations he received from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over the years? Hmmm, it wouldn't help if John Kerry and Chris Dodd follow suit.

Hmmm, what do you say Anonymous?

It's amazing how the liberals ignore the fact on how we got to the state of affairs we're in.

Anonymous said...

Here is a thought, McCain actually received more money from Freddy and Fannie than Obama in the current cycle. And I quote from a fact checking website:

"Fact Check: Did Obama get second-most money from Freddie and Fannie?"

"VERDICT: Misleading. No donations actually came from the companies. One method of measuring employee contributions does put Obama second overall, but another, for the current election cycle, shows McCain receiving significantly more."

website link:

As to the notion that Republicans are the only ones who do research on their candidate, comeon you don't believe that to be true to you? You don't need to answer, but here is a thought, Democrats, and Liberals are people just like you - just with differing opinions. We take our vote very seriously as well, and research it just as thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

You have a valid point insofar that the Republicans did not elect Bush on their own, but that wasn't really the point.

You are also correct that there are many people who are concerned about the extent of his liberal ideas, but not to the level that would send our nation into the first level of purgatory. Most of the liberal sites that I read want the next few years to reverse direction on many of Bush's more inflammatory policies, but at the same time stay closer to a centrist view with regards to these new policies.

Health care reform as an example, middle ground could easily be found. Entitlements (yes, I use the cursed word) for the most vulnerable in our society (children and disabled vets as examples), while still allowing free market for the general populace. I would also like to see some insurance reform, but does anyone even know where to begin on that one? Certainly most Americans would find this type of policy tolerable? You tell me....

As to foreign dollars being pumped into our campaigns, do you know who is funding our national debt? That should be more concerning that the campaign donations.

Insofar as the campaigns donations, they appear to be small individual donors despite the claims by some (the "bundlers" are always suspect). Though, since I am wishing, it would be nice to see the books of both candidates audited just to insure the American people that this is true (realistically that isnt possible given the time frame and the circus that would turn into but we can always dream).

Is this the first time that we have seen so much world wide interest in our politics, and received so many contributions from abroad? My research hasn't been able to uncover anything close to the worldwide interest that Obama has been able to illicit with respect to his campaign. The message of "hope and change" seems to have struck a chord with people beyond our borders.

Honestly though, at the end of the day, I think everyone just wants a government that works.

Anonymous said...

I found “lopsidedmom’s” thank you post particularly interesting. Following a sort of dialog between Stacy and lopsidedmom a while back, I visited lopsidedmom’s site and at first found it a somewhat entertaining account in the life of a typical mom who asked that no one hurt her by posting hateful comments on her site. I revisited her site at a later date and found a snippet from Lindsey Lohan “spewing hate” against McCain. I felt rather floored that I was so gullible as to be taken in by her demure sweetness. From the rest of her comments on that day, I came to the conclusion that Ms. lopsidedmom is ok with spewing hate as long as she sets the terms.

I find that true with most Obama supporters these days; it’s ok if they perpetuate the hateful comments but when it is turned around on them they call foul. But then again, maybe I just don’t know the protocol yet. But I’m learning day by day and hope to get it right before November 4th.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been on many times and find it differs somewhat from other sites that I have considered honorable. Last week I watched an interview with one of the heads of factcheck and he noted that they were bipartisan (and behind him were the words that identified them as being supported by Annenberg. I may not be a rocket scientist, but isn’t the Annenberg Challenge the same organization that gave all that money to Ayers and Obama to supposedly clean up the educational system in Chicago (that actually went to radicalizing youths through ACORN?). So you will excuse me if I don’t completely trust their fact checking.

Anonymous said...

As the old cliche goes: I can only lead the horse to water....

Okay, I have been biting my tongue on the obvious, but this looks to be a good time to mention it. Not trying to be condescending here so please forgive me if it seems that way.

Barack Obama is a black man. There are organizations that find the idea of a black man becoming president reprehensible based solely on the color of his skin.

Unfortunately for the Republican Party, it seems reasonable to assume that these dregs of our society are aligning and inserting themselves into the Republican mix. As the party of the all white ticket, this energized group of people are doing whatever they can to "help" McCain get elected.

The Republican faithful are incensed that the race card is being played, but let's understand why. The Democrats don't give a dang that you are trying to connect Obama to Rev. Wright, Ayers or anyone else. That is your right, and it IS to be expected. However, chants of "kill him" at these same rallies cause us pause, and make us suspect that the Republican ticket are pandering to these hate groups.

I credit McCain for standing up to it, and condemn Palin for ignoring it. I also condemn the Republican party for not working harder to distance themselves from these groups.
I mean, who gives a darn what Obama is doing? Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Trying to justify hateful acts through "spin" is reprehensible.

It is unfortunate that the Republican party are stuck with these folks for the moment. I find it tragic that it will continue to distract the Republican message in the coming days.

Time to head over to lopsidedmom's site, and check it out. Never fear my Republican brethren, if there is hate "a spewing", I will certainly make a comment or two.

Stacy said...

For anyone who doubts what we on the right face in terms of the hate spewing, Michelle Malkin has an article that proves my point. I am providing the link here, but I must warn that you may find it offensive. The link is also available on the front page of RCP.

Anonymous said...

An update.
I went over to lopsidedmom's blog, and there is nothing there that even smacks of being negative. Okay, the Kenny from South Park badge that read:
"You sent me to Iraq? You bast...s!"

But given some of the comments here, that is hardly inflammatory.

BTW, she has an excellent site. Her blog details the struggles of being the family of a deployed soldier.

Did I miss something DNCR? I only read the first series of blogs and their comments....

Stacy said...

Thank you to everyone who commented and who have been supportive of me the last few months. I am a stay at home mom who took this up as a hobby. I went from having daily hits of 60-70 to 1000s of daily hits in only three months. Thank you.

