Monday, October 6, 2008

The Obama Channel-Indoctrination Of........Well Everyone!!!

Did you hear the latest strategy from the Obama campaign? Barack Obama has now bought his own television channel. I kid you not. Apparently, he was not satisfied with the job his other media outlets were doing for him. You know....NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC.

Channel 73 on Dish Network is now The Obama Channel.

According to Ben Smith of Politico:

The channel's appearance has provoked scorn and alarm on conservative blogs, though, and some discussion on a forum for Satellite TV aficionados, where one user writes that a Dish Network executive e-mailed to reassure the user that it "is paid advertising by the Obama campaign and is not an endorsement of Sen. Obama by DISH Network" and will broadcast through Nov. 4.

"DISH Network Channel 73 is paid advertising by the Obama campaign and is not an endorsement of Senator Obama by DISH Network. DISH Network made the same offer to the McCain campaign, an offer that remains open," Dish Network spokesman Parker McConachie emailed Politico
However, subscribers all over the country woke this morning to Obama's paid channel. Many subscribers stated that although they had not watched the channel before, it automatically appeared when they turned on their televisions this morning. Dish network claims that this was not an endorsement of the candidate, but they made sure that their customers found that channel.

Are we still in America? It is starting to feel like we are in a Communist country. First they tried to indoctrinate those poor children in the singing for Obama video. Then the step students pledge their allegiance to Obama, and now this. If Obama is elected, how long will it take for all of us to wake up to Obama TV? It won't be hard once Obama and his liberal friends have brought back the Fairness Doctrine. They are not only planning on going after talk radio now, but also the blogosphere. is bad enough that his ads haunt me on my facebook page.


Daniel Nichols said...

Smart Girl I was wondering if you wanted to be a guest panelist on the Live blogging of the Presidential debate tomorrow night. If you do send me an email or make a comment on my site.

Anonymous said...

Finally! Someone who has put into print my mounting concerns. I have been telling anyone who will listen to me that the thought of an Obama win is terrifying for the same reasons that are in your article. It’s like someone has infiltrated the bodies of sane Americans and made them into real obamabots.

I listened to the children sing the Obama song and thought: that could be the beginning of the Obama Youth Army and the Obama military of the future. I saw the parents of those same children looking on with delight and approval and thought: those children are being brainwashed with the support of their parents but how could they not see the danger to their children; they are giving their children into the care of a radical revolutionary and are proud to do so. I saw an older woman reverently stroke the cheek of Obama and thought: OMG, she actually believes he is the Messiah.

Everywhere I turn there is another indication of the control Obama or his “followers” are exerting on the citizens of our free society - - at least free for now. If Obama is not uncovered for the fraud that he is, I cannot even begin to envision the future with Obama as king and dictator. I see other countries with tight control over their media and citizens and shudder to think that it could be possible for that to happen in our country also. I’m beginning to believe that this has all been a well thought out plan, possibly orchestrated by Ayers all those years ago and now coming to fruition. This whole election has been so controlled by Obama and friends with them methodically eliminating every obstacle in their path. Gosh, I sound like a lunatic but seem unable to shake this feeling of impending doom. Am I crazy or am I one of only a few that sees the potential loss of our rights as we know them today.

Anonymous said...

It is scary. As a mother, it gives me chills to watch young children WORSHIPPING a political candidate. As a Christian, the fever that has swept this country for Obama is horrifying. You can't even rationalize with these people. They care not one whit about his background - its like they've been hypnotized. Its insanity! As an American, I think, "No - not in this country. It couldn't happen here." But then you keep hearing more and more and more, and you wonder... Can it?

Anonymous said...

I see that some Republicans are still trading in fear, and ignorance. By and large this is the most ridiculous article you have written to date, and in my mind you do both yourself and your readers a disservice.

Is this all you have left to convince people that Obama should not be elected?

Honestly, the game is almost over, and it is time to begin healing as a country. We, the "liberals", will never allow Obama to achieve the "power" that you fear. You have our word. Despite what you hear, we love this country too, and are appalled at what has happened over the last eight years (could it get any worse?).

But we can not repair America without your help. You are our brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers, and we can not do this alone. Please set aside the hate and fear and help us kick these losers to the curb (both Dems and Reps).

Help us put people into positions (appointees) that are qualified to do their job (and inclined to do it).

- Liberal for America (and yes, I served)

Stacy said...

If the Congress or at least one of the Houses was controlled by Republicans or even Conservative Democrats there may not be the "fear" as you so call it. However, both Houses are currently controlled by the Left-Wing. I do not believe that Barack Obama would ever go against Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. The three of them will destroy America as we know it.

We are not pushing fear...we are fearful. I agree that we must come together as a country, but having the Left wing or the Right Wing run the government without checks and balances is not the way to do it.

Anonymous said...

