Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Sarah Needs to be Sarah?

The McCain campaign must tread lightly while drilling Sarah Palin with foreign policy experience. Most of us who follow politics know that she is light in that area, but she can afford to be. The top of her ticket has enough foreign experience for both of them, unlike the top of that other ticket.

Sarah Palin is a natural. Anyone who has watched interviews that she has done in the past knows that she can hold her own. She speaks to the people, not the media, or other politicians. She comes across as one of us. After her now famous speech during the convention, Palin connected with the average person. After that same speech, Joe Biden said that he did not hear her talk about the middle class. He said that she never mentioned the middle class, not once. Well, duh, she is the middle class.

Many people stated that during last night's interview that she lost a little bit of the "Sarah" that we have found so endearing. That may be true. She had just sent her son off to war and was fighting that "gotcha" moment. Tonight 's interview was 100% better. She was Sarah again. She had her confidence back and she spoke genuinely about her beliefs and positions. Nothing was above her "pay grade".

Women relate to Sarah Palin because she seems like one of their friends. She is a woman who has proven she can do it all. Has she had her bumps in the process? I am sure she has, but that makes her even more appealing to "everyday" women.

I am sure you will hear the left say how she doesn't speak for all women. For some reason they feel threatened by the fact that she is pro-life, pro-gun, and loves God. They can't understand how educated women can support her so blindly. The problem with the left is that they assume everyone is like them. They assume that all women are pro-choice, that simply is not the case. News to the left......Sarah Palin has never assumed that she speaks for all women.

The fact is that Palin does not fake it. Her appeal is that she appears to speak from the heart. Advice for the left..........don't underestimate her or her positions with those "fly-over" folks. Advice for the McCain camp....stop worrying about gaffes.....let Sarah be Sarah.


Anonymous said...

Que Sarah sara, I guess.

baz said...

Gov Palin IS Gov Palin - - she lacks understanding of Domestic & Foreign Policy issues.
I know more than she does. I've had executive experience (I run my own Company) & I'm a Vet. I'm not qualified to be VP, let alone Pres.
You seem to think that this election is a Reality Show... but, it's not.

What gets me, more than anything, is that the GOP *brand* is supposed to be Nation First. Patriotism.
But, all I see is Party over Country. Ideology over Country.
Being a Vet, I used to be a Republican. But, over the past few decades... let's just say, I've seen the light.
The GOP talks nice talk, to win elections, but, once in power, they haven't clue how to govern.
At the same time, I've seen Democrats become more fiscally responsible... all the *tax & spend* talk, is based on the 70s.
Since 1980, The GOP has held the White House 20 of those 28 years, including the last 8; nominated seven of the nine Supreme Court justices and held Congress for 12 of the last 14 years, including 6 of the last 8.
The only time the national debt & deficit were handled, was during Clinton. During that period Everyone was doing well.
And even if the Dems are *tax & spend,* that's a heckuva lot more responsible, than *borrow & spend.*
The GOP is killing our kids' future.
Gov Palin will be a disaster for this great country, unless you put the Party first. In that case, she's great.
But I want someone who actually knows something, as VP... especially, if the Pres is 72, with a history of Cancer.

Stacy said... seem to think that just because someone supports Palin that they are clueless. That is far from the truth. The fact of the matter is that if you have ever read my blog before, you would see that I have critiized Republicans and Bush. Bush didn't see a spending bill in the last 8 years that he didn't like. He should have vetoed many of them. You seem to lack some basic information about Congress though. It is simply not true that the Republicans held the Congress for 6 of the last 8 years. In fact, Republicans only had both houses for two years, but without a majority to block filibusters. The fact is that many people talk about the Clinton years and how great they were. Some credit should be given to Clinton without a doubt, but it was the Republicans in Congress who passed the bills that were sent to his desk. So excuse me for not falling for the "reality" you put forth. I have followed Palin since the beginning of this year and if you did some research yourself, you would understand that she represents what that GOP brand you talk about SHOULD have been all along.

Anonymous said...

Amazing response by Baz, considering the Democrats are the party that believe this to be a Reality Show. If anyone believes that Barack Obama is ready to run the country, then they are the ones living in non-reality. Sarah Palin is not running for president, Barack Obama is and lacks serious executive experience.

It is the Democratic Party that is blinded by the Reality Show aspect with the glorification of Obama. Hillary Clinton should be the nominee for the Democrats. The Democratic Party is living by a "Party First" approach.. They knew, that due to the baggage Hillary brought with her, should would have a difficult chance in winning the general election. Obama is their savior, so they think. That is why Obama is the nominee. Plus add in the ridiculous way in which the Democrats managed each of the states primaries, and well, there you go.

