Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Palin vs. Obama? Did I Miss Something?

I quit watching politics for a few hours and apparently I missed the big announcement. When did Barack Obama start running against Sarah Palin? Did she move into the head of the ticket or did he replace Joe Biden at the bottom of his?

Don't get me wrong, I will take that debate. It just occurs to me that the Democrats believe they are running against Sarah Palin. Do they believe that she will be easier to beat? I don't think so.

The top two issues that Americans say are affecting their lives and channeling their votes this year are energy and the economy. I would say foreign affairs would be somewhere near the top of this list as well.

On the issue of energy, Palin is an expert. She has faced the oil companies and won. Democrats would have you believe that she has big ties to big oil. It simply isn't true. She is for drilling in ANWR along with the majority of the Alaskan people. She recently set fair taxes on the oil companies. She passed a $40 billion gas pipeline that will not only bring jobs to Alaska, but will bring additional revenue. This does not just affect Alaska. This pipeline when completed will bring additional resources to the lower 48 states. Without a doubt, Palin wins the argument of experience in this area. Obama has not introduced a single energy policy during his tenure in the Senate. (Does his gas gauge idea count as policy?)

On the issue of the economy, some may say that Palin has been a Governor of a state with the population less than that of Obama's district. So. Alaska has the 5th largest economy in the United States. The State of Alaska has the lowest taxes in the US. She has over 8,500 government employees. On CNN's AC360 Monday night, Barack Obama compared his "executive" experience, running his campaign, as follows:
“My understanding is that Gov. Palin’s town, Wassilla, has I think 50 employees.We've got 2500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe 12 million dollars a year – we have a budget of about three times that just for the month,” Obama responded.

There are several issues wrong with his statement. First, Senator Obama, she is no longer the Mayor of Wassilla. You may want to forget that she is currently a Governor, but we will not. Second, running for President does not qualify you to be President. Running a campaign is not nearly equivalent to running a state, regardless of how big it is. The budget of Alaska is over $6 billion dollars. I believe that is more than three times your campaign budget.

As for foreign policy experience that we keep hearing about, Obama has none. He picked his VP to fill that gap in his resume. No one questions that fact. Sarah Palin doesn't need any either as she is the VP candidate. She can rely on the top of her ticket for the foreign policy experience. No, I am not saying that she doesn't have any, I am saying that if you want to compare tickets, she doesn't need any.

As I have said, don't be too quick to dismiss this ticket. They are a lot tougher than their opponents would let on. Do you think they would be attacked like they are if they weren't a strong ticket?


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is being used by "the good old boys" to get what THEY want.
John Mc Cain didn't want her.
Women....are you really ready to go back in time to "back street abortions"? Don't you remember true stories of young females using coathangers & soda bottles to end a pregnancy? If John McCain & Sara Palin are elected, that could be YOUR daughter dying in a back alley.

DeniseMary said...

Using the Roe v. Wade ammo/scare tactics has grown tiresome beyond belief. Moreover, it's a state issue, not a Federal one. It's pathetic if this election comes down to whether women might easily have abortions as a disastrous method of birth control, or not. It's a big world, people, with mega problems looming like, oh gee, Russia threatening Poland with a nuclear strike, ditto Israel and Iran, not to mention the rise of Jihad everywhere the extremists can gain a foothold. It is extraordinary selfish to look at the "back alley" picture alone. Am I pro-choice? You bet. But this election around I'll be choosing a pro-life team because they won't sit down with known terrorists "without preconditions" and because they didn't hijack the nomination of Hillary Clinton. And no, I won't be checking back to view your sarcastic riposte, so don't bother.

Stacy said...

First of all, this topic is not about abortion. I can see that there is no other way to talk about qualifications without scare tactics. Second, you assume that a. the majority of women are pro-choice, and b. that women are not smart enough to make an informed decision. Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

Wow, coat hangers and soda bottles? What a scare tactic. If you don't think the Democratic Party is using Barrack Obama based on the color of his skin, then wake up. He can not think on his own, nor speak on his own. It is scary to think that you will use this thought process about soda bottles and coat hangers and be allowed to vote. How about the cure to your scare tactic being a "good parent" such as Sarah Palin and raising them properly.

