Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let Freedom Ring Starts It's $5 Million Ad Campaign In Battle Ground States.....The Chicken Button Included.

The group, Let Freedom Ring announced today that it is kicking off a $5 million three-part radio and television spot campaign. It is the largest single ad campaign by an outside group this election cycle.
It will run in three parts in battleground states. The differences with these ads are that they are simple, to the point, and get the word out. You can read their press release here for all of the details. Here are a few of the best ads.....all of them are available on Youtube.


YIVote said...

Thank you so much for sending this so that it could get out through the MVO8 blogroll! It's wonderful, and I hope that it gets out everwhere!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY... some good McCain ads that actually talk to the people on a real level. Too bad these didn't come out weeks ago and play nationally! Great ad campaign!! Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

As an Obama supporter, I have to admit that these are really good ads. They play to the base, and hit all of the right notes.

I agree with the other anonymous, too bad these didn't come out sooner. Or, come out instead of what was dished up.

BTW - a 527 group with a conscience and on target with its message. Who would have guessed we would ever see the day?

gottogripe said...

Just wish I lived in a swing state to see them live! Fortunately I live in a McCain metropolis.

Anonymous said...

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