Jay-family is always welcome...ha ha ha

American girl in Italy-I'm jealous you are there. I will have to live vicariously through you. Please feel free to share your experiences with us. How are the Italians viewing our election? Would you want to write something for me?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have been biting my tongue on the obvious, but this looks to be a good time to mention it. Not trying to be condescending here so please forgive me if it seems that way.

John McCain is a white man. There are organizations that find the idea of a white man becoming president this year reprehensible based solely on the color of his skin.

Unfortunately for the Democratic Party, it seems reasonable to assume that these dregs of our society are aligning and inserting themselves into the Democratic mix. As the party who created our economic crisis, this energized group of people are doing whatever they can to "help" Obama get elected and to finish off our economy, once and for all.

The Democrat faithful are incensed that the race card is not being played, but let's understand why. The Democrats are nervous that the Republicans are trying to connect Obama to Rev. Wright, Ayers or others. That is their right, and it IS to be expected. However, chants of "kill him" at these same rallies cause us pause, and make us suspect that Obama’s ACORN army are the perpetrators in an effort to make the Republican rallies look racially charged to cast aspersion on their rallies. I suspect that the DNC is trying to muddy the waters so no one discovers the truth about Obama and his associations. The Democratic ticket is pandering to these hate groups, i.e. ACORN.

I credit McCain for standing up to insidious behavior and commend Palin for rising above continuing insults from the MSM and the Democratic Party influence. I also condemn the Democratic Party for not working harder to distance themselves from these fraudulent groups, i.e. ACORN. I mean, who gives a darn what Palin is doing? Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Trying to justify hateful acts through "spin" is reprehensible.

It is unfortunate that the Democratic Party is stuck with their ticket for the moment. I find it tragic that it will continue to distract the Democratic message in the coming days.

Time to head over to the KOS or Huffingpost site, and check it out. Never fear my Democratic brethren, if there is hate "a spewing", I will certainly make a comment or two.

Anonymous said...


What to you say in the face of such ignorance? No wonder you are afraid of an intelligent president!

Lotsa luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I also find it interesting that there are so many people in the world called “anonymous”. I wonder if they are all related.

John McCain is a white man. There are organizations that find the idea of a white man once again becoming president reprehensible based solely on the color of his skin. Don’t believe me? Then open your ears and listen to Louis Farrakhan, Pastor Wright, Fr. Phlegar and a host of speakers at the ACORN convention. They are well documented on Check it out.

You suspect that the Republican ticket is pandering to these hate groups and I suspect that Obama’s ACORN army are the infiltrators. Don’t believe that? Then prove it isn’t true.

You condemn Gov. Palin for ignoring the supposed comments of a few rabble-rousers but you don’t condemn Obama for ignoring all the disgusting remarks hurled at Gov. Palin? Wow, you surely are the embodiment of double-standards.

I have seen speeches by Obama supporters and Hollywood dingbats using language to denigrate Gov. Palin that I wouldn’t use on a junkyard dog and yet the abuse is met with snickers by the MSM and goes unchecked by Obama or anyone in his campaign. I heard some people dissing Obama and heard Sen. McCain admonish them for it. There are such fowl gender articles, jokes and TV lunacy directed at Gov. Palin and she has born it all without whining; but Obama decries racism without any provocation and gets his feelings hurt if someone forgets to genuflect when he passes - - - I guess Palin is a better man than Obama in that respect.

Everyone wants to condemn Gov. Sarah Palin because she’s a better man than either Obama or McCain. You don’t blame the Democratic Party for the fowl treatment of Gov. Palin or Sen. McCain so who gave you the authority to condemn the Republican Party for the same? Fair is fair.

BTW: I distinctly remember saying that I had been on “lopsidedmom’s” site twice and the second time she had a very hateful article re McCain by Lindsey Lohan. I have not returned to her site since and have no intention of doing so in the future.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see devisive in action:

Anonymous said...

I had thought you were here to have a discussion, and I am kicking myself for being so gullible.
Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Anonymous "forgot" to mention this:

But then again, Anonymous forgot to mention this, too:


I'd like to see Anonymous talk his/her way out of this one (that is, if Anonymous actually has the attention span to watch the video in its entirety)

Anonymous said...

stacy - I don't want to distract from the message of your post but given DNCR's comment about my blog, let me say this: Lindsay Lohan? On my blog? Never happened. Never will.
Must have been some other lefty.
Oh, and please see this post:

Anonymous said...

And good luck to you "anonymous" whichever anonymous you happen to be out of the hundreds/thousands posting all over the internet with such regularity and tenacity.

Be honest, you don’t want to have a “discussion”, you are here (dare I use the phrase of your handler?) to “distract” us from the real issues and try to coax, intimidate, scream us into submission for your candidate. Guess what? We’re onto you and you are wasting your time with NoObama voters.

You cry foul for every little thing re your candidate but are not even minimally ashamed of the violence perpetrated against honest citizens doing little more than displaying McCain/Palin signs on their front yard. Firebombing honest people for a sign? How low can the Obama army go! Wearing T-shirts that contain language my mother would have washed my mouth out with soap? How low can the Obama army go! Signing up dead and non-existent voters and overwhelming our election centers with fraudulent registrations and diminishing our election process to a farce? How low can the Obama army go! Yelling obscenities, intimidating and giving “the bird” to non-Obama supporters? How low can the Obama army go!

The only election Obama campaigned fairly, he lost. The rest were “unscrupulous” and this one is just more of the same. It certainly sends a message to the populace and especially our emerging youth: whatever it takes to win, fair or foul. I don’t know who killed honesty and integrity; maybe it is just hiding somewhere until people come to their senses once again. I am not hugely religious but I think we need some Divine Intervention - - - and soon.

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