Saturday, September 20, 2008

Remember All of Those Promises Democrats Made In 2006?

With all of the change rhetoric flying around, I decided to go back and take a look at those promises that were made by the Democrat Leadership in 2006.  In 2006, Nancy Pelosi and team announced that they would bring change to Congress and a new way of doing things....the most ethical Congress in History. (Don't laugh...they were serious)

I went back to the list of promises made by the Democrats during the 2006 campaign season.  There were so many promises made that I will be writing this in three separate parts.  It's going to take me awhile to describe all of the broken promises.  I will first start in the area of Fiscal Responsibility since that has become our number one issue in the country right now.  Keep these promises in mind when you think of the promises that Barack Obama is currently making on the campaign trail:

Keep Taxes Lower for the Middle-Class:  (sound familiar)
In 2006, Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, promised that the House would not raise taxes on middle-class families.  However, according to an editorial in The Oklahoman, April 2, 2007, the democrats budget includes a tax hike of at least $217 billion by fiscal year 2012 that would reimpose the marriage penalty and cut the child tax credit in half, tax hikes that would have a direct impact on the middle-class.

Repeal The Alternative Minimum Tax:
As of the 2008 tax season, many Americans continue to pay the Alternative Minimum Tax.  A tax, by the way, that was put in place by Democrats.  This reminds me of a saying I heard recently, "The government can not give you any freedoms before first taking them away."

Reform Entitlement Spending to Protect Future Generations:
At this point, not only are they not dealing with current entitlement programs, but Barack Obama is talking about adding hundreds of billions of dollars more with this Health Care Initiative.  The Government has already spent much of our Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid is a joke.  Both of these entitlement programs will be bankrupt in a few years unless something is immediately done.  Democrats are not willing to take a hard look and deal with these problems as either of them may cost them an election.

Institute "PAYGO" to Control Spending:
Nancy Pelosi stated in 2006, "Democrats are committed to fiscal responsibility through pay-as-you-go budgets, so that our children and grandchildren are not saddled with mountains of debt."  I apologize, my sides are still hurting from laughing.  The Democrats held on to this promise until the day that they took over Congress.  Who do you think sends the appropriations bill to President Bush to sign.  PAYGO was only convenient until they had something that they wanted to spend money on and then that went out the window.  I did, however, hear this week that they were bringing it back.....until they agreed to pay $1.5 trillion to save Wall Street.

Balance The Budget:
On February 6, 2007, Rahm Emanuel (D-Illinois) stated, "Democrats will produce a budget that makes real progress toward balancing the budget, and makes wise choices...."  How did they do?  Well two months later, they passed a budget that assumed an increase in the national debt of $850 billion. At the same time, voting en masse against a GOP substitute budget that achieves balance by 2012 and ends the raid on Social Security without raising taxes. (Tallahassee Democrat Editorial, April 16, 2007)  Things have only gotten worse in fiscal year 2008.

I will continue to show the path of broken promises focusing on two additional areas:  Energy Independence & The Most Open, Honest, and Ethical Congress in History in the next week.  When looking at our financial and economic situation, Barack Obama's current list of promises are frightening.  I guess we could always take a chance that he will do what he did with his leadership in Congress.......NOTHING!!

Update:  None of the items above were filibustered by the Republican party.  In fact, had the Democrats attempted many of these items, they most likely would have been supported by Republicans.  


Anonymous said...

Not a bad tack at the issue. Mrs. Pelosi was a star, a celebrity then, the next President perhaps.


ZombieHero said...

I like your blog a lot, read it quite often thanks to RCP.

Anywho....I really hope Mccain and Co. start to link Obama to Pelosi, Reid, Rham...etc like Obama has been trying to do with Bush.

McCain needs to remind the voters that they don't like the Dems in Congress, including Obama more than they dislike the GOP.

Remind the voters about the sham Oil Drilling Bill.

I already contacted my Congressman that voted with the Dems, telling him I won't be voting for him this election because of that. I've written both my Senators (Both Dems) and said the same thing.

You should make a post on your blog to remind people to write their Congressmen/women and let their voice be heard. Maybe we can scare some of these Dems into real action.

Braden said...

Nancy Pelosi herself promised to help with the high prices at the pump in 2006:

And I quote:

“Democrats have a commonsense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices by cracking down on price gouging, rolling back the billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies, tax breaks and royalty relief given to big oil and gas companies, and increasing production of alternative fuels.”

We're still waiting on that "commonsense plan" Madam Pelosi.

Anonymous said...

Congress has lower poll numbers than the presisent right now and Nacy Pelosi was quoted as saying ,"that the democrats do not have any responsibility for the fiscal mess this country is in."
I think the American people know better Nancy Pelosi !

DaveF said...

Here is a letter I created for anyone who is interested. You are free to change it as necessary. I just feel it is time to send Congress a message. Furthermore, it is impossible for anything to get done as long as the House and Senate is filled with the recurring "Business as Usual" mind set.

To all House Representatives,
As a Veteran and Citizen, I am sending you this letter. The bickering, name calling, and playground bullying must stop. You were elected to serve the citizen’s of your state; not yourself. You continue to operate in a self-serving attitude, making it about personal connections, power and monetary gain. Meanwhile, people are losing their houses, paying higher food, fuel, utility, and retail goods costs. We are forced to turn to second jobs or, if able to qualify, accepting government money for food. I find it degrading that someone has to use money that could be used to fix social security, education or any one of the other issues in our country. The majority of citizen’s do not want to be fed, clothed or housed by the government, but we “DO” want you to keep us safe from terrorist’s, unfriendly foreign leaders, a failing economy, high health and insurance costs, unemployment fed by illegal immigrants and company relocation, research and development of alternative fuels, use of wind, solar and nuclear power, oil and natural gas exploration in America, improved education, put money back into social security and stop taking from it, lower taxes, and better pay and benefits for active and retired military.

It is time for you to put aside party differences and work together to make America strong again. America First! If it’s been a long time, or you have never read The Declaration of Independence and Constitution, go do it. We can all use a little reminder from time to time. Now seems to be a good time. And just so you know...If you are from my state, I will not be voting for you next election. I feel if you can impose a two term limit on the President, I can impose one on you.
If you choose not to earn your money, but spend our money recklessly…Than in the words of Donald Trump…”Your Fired!”


A Concerned Citizen for a Strong America

Anonymous said...

The Nancy Pelosi ("I'm going to save the planet") Democrats are passing up an oppotunity to create jobs with clean coal,nuclear energy and technolgy for oil recovery from oil shale.
The Al Gore wing of the party wants significant reductions in fossil fuel use in 10 years.The economic cost will be high with high prices and a deepening recession .
Please go to (a site associated with Newt Gingrich) and sign a petition about oil drilling to create American energy.The Nancy Pelosi energy bill will hinder the American economy !
I'm a chemist tasked with reducing formulation costs but petrochemical prices, as a result of high oil prices, are high priced . Inks,coatings,lubricants,fuel additives,resins,adhesives, and solvents all have petrochemical derived components and this should give one some idea of the inflationary aspects of rising oil prices other than high fuel prices.
The democrats aversion to nuclear power is astonishing as France obtains 60% of it's electricity from nuclear power plants safely.
WE cannot afford those rolling brown outs / black outs which occured in California some years ago due to increased energy demand and not having enough popwer plants. The Dems should realize that their plan does not create jobs !

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