Monday, September 1, 2008

CNN Sent Reporters To Alaska To Investigate.........Palin Children!!

We now understand why "normal" Americans never want to run for a National office. Is there anything that is off limits in our society today? I'm starting to believe that our country is being over taken by radicals and it is time for us to take it back.

What excites many of us about Governor Sarah Palin is that while others talk about being "one of us", she truly is seen as being one of us. Yes, she is new to the National political scene, but many of us have followed her career for months or in some cases years. She is not the normal career politician. (Biden) She does not come from a political family. (Clinton or even Bush) No, she didn't go to Harvard (Obama), but does that mean that if you didn't attend an Ivy League school that you are some how less of a human. She has normal life experiences just like the rest of us, as we found out today.

Like, Palin, I went to college. I have a degree. I have three children, not five. My children are too young for me to be involved in PTA, but I'm sure it is in my future. I am a mom and on the side I write this blog. I think of myself as smart (Smart Girl Politics...hello) and when I was in the "real world" I had an extremely successful career. I have thought about politics in the future, but after seeing what has transpired over the last few days, it is now highly unlikely. That is too bad. I have a lot to contribute.

This is why I look to Governor Palin as an inspiration. Yes, she is a woman, but as I have written before, I would not vote for someone JUST because she was a woman. I did not support Hillary Clinton, but I admired her effort. MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell said that only the uneducated Hillary Clinton supporters would vote for McCain/Palin. What does she say about the Obama supporters who when asked why they support him, say he represents "change". Does she question their education? Does she ask them what issues they agree with him on? Ask any Sarah Palin fan why they support her and you will get a laundry list and her being a woman wouldn't be one of them.

A CNN reporter live on air admitted that she and others were sent to Alaska to investigate the family and the CHILDREN of Governor Sarah Palin. Her family and children? What exactly are they looking for? Are the kids secret spies or did Willow spill her milk today? Have they investigated Barack Obama's two children? It's ridiculous and malicious. No, I am not saying Obama's children should be investigated. That would be absurd.

Today was an extremely sad day in American politics and it had nothing to do with a brave 17-year old girl who got thrown into a spotlight that should have been pointed in another direction. The only thing that all of this does is strengthen our support for Governor Palin, her family, and the McCain/Palin ticket in November.

Come on people, get smart.............start questioning your media sources........and our political system. We are the ones who should "change" this atmosphere.


Sheri said...

I think that you are right about Sarah being one of us. I really like her a whole lot.
I am sad that her daughter is pregnant at 17. It is going to be a tough road ahead for Bristol. But, it does not mean that Bristol's life is over. It will be tough, but with a big family like the Palin's, I really think that they will be there for Bristol.
And you know...this sort of thing can happen to any of our children. No matter how hard we try to raise our children perfectly, when it comes down to it...our children do make their own decisions. It is our job to guide them and teach them to the best of our ability. And when they succeed or fail, we are to be there for them no matter what!

old gray mare said...

OK, OK. That's it. I've had it up to the top of my gray locks and beyond. What, in the name of all that's good and decent are the obsessed, self-promoting, insane MSM whackos doing investigating, harassing and generally making fun of the Palin family, for God's sake? I thought I was too old to do much more than support what is right from the comfort of my home or office, but I now realize it's time to crack the Geritol and hit the streets.

Sheri said...

Thank you for looking at my pictures of John McCain's bus. You should have seen us all hanging out of the car like a bunch of nuts. It was funny.
You and I do have a lot in common...and I feel like we have a lot in common with Sarah too. Like you said, I would not vote for woman just to vote for a woman (I do not support Hillary either) But to have the opportunity to support a woman that I identify with, now that is very exciting. I will be checking in on you blog. And if you ever need a good laugh check out mine! :)

Anonymous said...


I commend you on this piece. I am a huge Palin fan, and being a man myself, it is not because she is a woman. I have been reading up on her since the spring, and what I found impressed me a great deal. She is about as normal and down to earth as any politician we have in the nation today. I have been to Alaska and can tell you that Alaskan women (and Alaskan people, for that matter) are tough. They have to be to survive in that type of environment. However, the fact that she is a woman only impresses me all the more.

You should reconsider getting into politics. The only to way to change the system is to take it on, head on. If Gov. Palin's story teaches us anything, it's that. If she manages to survive and thrive in this hyper-intensive and insensitive environment, it will only highlight the truth of this. You have to confront this crap and change it yourself if no one else is willing. I too have thought about running, dismissed it because of this reason, and have now reconsidered. The only way we can complain is if we try and get beat down.

Old Gray,

I love the enthusiasm. We need to combat this stuff head on. Protests, phone calls, letter and email writing campaigns. Imagine thousands of angry supporters protesting the media and the Dem's treatment of Palin. A powerfull image and one the media would not ignore. They also would back off after they saw how many people are tired of this sh**. We must combat this lest it take this fine, fine woman and her wonderful family down.

Shelley said...