It is responses like this that drive me to volunteer, walk door to door and scream at the top of my lungs why we can not let someone like Obama in the White House. God help us all if he does.

I can use this arguement if Obama is elected. Just imagine, if we vote for Barack Obama, the almighty savior of our country, that we will have "Baby Killing Stations" at each corner in every town and fast food workers asking "Would you like an Abortion with that order?" See, now you know how idiotic your post was about coat hangers and soda bottles.


Rick Hilton said...

John McCain is 72 years old. No matter how you spin it, he may die in office (if elected). I do not in any way, wish to see this scenario, but we are fooling ourselves to think that it isn't that a possibility.
With that stated, McCain's VP pick becomes a lot more important than the usual picks, and her rather extremist views become real concerns for the rank and file Pro-Choice community.
As to her connection to big oil, she certainly has questioned some of their tactics in the past, but do NOT be fooled, she is tied at the hip. Any comments to the contrary is absolute nonsense. Just go look at her bio, and more importantly, go look at her husband's bio. And as to the presumption that she is an expert "on the issue of energy" there is absolutely no evidence that she has this expertise. I will grant that she is intimately familiar with Oil production, but that certainly is far and removed from what we need.
As to her administrative experience, I will give her that. She potentially offsets John McCain's self-proclaimed ignorance on basic economic policies.
Other than that, she adds youth and Evangelical extremism to the ticket. If your values are different that Evangelicals, then you need to be worried.

Stacy said...

Obama has received 10 times the amount of donations from "Big Oil" as Palin has. Just because her husband worked for an oil company does not tie her campaign to oil. Quite the opposite. If you took 5 seconds to read legitimate news about her, you would find that out.

Stephanie said...

I'm just astounded that on the issue of experience Obama decided to cite the management of his campaign. One, I doubt he's actually running the campaign. Two, that's the best he can come up with? Really? No wonder the dems are worried.

Rick Hilton said...

I am sorry, but if half your husband's income comes from work for BP (which he has been a long time employee of), your political career centers around oil, and you are the governor of a state who is the largest domestic producer of oil.... Um, well, if it walks and quacks like a duck....
Republicans have their strong supporters and big oil has been in their corner for a while now (Dems have Labor by comparison). Just because you want to believe that she is a maverick (or whatever the spin is at the moment) doesn't mean that her ties to big oil aren't there. I don't blame her for it, but the connection does most assuredly exists.
Sorry Stacy, but I got this one right.

Rick Hilton said...

The reason that democrats are worried has more to do with our inability to understand how thoughtful and intelligent people can still support the McCain/Palin ticket?
The Democrats have put together a brilliant and powerful combination in the Obama/Biden ticket, along with policies that address a wide range of concerns for Americans.
The Republicans counter with a mediocre 72 year old paired with a young and beautiful Evangelical extremist. Running on a platform that provides no fiscal balance (Bush added 4 trillion to the deficit), more tax cuts to the rich (Ben Stein called the current tax breaks for the wealthy "obscene" in a recent fox panel discussion), still question whether climate change is man made, supports expanding the war on terror, and a host of other policies that have already made George W.'s presidency one of the worse, if not the worse in American recorded history.
We just can't believe that you are so enamored with these people and their policies that you wouldn't be willing to give change a chance.
I envy the Republican Party, they have an incredibly loyal following. If the democrat's nominee pulled this kind of nonsense, I hope that we would have the wisdom to boot them.
I sometimes think this is just about winning for some folks.

Thank you for your comments though.

Oh, would associating with people who would like the state of Alaska to secede from the union be considered radical? Just thought
I would ask....

asg said...

Hey Rick: McCain’s mother was at the convention - - she is 96 yrs. old so don’t dig a grave for McCain quite yet.