You say "you" won't allow him that power. Bull. He is already taking it in small doses. between the voter fraud of ACORN, his own TV channel, his truth squads, and his supporters screaming down radio stations and campaign events, requesting DOJ to investigate 527s that come out against him. Should I continue?

Anonymous said...

There appears to be a perception amongst conservatives that liberals have neither common sense, nor any grasp of reality. That is shameful, we are Americans too; we just disagree with the solutions provided by the current conservative representatives (Bush). I suspect that you do too.

As to ACORN, it is absurd to think that they are the only organization running amuck out there. Where is your outrage over Exxon, Haliburton, Boeing, Con Aggro, or any other organization that has been raping our country's coffers for the last eight years? I don't support ACORN's criminal activities, nor do any other liberal I know. And we sure as heck don't think the clowns listed above should be given the keys to the treasury; we prefer they be given cells to be honest (I'm so sick of it, I would endorse the death penalty for some of the behaviour shown).

As to my promise that we will do our best to keep Obama in check, please remember your role in allowing Bush to run the country into the ground (no doubt, he had help). The liberals were passed off as loonies by the conservative core, and tada, here we are. Putting ideology in front of common sense is what got us here, and I, for my part, am willing to do my best to change that.

Listen, we are trying to do the right thing for all Americans, and trying to be gracious at the opportunity that it looks like we will be given. We need your help. We need your thoughts, your courage and we sure as heck need your moral compass. But what we don't need is anymore schoolyard brawls over the trivial.

Help us fix the government, by lending supportive and useful ideas. Help us work together on putting criminals behind bars, and holding our government members accountable to the people.

We have already tried hate, politicking, and fear mongering.... Let's try something different, and work together.

-Liberal American

Anonymous said...


With regards to your comments on the left of center people who scare you, let me just say that Sarah Palin scares the hell out of me.

I LOVE the idea of increasing the role of conservative women in politics, and even the idea of the everyday person rising up into our highest elected position. But Sarah is not a moderate by any stretch of the imagination, nor is she an intellectual titan. As the next person in line to McCain -lets be polite and say he isnt a spring chicken - she scared us all (on the Left).

Just between you and I, I think McCain campaign staffers (handlers) did more to damage her image than any of the liberal pundits. Honestly, I hope that this train wreck does not set back the idea of inclusion within the GOP.

Stacy said...

I am curious. What exactly scares you about Sarah Palin? I don't understand that fear so explain it please. I am being genuine here.

Anonymous said...

This is great discussion. I am conservative and will support McCain. I agree with Stacy that it is out of fear and my beliefs of being a conservative. However, I agree that we all need to work together. Both Obama and McCain are senators, therefore, in my opinion they are both guilty of where we are now.

My worries: These left wing and right wing fanatics that influence without the leadership pushing back. I see McCain pushing back, I don't see Obama. I feel he would bow into the pressures of a Pelosi and Reid, where McCain would not bow into the pressures of his own party. The other is the hatred coming from the left in terms of the past. We get it, Bush was an idiot. I am conservative and I agree - let's move on. I don't think McCain would be like Bush as Obama continues to state. That is not my fear as much as Obama being influenced by the left wing radicals.

That is my fear.

Anonymous said...

Hello again.
Why does Sarah Palin scare the heck out of the Left?
Most of our fears are out there in the media already, so forgive me for ducking most of the question and going right for number one on my list:

She has had her head crammed with the opinions of her "handlers".

I personally want a candidate who forms their own opinions and insists on the right to do so. If she can't stand up to her handlers, she isn't ready to be a leader on the national stage in my opinion.

-Liberal American

Anonymous said...

Dear concerned Conservative.

I actually understand your concerns, and even support your decision to vote for McCain. Not that you needed to hear me say that, but honestly, this liberal respects your ideology.

McCain supported Bush ninety percent of the time (please feel free to verify). That, from my ideoligical standpoint, is where my fear is coming from. We can not take another four years of Bush policies in my opinion.

Obama is an intellectual liberal (since when is smart equated with elitist?) whose opinions appear well thought out, and understood by the candidate. When he talks about his policies, the impression I have is that he is thinking. The thought of having a President who is intellectually engaged appeals to me.

Anyhow, irregardless of who wins, we need to support and respect each other. The age of devisive politics needs to end, and representatives who trade in that nonsense need to be shown the door. We, as Americans, deserve better and need better.

-An American Liberal

Anonymous said...

Sarah scares me for a number of reasons, the top 2? McCains age and the thought of her actually trying to run our country, and her approval of Ariel "hunting" of wolves and bears in Alaska.

She knows nothing of foreign policy and barely knows much about anything outside her own state.

I was on the fence until McCain picked her. She was actually the one person I happened to know something about.

But the larger point would be, as a country we need to fix this mess together, the election will be over in less than a month, we need to be reasonable and know whoever wins, we need to support so our country can heal and repair itself.

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