Saturday, September 6, 2008

Obama Still Afraid of Women, And Now He Is Hiding Behind Them!

On August 25 (prior to Palin's announcement), I wrote a blog titled, "Why Is Barack Obama So Afraid of Women?" It is even more apparent after the announcement of Governor Palin that he is afraid to compete with women.

From almost the beginning of his campaign, John McCain has had women in the forefront. With the exception of Tucker Bounds, God love him, most of McCain's spokespeople are women. Most of the people campaigning for John McCain have been women. (Carly Fiorini and Meg Whitman to name two). It is rare on TV over the last several months to see a woman spokesperson on TV for Senator Obama. I'm not saying there aren't any, they just haven't played prominent roles.

Don't think Sarah Palin was a complete shock to the Obama campaign either. In the same blog mentioned above I spoke of how Obama supporter, Hollis French, was the one leading the "troopergate investigation" of Governor Palin. I will give some more information on that story later. On August 4th, someone from the DNC checked out the Palin for VP blog as well. Check out the proof here.

When Senator Obama passed on Hillary Clinton, he did not believe that Senator McCain would have the courage to pick a woman. Ask any Clinton supporter and they will tell you that there was little effort made to bring their groups into the forefront. Unfortunately for Obama, nothing that they have tried to bring down Governor Palin has worked, so he has decided to bring out the big guns to fight his battle.....women.

On Monday, the Obama Campaign is sending Hillary Clinton to Florida to try to move women to his side of the aisle. Obama supporters have claimed that Senator McCain is using Governor Palin for political gain. Wow...then what does that say about Obama? I'm sorry I didn't chose you, Senator Clinton, but could you please go out and save my behind now? I understand that Hillary has to do what she has to do in order to continue her political ambitions. I don't blame her, but wouldn't it be great to see her tell him to go (sorry trying to think of a polite word) himself. In addition to Clinton, he will be reving up his involvement with Governor Napolitano of Arizona and Governor Sebelius of Kansas.

He has now learned the answer to the question I have been asking of him.....yes Senator Obama you do need women to win this election. Does anyone want to take bets on when he FINALLY offers to pay off Hillary's debt now that he desperately needs her?


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Obama, or whatever his real name might be, runs short of funds now.

So paying off HRC is secondary to having money to finish his losing campaign.

But should he pay off her debt tonight, if she's stupid enough to actually attack Sarah Palin, it'll end her politcal career and drive even more voters -- women? -- to McCain-Palin.

Face it: The fellow's caused his own demise.

Anonymous said...

Obama will get her "killed" if she does make sexist attacks against Mrs. Palin. That's the last thing he wants. It always takes him some time to get it right.

After a while people will pay no attention to Mrs. Clinton. She was destroyed by Obama.


Denise-Mary said...

"I understand that Hillary has to do what she has to do in order to continue her political ambitions..." With respect, I disagree. She is still a New York senator and will undoubtedly run again. She does not need to pander to Obama to be re-elected senator. If, however, she has designs on the 2012 presidency, she can forget about it. Many of us will remember how she capitulated to the DNC during the nomination process. And someone who doesn't fight to the finish is not someone I want picking up that red phone.

DaveF said...

I am not a Democrat or Hillary supporter, but regardless of the party, I would give kudos to any person who; When they don't agree with an issue, member of their party, or the ethics of something that they don't tow the line. There should be no negative reponse, though there will be, toward that person. It's sad that they always use the ol' "Go with the Party or else!" The Dems are already saying that if they pick up more seats, Lieberman will be removed from the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee he chairs. Isn't that abuse of power? What did he do wrong? Oh yeah, "Crossed Party Lines!" Lastly, Obama treated Hillary with indifference and scorn. Why should she help him? Would you? What is more important? Party Loyalty? or Loyalty to Self?

Anonymous said...

Woman are imporant...MCCain's just doing it in style and not trying to beat them... excellent blurb.

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