Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And You Wonder Why Palin Hired An Attorney?

In early August when the initial charges of abuse of power were brought against Governor Palin, she said she welcomed the investigation and her administration would be wide open on the issue. Wow, if she only knew then what was about to happen, she may have changed her opinion.

If you wonder why she went from being so open in August to hiring an attorney to defend her now, I'll be happy to shed some light on that. I can even provide some photographic evidence for you too. Governor Palin's sister was going through a messy divorce from a state trooper, Mike Wooten. Mike Wooten is a shady guy to say the least. He has been married four times, tasered his 11-year old step-son (but he wanted to know what it felt like), drank while in his patrol car, and threatened to kill Palin's father. These are the claims that have been proven true. I'm sorry, but why does this man still have a job? Keep that fact in mind.

In the claim against Governor Palin, she fired the Public Safety Commissioner, Walt Monegan. This is a position that the Governor has every right to fire at her will. It is a political appointment. Did she pressure him to fire Mike Wooten and was Monegan fired because he didn't fire Wooten? That sums it up in a nutshell.

The legislator heading the investigation, Hollis French, is and has been an Obama supporter. Mr. French hired Branchflower to investigate the claims against the Governor. Mr. Steven Branchflower who has had a close relationship with the Anchorage Police Department under the leadership of one, Walt Monegan. Branchflower's wife was also a detective under Monegan. Even in a small town that sure doesn't seem like an impartial choice. In the beginning, Branchflower told the legislators that he did not need to subpoena anyone because everyone in the administration was being cooperative. Until Palin was announced as the VP and the investigation took a political turn.

Mr. French and two other legislators involved with the investigation were photographed in an Obama campaign office in July. (just before the charges were brought against Palin) You can see the picture above. Hollis French is the one fourth from the left in the back row. Mr. French came out last week and said that the results of the investigation would not be favorable to Governor Palin and tried to arrange the results be release as.......are you ready for this...............the "October Surprise".

Do you really think that the Obama campaign had no idea that Governor Palin was on McCain's VP list?
Does anyone now wonder why Governor Palin hired an attorney? If this isn't a snow job, I am not sure what is? My question again is.......why is Governor Palin the target of "Troopergate"? Should it not be asked WHY the bad cop wasn't fired to begin with?


Anonymous said...

You know, The TrooperGate is the Last vestige of credibility that is left with the Obama Campaign.

Any negative decision will make Sarah Palin as a martyr under the hands of Obama - the Inquisitor.

Only the Alaskans can really save Palin on this one. But I'm here in Washington. I have no rights but wait for the Alaskan initiatives to save their Governor.

Shauna said...

I am painfully reminded of Geraldine Ferraro, I was only 8 at the time, but even at that age the way they treated her made a durable and permanent impression. My house growing up was "staunchly republican" and still we all watched in horror as she was crucified. If I remember correctly she was even called out on some shady dealings her father had done when she was a kid.

I know that we are still working at establishing a country with perfect race equality, but let us never forget that we are still in a fight for gender equality.

pf said...

Obama cannot win the election if he has to do it fairly. He is once again sending out his flunkies to gather dirt to eliminate his competition as he did in Chicago. I only hope this time he is not rewarded with the prize as it sets a very bad example for the next generation that only underhanded, corrupt candidates get rewarded in this world.

I assume since Gov. Palin has approx. an 85% approval rating that those people in your picture constitute the 15% disgruntled has-beens in Alaska. I put them in the same category as the women who consistently diss their sisters rather than support them. Is it jealousy or just downright meanness?

v8fan said...

Here are the newest rumors about Sarah Palin. She is reported to have given friends well payed jobs, etc. - what's about NObama and the corruption in Chicago, he's involved? We should now strike back and get more informations how deep NObama is in this Chicago-Corruption.

btw: stacy (and all the others), please visit my website, I made for this campaign about the election from the sight of an immigrant from Germany:


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