I agree, this is just horrible for CNN to do this especially when they completely ignored the rumors about Johns Edwards cheating on his cancer stricken wife and Obama being friends with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Now there's a story they could dig their teeth into, but nooooo here's this pregnant 17 year old they are going to exploit to get at her mother. Ugh!!

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Hey, we've nothing about which to worry.

CNN could not find and still cannot find Barack Obama and John Edwards here in the lower 48 for how many months or years now?

Shoot, they'll deplane in Anchorage or Juneau, take a wrong turn from the airport and, next thing we know, they'll either be on the North Slope or in Vancouver, B.C.

Or perhaps they'll have become a polar-bear snack somewhere in all that?

Whatever happens, though, it does appear that MSNBCCBSABCCNN has openly declared war on the Republicans and conservatives, as well as democracy itself. And have decided to drop any pretense of objectivity, decency, ethics and professionalism--all which they jettisoned years ago.

What they don't know is that the spirit of the Minutemen still exists and they, the Redcoats, are in for a long, unpleasant time.

But they will be defeated.

And their indecent, crass actions will not go unnoticed.

Adam said...

I'll start off by saying that I am not a McCain/Palin supporter. That said, the way the media behaves is disgusting. As Barack Obama said, "families are off limits! Especially children!" I have a pregnant 17 year old sister and cannot imagine how angry I would be if her life were playing out in public. Not that I am at all ashamed of her, but her life is no one else's business. The main stream media as it exists in our country is harmful to democracy. It hurts liberals and conservatives because the networks make it impossible to get real information or for candidates to get their message out accurately. This is just another example of a news network invading someone's life and neglecting their duty to educate the people. I do not support McCain/Palin and would never vote for either of them because our beliefs are not compatible, but I wish all the best to them and their families.

Mister O said...

We've had 8 years of a President that was supposedly "One of Us." We've had 8 years with a President that didn't do all that well in school like McCain (and GW Bush went to Harvard too).
In return, we received the call to go shopping after 9/11 instead of a call to sacrifice to make sure that the effort to bring OBL was fruitful and any warring that was going to happen was going to be paid for up front.
In return, we received a black eye from our president as he falsely proposed to the world that Saddam Hussein had WMD.
In return, we got took for billions of dollars from crooked Iraqi politicians.
In return, we lost multiple CIA assets against WMD, that are now aimed at the USA, because Scooter, Dick, and George decided it was politically better to discredit the former ambassador than to keep America's Secrets secret.
We don't need any more nitwits in the office of the Presidency because somehow we feel that we'd be comfortable drinking a beer with 'em.
We need clarification about the issues, because we're carrying the issues with us on our backs. Our great-grandkids will be paying for the war and all the corruption that came along with it. We need sensible people...not familiar people.

Sarah Palin's sensible, she endorsed Obama's energy plan!

That only says to me that Obama has better judgment than McCain, and even Sarah Palin agrees.

Anonymous said...

Mister o...are you nuts?

"Sarah Palin's sensible, she endorsed Obama's energy plan!"

You mean Obama has flipped and now wants drilling everywhere and nukes? It's funny because the last few Obama flibs he has the audacity to not only deny the flip but then claim others are following his lead!

Anonymous said...

LETS ALL BOYCOTT CNN & MSNBC, Im a Hillary supporter NOT voting for Obamaboy, and yes idiot Andrea Mitchell... Im educated, wish we could say the same about your failing in the ratngs tabloid news show

louis said...

I am so sad that CNN/Time , which I used to consider un-biased and fair , have sunk to gutter journalism

Daniel Richard said...

Please put down the Kool-Aid, take your medications and loosen up your tin foil hat...a wee bit of oxygen will do wonders for your brain cell. It is nice to know that the scribbling idiots on the left are still around to rant on and on and on about that which they know little or nothing, and only fleetingly addresses the subject in question. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Let he who is without brains write the first inane screed about WMD, Disgraced Diplomats and other liberal nonsense when the subject is the right to privacy of political figures families. If Mister-O wasn't so amusingly ignorant, I would be terrified knowing he is not alone. Not to worry, though. The Republican Party has controlled the White House for 30 of the last 50 years for good reason: The majority of Americans are smart, patriotic and amused by Mister-O and his fellow kool aid drinking travelers.

mrdon said...

I found the recent smear accusing Palin of faking her last pregnancy to be the most repulsive political attack that I can remember.

Perhaps it is time for both of our presumptive leaders to take time out and have a serious national discussion on civility -- not the usual candidate's abhorrence of the invasion of family privacy.

Or maybe not. Perhaps we should simply require all women who become candidates for office to disclose whether they have ever faked a pregnancy -- or had an abortion.

It is a crying shame that this kind of libelous accusation is hidden under the cowardly cloak of anonymity

amanda said...