Palin’s husband is a Democrat and belongs to a union - - even we Democrats can appreciate “a gun-toting, cling to your religion” man like Todd Palin. He is secure in his masculinity and chooses to honor and support his wife’s quest rather than sit at home and sulk. He is a man’s man which apparently you are just an Obama-man and cannot tell a real family from a fake.

You seem to be the enamored one - - the rest of us weigh and check the facts and make informed decisions. I find it amazing that the MSM is angry that they didn’t get the chance to “vet” Gov. Palin so in a snit they have attacked her family. Haven’t they realized by now that she isn’t running as V.P. to the MSM but to John McCain? They haven’t yet vetted Obama so why do they think they have the right to vet Palin? Talk about double-standards.

And as to back street abortions, and other horror stores: Give me a break. Those abortions have not taken place for over 40 yrs. unless you are drugged-out loon in the twilight zone. Women have been getting safe abortions before Roe v. Wade. Everyone knew of a doctor, nurse, or qualified healer that inserted a catheter and let nature take its course with no harm or risk to the woman. Roe v. Wade will not be overturned on a whim; even if it could be, the only difference would be that the government would not be paying for the procedure. I am pro-choice, but after going to the following site I knew I could never cast a vote for pro partial-birth/late-term Obama.

Rick Hilton said...

Thank you for your comments, and yes indeed, I did see McCain's mother at the convention. I think it is terrific to see that she has lived 96 years. I still wouldn't want a seventy-two year old as my president. We need for him to focus on the country, not on his failing health.
As for Todd, I am sure that he is a great person, but he isn't on the ticket. I mentioned him in my note to justify my stance that Sarah Palin was connected to Big Oil. I, have no desire to discuss his role outside of that, or Sarah Palin's family. The Republicans have done that enough already in my humble opinion.
If the only thing you read into the Obama campaign is late term abortions, then please vote for McCain. If however, you are a person of more substance than that, sit down and make a list for each candidates' pros and cons. Let me assure you that I am not entirely happy with Obama, but when I made the list (and I checked it twice - christmas joke there)McCain/Palin had a lot more cons than Obama/Biden (it wasn't even close).
The fact that the Republicans are making this race about everything but their track record and their desire to continue down the same path should be a warning bell to everyone.
Sarah Palin threw her own daughter under the media bus, and I'm sorry that sort of blind ambition does not reflect my family values. It does however move the focus off of actual substantive topics, and allows the Republicans to ramp up their rhetoric with self-righteous indignation. The fact that the party bought it hook, line and sinker is a testimonial to the incredible insights of the Karl Rove political machine.
I am in awe at the stupidity of the masses, and weep for our country. When good people are duped into thinking greed and blind ambition can somehow be linked harmoniously with Christian family values, it just makes me sad.
Have a good day ASG.

Paul said...


I've spoken to a few people, particularly the owner of http://www.palinforamerica.com and we have agreed to get on the streets and protest this weekend against the sexism and palin-hate that is going on in the media.

If you are in Seattle area, drop me a line and join. We only need 1 or 2 hours of your time.

If you are outside the area, go to palinforamerica.com and organize.

Jen said...

It all comes down to ideology. That is why thoughtful and intelligent people on both sides support the candidate of their choosing.

What do you believe is the fundamental role of gov't? (Rhetorical question here) How you answer that should dictate where your vote will go.

I don't love everything McCain says~heck, I CRIED when Fred T dropped out! But his view of the role of gov't is more in line with the founding fathers of this country than Obama's is. JMHO. . .

Brian said...


First off, I for one, do not appreciate being called stupid. I, now, after continuing to read the hate filled responses of anti-republicans, happen to be one of the masses. It is unfortunate as, whether you want to belive this or not, have tried very hard to study both parties and the candidates. I have visited, probably over 100 websites for both candidates, reading opinions and understanding the issues.

You state in one of your posts here that you too made a list and checked it twice on the pro's and con's. However, your venomous attack on people who would vote for McCain as "stupid masses" just proves who is lacking intelligence.

Why is it that individuals, such as yourself, have to turn to hateful comments about others and their beliefs? I do not agree with either McCain or Obama. I think it is awesome that Obama is a minority candidate for President and truly believes he can make change. I am fearful that McCain will not make it through 4 years of service and we would have someone who has not been fully tested with challenges take the office.