The Republican Party did not run and hide from McCain, they supported him and his age. It is hilarious that everyone has killed off John McCain. . Lance Armstrong just announced he is going to seek his 8th Tour de France... I am sure, since he had cancer, he will die along the route in his pursuit.

Oh no, Barack Obama smoked and tried cocaine.. He surely will not make 4 years due to the brain damage he encountered and the side effects of smoking. See, these claims are as idiotic as everyone killing off John McCain.

John McCain is in excellent health, read the reports on his health if it such a concern for you Baz. In fact, I believe they just stated them on the news a few weeks back as "excellent health"....

Baz, I used to be a Democrat, raised in a union loving family, and I too have executive experience. You must not like the company you run due to the taxes you will pay if your Democratic candidate wins office. I too saw the light, and thankfully, due to McCain's selection of Sarah Palin, it just got a hell of a lot brighter!

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of comments...

Unlike the Republicians in Congress who have been playing filibusting a recond number of times when the Democratic Party was in the minority they acted responsibly and allowed the majority party to rule.

Also the only reason that the Republicians acted responsibly when Clinton was President was becasue they didn't want him to get credit for any bills being passed. He on the other hand by showing the money people that his administration was responisibly by raising taxes caused one of the longest economic expansions we have had.

The Repulicians have shown that they have no idea onther than Grover's desire to be able to destroy the US Government by "drowing it in a bathtub". Sometimes it looks like the republician Party is being paid by some other government to destroy the US.

Stacy said...

I guess my first comment to Anonymous' comment is huh?!? Really the democrats have never filibustered. Wow...where did you get that kool-aide? Republicans attempted to pass a comprehensive energy plan in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004, but were blocked by democrats. In 2004, 2005, 2006, Chuck Schumer of New York filibustered bills that would have limited many of today's energy problems. These energy problems (gas prices) are huge contributors to why our economy is struggling. Both sides have their issues, but don't pretend that the Democrats sat back and let the Republicans govern at will.'s embarassing.

The New Conservative said...

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Mary said...

I think Sarah is doing a great job in her interviews. She is capable of being VP and if necessary President. Why do you think more governors have been elected to our most highest office is they have executive experience. They are decision makers. Not just members of a committee taking so many meaningless votes, many of which to table an issue till another time. Or better yet to spend money to research it more... I suppose it bothers you a woman was chosen tapped to run for VP who knows more about energy and green issues and who can communicate to everyone. Who has owned a business which is the backbone of employment and a free society. She doesn't pontificate using a hem and a haw speaking off the top of her head... John McCain has shown us he is a maverick by choosing a running mate who understands, like he does, that it's time to stop the lobbyists from controlling our country. It's time to stop the pork barrel legislation bleeding our country dry. And for those of you who don't understand, this means hiding earmarks and giveaways to an elected official's state within needed legislation, forcing others to vote for things they never would vote for. If that's not changing and reforming government I don't know what is. All cities and state get earmarks because it's the only way to get money ftom the federal government. It's control... Well Sarah and John aren't afraid to stand up and say "let cities and states decide how to spend the money" and return control back to the people. I could go on and on but I won't because you know who you are speading the untruths. But I will tell if you and your family members lives were threatened and the state trooper had already used a teaszer (probably issued by the troopers office) on a 10 year boy I wonder how long he would still be employed or his boss would still be employed if it happened in California or Texas, Colorado or Washington or any other state. Furthermore, all department heads know they serve at the leisure of the Mayor, Governor and President. Just call one and ask them... McCain will be our next President and a woman, a very bright and knowledgable one, will be the first woman to become Vice President. So BAZ shut the pie hole and get over it!

Mike said...

The biggest thing I got out of the Palin's interviews is how little she knows about anything outside of Alaskan related issues. I have done a lot of job interviews, and she reminded me of someone who crammed for the interview at the last minute. She could only answer questions that she studied for, could not apply anything she learned to the hypothetical situations that Charles Gibson described. She was clueless if it was something she didn't study for such as the "Bush Doctrine" question.

Charles Gibson didn't ask her anything that even the fringe and third-party candidates shouldn't have answered easily.

In addition, she still claims to be against earmarks including the infamous bridge when she was on record to be in favor of it and other earmarks. I don't have a problem with her trying to get as much for Alaska as she can. At least be honest about it and don't try and lie.

If she can't be honest about her support of earmarks, why should we believe anything else she has to say? It seems like every day there is another article about another dishonest ad or statement from the McCain campaign. No wonder the Democrats are questioning his honor.

Stacy, I have been reading your writings before you blog started. You are much more knowledgable and have much better judgement about these issues than Sarah Palin can ever hope to have. Why would you want someone in the White House less capable than you are?