I think the comment by Andrea Mitchell is being misconstrued as suggesting that only uneducated people would vote for McCain/Palin, or that you'd have to be stupid to vote as such. I think the real point Mitchell was making was that Hillary Clinton's platform is drastically different from McCain/Palin and that supporters who were knowledgeable about her positions (and supported her because of those positions) would not merely shift to McCain/Palin for the sake of a female candidate. In this case, it seems unfair to Mitchell to portray her as an elitist.

Anonymous said...

CNN won't address whether the Annenberg connection with BO and Bill Ayers does't merit scrutiny about how Obama squandered close to 150 million dollars to address education and not to mention his lie in his connection to an unrepentant terrerist. But we'll look at Palin's daughter under the guise of what it means regarding sex education. What a damn joke. As a former Democrat, I saw enough of this treatment on Hillary and decided long ago to vote for the Republican ticket.

Anonymous said...

When they wouldn't look into Obama's hate filled dhurch with ties to Lybia, his assocaitions with a known and unrepentent terrorist, and his financial dealings to help his campaign and buy a house with an indicted felon. But they are right on top of things investigating an infant with Down's Syndrome. It's disgusting.

Daniel Richard said...

Chelsea Clinton and Al Gore's criminal son, Al Gore III, were considered off limits despite his arrest. The Bush twins were treated to intense media scrutiny that seems to give the lefties in the media the opinion that it is open season on REPUBLICAN candidates children. Democrat's children are still off limits. Our media is despicable and it is our responsibility to destroy their monopoly. A grass roots effort aimed directly at their advertisers would do the trick rather nicely. For the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed to be an American...and it is entirely due to the disgusting behavior of the American Main Stream Media. We should start with Andrea Mitchell. She is one of the worst offenders.

Daniel Richard said...

What about Joe Biden being able to take care of HIS children after the tragic accident that took his wife and child? He can do this, take the train 90 minutes each way, and serve in the senate for 35 years and not a peep from the "media" other than praise. Sarah Palin is another story. She is being hauled through hot lava for having five children, including one with special needs...and is "selfish" for wanting to serve her country as Vice President. The idiotocracy in the media acts like being VP is a prize you win at the carnival. The media must be destroyed and replaced with true journalists.

Rick Hilton said...

Wow, I must have lost my mind, because everything that is happening was to be expected. Blood is in the water and the press are going to see if they can find more.
Is it disgusting, and even reprehensible? Absolutely.

But here is the thing, if you knew that your daughter was pregnant, and you understood the nastiness of a national stage, would you have taken the vice presidential gig? Would you have exposed your flesh and blood to these wolves for a chance to be Vice President?

I have a thirteen year old daughter, and excuse me, I will never ever purposely hurt my child like Gov. Palin has. And I say this honestly, it is AGAINST my family values to put my interests before the interests of my child and grandchild. Bringing a child into this world is hard enough, but with the pressures of this nonsense, I fear for the health of the fetus and the mother.

I don't understand it, I don't like it, and in my mind, Gov. Palin should be ashamed.

God bless her children, may He guide them out of this nonsense in beautiful health, dignity and the always important, sense of humor.

Bobbie in AK said...

Just found your blog today. I like what you have to say.

I was born and raised in Alaska. I voted for Sarah and although there are probably a lot of Alaskan's here who would love to keep her as Governor - I mean we did elect her, I for one am thrilled that John McCain selected Sarah.

I heard rumblings months ago, knew of Adam's site, but just couldn't imagine. I think a lot are still shocked.

John McCain definitely picked the right person.

As far as all the media nonsense, I am confident that Sarah can hold her own. She is strong and a true Alaskan.

Keep up the good work!
McCain/Palin '08

asg said...

Mr. O: what have you been drinking? Sarah Palin does not endorse obama’s energy plan - - Obama doesn’t have one with the exception of whatever Nancy Pelosi tells him. Or is he stealing Gov. Palin’s plan and calling it his own (which he is so fond of doing, just ask Hillary).
I see “rick hilton” is at it again. To suggest Gov. Palin is hurting her daughter by running for V.P. is not only ludicrous, it is insulting to women everywhere. I suspect “rick” is really a woman in disguise who is jealous of Gov. Palin’s successful and purposeful life. “rick” YOU should be ashamed of trying to undermine women’s right to a life - - I don’t see you taking Biden to task as his son is involved in fraud which could be a direct result of Biden’s ongoing career. And I further resent your sanctimonious misuse of God - - you are a hypocrite.

Rick Hilton said...

Thank you for your comments, but you seem to be very confused. I realize that you haven't been privy to all of my posts, but I was a HUGE supporter of Sarah Palin when it was rumored she might be the VP candidate. However, when she purposefully led the media on a frenzy that involved her child, I took exception.
It appears to me, that it was purposeful and designed to help solidify the base (specifically Evangelicals). Which, by all account worked extremely well. But I still take exception to the tactic.
As for attacking my religious convictions, you really ought to be ashamed.

God bless All.

szesze said...
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szesze said...
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Stacy said...


While I appreciate the passion you have for this issue, please keep your comments respectful. Otherwise, this sight will become as hate=filled as the Dailykos. Thank you.

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