Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama: Call Me If You Need Me....Mean While I'm Stealing McCain's Ad Buys!!

Whether it was a political ploy or not, that is your decision to make about John McCain's decision to suspend his campaign. However, the absolute nonsense that the Democrats and Barack Obama are pulling right now are disgusting. (and that was putting it lightly.)

According to Joe Lieberman, Harry Reid stated yesterday that the Democrats were not going to go out on a limb and support this bailout only to have the Republicans and John McCain come out against it. Harry Reid told Lieberman that he needed John McCain to get this deal done. At about the same time, Henry Paulson called Phil Gramm, who was traveling with John McCain, and told him that he also needed John McCain to get the deal done.

Now today, after John McCain states that he has suspended his campaign, Harry Reid and the Democrats start shouting to the world that they don't need John McCain and that they have a deal already made. BULL! Even my Congressman, Jason Altmire, whom I never agree with, said that they did not have the votes to get this done. The Republican House was not on board with the deal regardless of what the Democrats were trying to portray to the public.

Why are Democrats in such a hurry to get this deal through? They were picketed by their own union supporters today. Senators and Congressman from BOTH parties have stated that they have received thousands of phone calls and emails from constituents stating that they are absolutely against this socialized bailout. The bottom line is they want to get something done........for the sake of saying that they got something done.

So, John McCain got phone calls saying he was needed by both Democrats and the Bush Administration. Did anyone call Barack Obama and say he was needed to seal the deal? Apparently not, because Barack Obama was still in Florida prepping for the debate that probably is not going to happen tomorrow night. Senator Obama, after stating that this was the most severe crisis our country has faced in decades, told America and Congress to call him if he could be of any help.

What else was the Obama campaign doing while John McCain was heading back to Washington? According to Fox News, the Obama campaign was out buying up the ad spots that McCain had pulled to suspend his campaign. Let me say this clearly, while John McCain suspends his campaign and heads to Washington to do what was ASKED of him, Barack Obama buys up ad spots on TV to hit McCain. Wow......if you don't think Barack Obama is playing politics right have your head in the sand.

It's time to get smart......Republicans hold on to your principles it's going to be a bumpy ride, but socializing our financial market is NOT the answer!!


Anonymous said...

Do you really think Obama's ads will make a difference?


Anonymous said...

Great post. I think we will have a deal done tomorrow in time for McCain to go to the debate and pick Obama apart. He'll get there and say I saved the economy and now I'm going to take Obama apart on foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

Senator McCain is showing leadership and a presidential stature. I read where Bill Clinton appreciated McCain's being present in Washington.Obama is playing politics.

Mike said...

The reason they didn't need to call Barack Obama was because he was already involved and knew what was going on. Unlike John McCain, he can campaign, debate, help work out a deal and chew gum at the same time.

John McCain as of Tuesday said he never read the plan, so he could not comment on it. By Wednesday night he still had not talked to the Chris Dodd, the Senate Banking Chairman. Who the heck was John McCain talking to?

Barack Obama was in regular contact with the Congressional leadership in both parties and the White House the entire time. He felt that it was too important to make a political circus out of by physically being there.

They needed John McCain, because he hasn't been to the Senate since April, and it needs to be a bipartisan effort if this is going to work. If John McCain going to inherit this mess, he should at least know what is going on and make sure the deal is something he can support.

Instead John McCain was grandstanding about having to go to Washington to save the day! He lied to Letterman saying he was flying to Washington immediately, just to have Letterman show him in still in New York on another show. Letterman is probably still steaming about being lied to. I guess lying comes very easily to John McCain now.

Here is McCain's input into the White House summit from an AP story:

At one point, several minutes into the session, Obama said it was time to hear from McCain. According to a Republican who was there, "all he said was, 'I support the principles that House Republicans are fighting for.'"

That is John McCain’s entire input into the summit. That's it. Since John McCain still may not have read the previous plan, does he even know what the House Republican plan is?

John McCain spent the entire week running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I found it pretty embarrassing for a presidential candidate. He was erratic and clueless. It scares the crap out of me (and George Will apparently) to think about how he would have handled this and other issues had he been President. Would we be at war with Russia or Iran right now?

I hate to compare Barack Obama and George Bush, but look at the demeanor and temperament of both during this crisis.

Barack Obama clearly defined what the principals of a deal should look like, and they all know where he stands. He didn't want to be there, because he didn't want to inject presidential politics into the issue. I loved it when he said it is amazing what you can accomplish when you are not trying to get credit.

A good leader knows when to get involved, and when to let people do their jobs. Did the relief workers for Hurricane Gustav really need to be tripping over McCain, Palin and their entourage so they can have a photo op, or should the relief workers have been left alone to do their jobs?

What happens when John McCain and Barack Obama show up? Everything becomes politicized.

The House Republicans plan has merit and should be considered, but it is not going to happen with McCain and Obama there. The House Republicans have refused to send a representative to the follow up meeting last night. That plan won’t even be considered if they stay away. What is John McCain actually doing to resolve the issue? Probably planning his next photo op.

thinkinboutstuff said...

Enjoyed your post...

Actually, they didn't need Obama because, frankly, he is a junior senator with little or no influence in the senate beyond his standing as the Dem candidate for president. He has spent much of his brief time in the senate trying to get a promotion to president.

Regarding the buying of ad time, even as Obama was grabbing vacated time slots, his surrogates were on FoxNews shouting that McCain lied and is still running ads, ignoring the fact that it was too late to pull some ads.