Mary said...

Mike "questioning McCain's honor" is a democrat talking point. Saying Sarah Palin "didn't answer the questions during the Gibson interview" is another talking point.

Spare us the b.s.

Stacy said...

Mike. If you are as open minded as you seem to be, you should google the full interview with Charlie Gibson. The editing was disgusting. There were so many key points that were edited out that ABC should be questioned about their truthfullness. As for the Bush Doctrine, it has been in several newspapers in the last two days that there are up to eight different definitions for the doctrine. Why was it inappropriate for her to question which one he was discussing? Finally, As for the bridge to no where, she did kill it and the center for government spending as shown a timeline for her killing it. Congress never killed it, in fact they were given the opportunity to send money from that bridge to Katrina victims and it failed. Obama/Biden both voted against it. As for earmarks, Palin has reduced the number of earmarks requested by over 40% since taking over as Governor. Part of the issue with earmarks is not the fact that leaders ask for them, but the fact that they slide them into important bills knowing that these bills must get passed.

Mary said...

Oh, and by the way you better start looking at your democrat VP candidate. He is called for a man to stand up who was in a wheel

andi said...

Have "baz" or "mike" yet realized that Gov. Palin is running for V.P. and not President? Do they also realize that female candidates, Sen. Clinton and Gov. Palin have been asked more advanced questions than have been put to the male candidate, Obama? Have they realized that Obama is the one running for President and Charlie should have been asking those same questions of him? It would have been interesting watching Obama’s stuttering response when trying to find an answer to the “Bush Doctrine” question. Actually, watching Gibson’s patronizing attitude and blatant discrimination towards Palin makes me question his objectivity as an interviewer - - but I think after watching his interview, a lot more voters switched over to Palin because of Gibson’s heavy-handed treatment of Gov. Palin.

baz: Gov. Palin has executive experience over an entire state not just a company; she wasn’t a vet but was the Commander-in-Chief of Nat’l Guard - - so I guess you come up short with comparison.

Sounds like baz and mike are just two disgruntled chauvinists.

Mike said...

Spare me the chauvanism crap. Hilary Clinton, Stacey and thousands of other women could answer all these questions easily and understood what they were saying.

Her selection reflects on John McCain's judgement. It is the first major decision he has to make. Because of his age and history of cancer, her qualifications is a bigger issue than it would be for another Presidential candidate.

I love it when her supporters try and talk about her being Command-in-Chief of the National Guard or that being near Russia gives you foreign policy experience. Name one decision she has made concerning either.

Alaska is a state with half the population of Allegheny County. She is making the level of decisions that someone like Dan Onorato is making in a region that has more in common Canada than the rest of the United States.

andi said...

Mikd, Mike, Mike: Your green monster is showing, suck it up and admit that V.P. nominee Sarah Palin has better qualifications than "the community organizer" Presidential nominee Obama.

If you spent 1/3 of your time researching Obama’s background in Illinois that you have in trying to dismantle Palin, you would be able to come up with real facts rather than blind supposition re Obama. But I guess you don’t really want to know the truth about your male counterpart as that would make you just as criminally stupid and inept as Obama is. Obama’s lack of experience is a lot more unnerving considering he is the candidate running for the highest office in the U.S. - - Sarah Palin is only running for 2nd in command and she is infinitely more qualified than Obama to run for that office. If Obama had any real intelligence, he would have selected Clinton as V.P. rather than let his wife make the decision for him. After consideration, do you think Michelle will be the one making the decisions if Obama actually wins in 2008? Michelle, Pelosi or Sarah - - you make the choice (either way you will have a woman making decisions for you)!

And to answer your question about what has Palin done as Commander-in-Chief of the Nat’l Guard: She sent her Guard down to Louisiana when Jindal requested her aid after the hurricane. I wonder if Onorato did the same - - do you think he even knows Gov. Jindal? Do you think Onorato knows what the “Bush Doctrine” is? Hmmmmm, good thing Onorato isn’t running for V.P., but then again, they probably wouldn’t ask him the tough questions as he is the right gender for the job.

Why are “her” qualifications a bigger issue than “his” qualifications? If Obama was running V.P. to McCain, there wouldn’t be an issue, even with his lack of foreign policy experience (excuse me, I guess his world tour extravaganza is his experience - - perhaps we should send Palin on a world tour vacation also, then they would have equivalent foreign policy experience with the exception that she actually visited the wounded troops in Germany and she didn’t take 99% of the MSM with her for photo-ops).

Anonymous said...

if only she knew how to answer a question. frightened for Thursdays showdown. People are saying she should resign.

Anonymous said...

yes, matt damon said it best "this is a bad disney movie" our country being run by a hockey mom. so wrong.

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