Monday, September 22, 2008

Barack Obama Has Officially Become A Republican?

Is Barack Obama a fiscal conservative in wolves clothing? Over the last few months, Barack Obama has slowly transformed from a tax and spend liberal to a fiscal conservative. Every day, he seems to be shadowing John McCain's economic policy.

First, on September 7, 2008, Barack Obama stated that he would delay rescinding the Bush tax cuts on wealthy Americans if the country was in a recession, suggesting that it would further hurt an ailing economy. If, as he claims, that 95% of the country would receive a tax cut under his plans, why would this hurt the economy? Well, most people now believe that the country is in a recession, so Obama will not be ending the Bush tax cuts as he had promised. No tax increases is a conservative point of view.....right?

In Greenbay, Wisconsin today, Barack Obama suddenly claimed to be a fiscal conservative. He vowed to slash federal spending on contractors by 10% and save $40 billion. (Great news...unless you're one of those contractors) He urged members of his party to be just as fiscally tough as the most fiscal conservatives in the Republican party. Wow....what a compliment to Republicans.....I thought they were the evil ones who had caused all of this chaos. Why would he now want to mimic them?

So, has Obama changed parties. No. Obama is hiding his tax and spend liberalism in order to get elected. If Senator Obama is truly a fiscal conservative, will he now at this point admit to the American people that the government cannot afford to pay for health care? Will he call for the end of excessive earmarks?

No, Barack Obama is not a Republican. Need proof? The Democrats haven't found a bill in history that they didn't believe they could shove more spending in to. Today, as they debate whether or not to rescue our failing financial markets, what was the first thing they did? How much more spending can we throw into the bill so we look like we are helping the American people? In fact, they held up the bill with their usual tactics while the markets dropped, the dollar sunk, and oil prices had their biggest one day spike in history. That's not what a fiscal Republican does Mr. Obama!

Oh Wait.........when is that comprehensive energy package coming any way? Maybe they should just leave that one alone while they're at it.


The New Conservative said...

Did you see Obama said McCain had no executive experience? I beg to differ.

gottogripe said...

Unfortunately our media friends are not picking up on this! Instead, in some instances they are actually giving Obama credit for having the policy, idea, or proposal first. Today, on more than one network, I heard reporters comment that Obama said that the proposed bailout bill should have oversight..and that McCain had "followed" with a similar proposal. I believe McCain spoke first and Obama bided his time until he could adopt McCain's changes.

I'm tired of having to fight the media as much as the opinions of the left!

Anonymous said...

The Nancy Pelosi ("I'm going to save the planet") Democrats are passing up an oppotunity to create jobs with clean coal,nuclear energy and technolgy for oil recovery from oil shale.
The Al Gore wing of the party wants significant reductions in fossil fuel use in 10 years.The economic cost will be high with high prices and a deepening recession .
Please go to (a site associated with Newt Gingrich) and sign a petition about oil drilling to create American energy.The Nancy Pelosi energy bill will hinder the American economy !
I'm a chemist tasked with reducing formulation costs but petrochemical prices, as a result of high oil prices, are high priced . Inks,coatings,lubricants,fuel additives,resins,adhesives, and solvents all have petrochemical derived components and this should give one some idea of the inflationary aspects of rising oil prices other than high fuel prices.
The democrats aversion to nuclear power is astonishing as France obtains 60% of it's electricity from nuclear power plants safely.
WE cannot afford those rolling brown outs / black outs which occured in California some years ago due to increased energy demand and not having enough popwer plants. The Dems should realize that their plan does not create jobs !

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