There are aspects of the Democrats I truly believe in and aspects of the Republicans I truly believe in.

So, for this undecided voter a week ago, I am now decided. I will vote for McCain and Palin. I have watched both conventions thus far and truly sense a stronger feeling of integrity and compassion from the individuals I have heard during the RNC.

Up to this point I have not been able to put my finger on the difference as to why I did not sense this from the Democratic Convention. Reading your posts, I now understand it. They try to sound intelligent with flash (same as your posts), they try to use facts without telling the complete truth (such as your posts. The trillion dollar deficit Rick happens to be due to a terrorist attack that killed thousands of Americans and the wars that have been fought for freedom) and they just are not people I now realize, I don't trust.

By the way, Stacy, You did get it right!

Best of luck Rick in continuing to help people see why they should vote for Obama. You helped me fully understand why I won't.

Andi said...

“I am in awe of the stupidity of” rick hilton who might even believe his own words; or better yet, thinks we are susceptible to such drivel. So much to say about nothing. You are a determined Democrat that hasn’t yet awoken to the fact that the Democratic Party is corrupted beyond belief and the real Democrats out there are trying to take their party back by eliminating the corruption which includes but is not limited to: Obama, Pelosi, Dean, Reid. After 47 yrs. I left the Democratic Party to register as an Independent in protest - - there are millions that have done the same. I do not know if I will ever return to the Democratic Party, but right now I feel comfortable with McCain/Palin as my choice.

Your self-righteous indignation boggles the mind. Also your mathematical calculations are indications of your educational shortcomings. Obama doesn’t have many pros on his side but he has a whole garbage dump of cons. Upon investigation, Obama’s voting record is closer to Bush’ than McCain’s. Of course, Obama mostly voted “present” so maybe that’s where you get a bit confused with the numbers.

At 3:00 a.m. I certainly do not want Obama on the other end of THAT phone call as it took him three days to figure out the Georgian conflict (not to mention the flip – flip – flop that ensued during those three days).

That tired old line that McCain is another Bush has worn so thin it is transparent. I heard that Obama is just another Jimmy Carter, the do nothing, wait and see President that “considered” the matter while all those people were held hostage. Obama cannot make a decision without his teleprompter so hopefully that 3:00 a.m. phone call will be answered by McCain.

brian said...

Thank you Andi!!!!!

good bye Rick..

Rick Hilton said...

First of all, let me apologize if you truly felt that I was calling you stupid. "Stupidity of the masses" is a cliche referring to the absorption of the absurd as true, popular or worthy of praise. Pretty sure you knew that, but just in case, thought that comment ought to be clarified.

I actually understand your ideology stance, and when represented by a capable President it is a compelling argument. For me, it comes down to who I think can execute solutions to our problems.
I do not begrudge you your choice though.
On a funny note, I groaned too, but my choice had been Hillary. :-)
Good luck to us all.

Brian and Andi.
If my comments to you inflamed you enough that you now know who to vote for, great! If it encourages you to become involved in the political process, the I feel absolutely no shame. You are encouraged to have an opinion and you are encouraged to support it.
But as we have seen over and over again, the same information can be looked at by two different people and remarkably different views can be generated. I look at a $4 trillion dollar deficit as irresponsible fiscal spending, you consider it the price of the war on terror.
I look at Sarah Palin and I see someone who isn't particularly a desirable leader. I honestly think the Republicans picking here was tremendous! But she isn't the right person for this time in history (my opinion).
As to the 3:00 am call, you see Obama struggling to make the right decision, and I see a 72 year old man struggling to wake up.

Oh well, have a good day all!

asg said...

I guess ‘rick hilton” is trolling for a friend by putting up his picture with his blog. Interesting, but not surprising. There goes his biography with the kids and happy home.

The only way to deal with people like “rick Hilton” is not to respond at all. When he realizes that no one gives a flying fig what he thinks, perhaps he will go away.

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