Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin & Clinton Have Made Us Proud!

As someone who has been a supporter of Sarah Palin for a long time, I could not be more proud of my pick. Last night's speech proved that those of us who participated in the Draft Sarah Palin for VP movement, were justified in our efforts.

Whether you are a man or a woman, a Democrat or a Republican, you have to give her credit. She is the first female VP candidate on the Republican ticket. She was dragged through the mud, spit upon, and given the lowest of expectations. As I wrote in my blog this past weekend, she is not one to be underestimated. She proved that herself last night.

As a woman, it has been an exciting year. First Hillary Clinton ran for President as a Democrat. Although, I did not support her, I have said many times how much I respected her. Last night, I watched history. Although my little girl is too young to realize what happened, I am more than proud to tell her that two women this year paved the way for her to achieve an even larger piece of the pie.

My daughter will know that she has the right no matter what mistakes she may make in her life to stand tall and proud of who she is.......whomever that may be. Many have criticized Sarah Palin this week for her parental skills. I couldn't disagree with them more. By having her daughter and the rest of her family on stage with her last night, she showed that even if you are not perfect, you are loved and you should be proud. What message would it have sent to her daughter had she hid her away somewhere?

I know that I will post more after tonight's speech, but I just wanted to take a moment to reflect, not as a partisan, but as a proud woman.


taylor said...

Sarah made all of us proud by becoming the fort lady VP candidate. I would like to say "Never underestimate a women".


Critical Thinker said...

As a father of three little boys I am glad for them to be growing up in an era where Conservatives are now leading the front in women's rights. This is a huge step in the true equality that the Republicans were nce about. I am by no means an advocate of feminism, I am an advocate of women who have earned the right to lead and Sarah Palin is slowly proving to me she is worthy of that. This may sound sexist but it is the same formula I apply to men, it is just that the only choices we have had is men, up to this point. My instincts went crazy when I first heard Sarah speak, it was like a voice from the past and a good one. Good luck Sarah, my prayers are with you.


Anonymous said...

I think Palin's speech was great and very effective in bringing the Republican party together and really energizing the base. Unfortunately, it hasn't been getting the kind of excitement from independents that many hoped it would. Hopefully John McCain can take care of that.

From here on, the only thing Palin needs to modify is that she has to talk more about the economy, foreign policy, health care, and issues like that which she hasn't addressed yet.

Independents are notorious for their resistance to personal stories and their low prioritization of social issues as compared to more "real" issues like the economy. Once Palin begins to focus on that and show some competence there, this could be a formidable ticket.

There are many things that work very well for the Republican base, like the pit bull line in her speech, but don't go down as well with independents, who see it as an emphasis on defining yourself as a political attack dog as more important than actually acknowledging the health care issue, which Palin neglected to do in her speech.

She's very good, but she needs to get better very fast. Independents decide elections, and now that she's united the Republicans, she needs to shift her focus on them.

Rick Hilton said...

All partisanship aside, I agree with your comments on Hillary and Sarah. Irregardless of who wins the election, history will be made.
In light of Critical Thinker's erroneous comments, let's throw a little respect to Geraldine Ferraro (first woman selected as a vice president on a presidential ticket), and Nancy Pelosi (first woman selected as the speaker of the House) for their ground breaking efforts as well.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

As a man, and one who could be Gov. Palin's father, but just barely, I'm thrilled that she's on the ticket. I'd been rooting for her for awhile, as the pick for McCain that would rattle cages everywhere, derail and confuse the Demockacrats, and propel McCain into the presidency.

Last Wednesday night, with tears at times, I saw not only the next VPOTUS but the next POTUS, in either 2012 or 2016.

I'm glad that the Demockacrats, they who abandoned me long ago with their pretense and Marxism, forfeited their chance to lead the way on this.

Who'd have ever thought the Republicans and/or conservatives would've ever pulled this off?

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