I find it sadly humorous that, from what I've seen, Obama surrogates appear aggitated and seem to be trying to sell me soap while McCain surrogates, not talking about media people but official surrogates, behave like adults.

A Mom for McCain said...

Good post. Obama doesn't know how to make a decision. I'm surprised he didn't just vote "PRESENT" once he got to Washington. :)

Seriously, Obama is resorting to smear tactics because frankly, he has no experience to lean on. John McCain showed real leadership by setting aside the campaign to do what he was hired to do--put AMERICA first. God bless

jon said...

I'm just wondering what Sen McCain actually suspended. I saw two McCain ads yesterday. I saw McCain, and all his surrogates, all over the TV, campaigning.
Whether or not a deal was close, the past week has been refreshingly bipartisan. Once Sen McCain entered the picture, that changed.
And that's my problem with what Sen McCain did.
I'm a Vet... I've voted Republican my whole life. Two weeks ago, although I was very wary of his choice of Gov Palin, I was sure I was going to vote for him.
But, how he's been handling this mess, over the past 10 days, is very troubling. Compounding that, was Gov Palin's interview - - she is scary, in her lack of depth on the issues.
So, I'll be watching the debate tonight, very intently. Hoping Sen McCain can allay my doubts.
Because at this moment, even just based on how they've handled this financial mess, I'm leaning to Sen Obama. Neither is President yet, and I like that Obama has let the President be the President, and let the negotiators negotiate, in attempt to keep the thing bipartisan. Sen McCain would have been better served, working behind the scenes, than making it a media event.

Stacy said...

jon-I understand your concerns about Palin. I have seen her in past interviews and in past debates, she knows what she is talking about. I'm not defending her...she has looked a little off her game. With that being said, between the news trying to play gotcha and her interviews being edited they have made her look worse. I have watched both complete interviews...neither network did much for her by editing what they did. She's trying to not give anyone anything to hold against McCain and I think it is not allowing her to be her.

Stacy said...

As for John McCain, two separate people on the hill called him and asked him to come deal with the House GOP. What would everyone have said if he had said...I'm here call me if you need me. They would have been all over him. It appear he is going to debate tonight. Most of America is against the current bailout plan...democrats and republicans...the GOP should try to do more. Especially when Democrats are adding more crap to an already CRAPPY bill. Now the one of the two men who are leading the charge on the hill for Dems, Chris Dodd, is being investigated by the Feds for taking deals with Countrywide in addition to all of the money he got from Freddie/Fannie. Do you really trust him and Barnie Frank to solve these problems?

Anonymous said...

Chris Dodd should either recuse himself from the bail out negotiations and he should be removed from his chairmanship.
He talked against political grand standing at this time but can we really trust him to do the right thing or for that matter Obama ?

Anonymous said...

Chuck Schumer the political hack from New York tells John McCain to leave.
Chuck, He's a sitting US senator representing his people and in my view the American people.He has just as much right as you to craft and mold legislation. You seem to have a mental complex Chuck and that is you like to hear yourself talk ! !
Why does your buddy Chris Dodd have a seat at the table on this bailout negotiation ? Does he represent the American people when it has been disclosed that he recieved over $160,000 in campaign contributions from Fannie Mae, a sweetheart mortgage deal from Countrywide and some money from Lehman Brothers ?
Schumer you are a hypocrite plain and simple ! I believe you received some money from one of these entities as well !
Chris Dodd exhibits the appearance of impropriety and should be removed from any bailout negotiations and his chairmanship of the senate banking committe !

DaveF said...

In regards to the Obama campaign, here is an article I found on Drudge Report last night.
Please take the time to watch it.

After I watched it, I sent a email letter to one of the representatives of Missouri asking him to contact all state and federal representatives of the state. Here is a copy.

Dear Representative,
When did Freedom of Speech become illegal? Your state and local public servants are now attempting to influence the election by taking away citizens rights to free speech. Please, if you have not already seen it, the video from this link:

You know as well as most of the country that the media has consistently conducted a negative blitz on Governor Sarah Palin. This it seems is acceptable, but not for a citizen to voice his opposition to Senator Obama. I accept that every person in America has their own opinion. It is protected by the Constitution. If I tell people I believe Senator Obama is a muslim, How am I breaking the law? It is not the same as yelling fire in a building where I am knowingly creating a situation that is dangerous.
I did not spend 20 years serving this country, so that those in authority can abuse "Our Bill of Rights!" I ask you to do the right thing. Contact your fellow state members of Congress, and stop this abuse of power.

At 4 pm today I turned to Fox News and happened to catch a headline streaming across the bottom with a response from missouri's Governor.

I just checked Drudge. Here is the link to the article.

Here's the thing, I live in Pennsylvania. There are actually other politicians who have a heart and sense of honor.

Mike said...


Remember, it works both ways. You can lie all you want about Barack Obama and call him a muslim, but then you also have to expect people to make things up about McCain and Palin.

I actually think John McCain has gotten a pretty free pass from the mainstream media. No one made a big deal over John McCain thinking that Spain was some kind of South American banana republic like he did during a recent interview. I heard the interview. It was strange.

If Obama had made that kind of mistake, it would have been all over the news.

DaveF said...

I was not saying Obama is, or isn't Muslim. I chose that because it's been in the news before. My point was that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and should not be threatened with arrest and possible prosecution for voicing it. My comment was in regards to the video from Missouri state employees. If you have not watched it, please do. My hope is that you would find it unacceptable and nconstitutional. And yes, if the Republican's are doing it, then it should stop.

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