Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's Time For A Washington Tea Party!

I am angry. No, angry is not the word for what I am right now. How dare these politicians play games with MY money and YOUR money? How dare they play God with my life, my children's lives, your lives? There have been times in our history when the people were so angry that they actually rose up against the government.

Is now one of those times?

Look around. Is there anyone out there that you trust to look out for your best government? Do you trust the media to give you the real details of what is actually taking place? The fact that Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are two of the major players negotiating these deals makes me want to pull my freaking hair out. Where is the media? I know that they are biased....I get that. Yet, you would think that they would want to look out for their own almighty dollar.

Everyone continues to tell us how dire things are and how much worse they are about to get. What do the Democrats do in this crisis? The same thing that they want to do if Barack Obama wins in November.......TAX and SPEND.

How dare these politicians ask us for $700 billion? Didn't you hear? We may get this money back and more. What would Democrats do with that "more"? Surely, they are going to put it towards our debt? No. Will they use it to stimulate our economy or give the American people a tax rebate? No. Will they use it to pay for Social Security that is already in jeopardy? No.

Ok...what are they going to do with it then? 20% FREAKING percent will go to ACORN? Are you kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me? Absolutely NOT! No way....No How!!!! Do you hear us politicians? I don't care what party you belong to.....if you allow this disgusting point to get into this will be voted out!! We will no longer stand for your crap!

If this provision some how makes it into this bill, this government will no longer be representative of me or you. It will be time for this country to rise up against it's government. It will be time for the next Boston Tea Party..............we will call it the Washington Tea Party.

NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!! We are done. My tax dollars will no longer go to support Washington's stupidity. I will no longer reward those asinine politicians that make their almighty buck blowing away my bucks.

Yes. I am angry. No I am not alone. The question now...................what do you do with YOUR anger? If you have not contacted your representatives by email or phone yet, it is your duty as an American to speak up and be heard. If you chose to sit and do nothing, you do so at your own peril!!!

UPDATE: It appears that the Republicans, Shelby & Boehner, were able to get the ACORN provision stripped out of this bill. We will see concrete details later today. This bill still stinks for the American people, but at least my blood pressure can come down a little now.

The only way to put checks and balances on this run-away Congress is to have John McCain in the White House. Otherwise, who knows what kind of gimme's these corrupt organizations will get next.


Anonymous said...

You are certainly correct in assuming that you're not alone. I watch the news, angered by the continued bias, feeling like I'm watching actual propoganda at times.

I had a really difficult time with this election, because I couldn't bring myself to love John McCain, even though I'm from Arizona. As soon as Palin came on board, my interest was awakened, and the more I see her, the more I like her. I like that she isn't perfect. I like that she's *almost* as conservative as I am. It's upsetting to see her being crucified in the media and her experience being MOCKED by democrats! (Which, by the way, is more executive experience than ANY of the other candidates.)

This whole bailout thing is infuriating, and it just makes me feel like... whatever.

Anonymous said...

Wonder when the public will get to see the details .
What protections for the tax payer,if any. were added and by whom ?
There has been too much blame game in Washington and not enough bipartisanship.

Yes,Barney Frank Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer are scary public servants!
Schumer supposedly told McCain to leave the bailout negotiations the other day .... a fellow senator who has every right to craft and mold legislation . Schumer was on the list of campaign donors from one of the failed entities !

SOS said...

I just watched the small group tell the press they'd reached a verbal agreement, officially, bipartisan. Schumer was standing on the right (my right as I watched) looking like he had swallowed a canary. I did not like the smirk on his face, it does not bode well for the final agreement. I am skipping church this morning to watch the talk shows to see if I can get some details. We need to boot the whole bunch of them out, unfortunately, I can't vote on any of the schmucks that need to go. I'll have to see what our guys in Georgia have to say and what they do in regards to this action. If there's ANY money for ACORN in it and they vote yes I'll find another candidate to run against them next go around and work with anyone trying to boot them out. Problem is the Democrats running against them are worse. What's a gal to do???

I'm in on the tea party.

DaveF said...

Here is a letter for any who would like to send a message. Change it as necessary. As for PA, I will definitely not be voting for Senator Specter next election. He was idiotic enough to want to waste tax money investigating the Patriots for cheating.

To all House Representatives / Senators,
As a Veteran and Citizen, I am sending you this letter. The bickering, name calling, and playground bullying must stop. You were elected to serve the citizen’s of your state; not yourself. You continue to operate in a self-serving attitude, making it about personal connections, power and monetary gain. Meanwhile, people are losing their houses, paying higher food, fuel, utility, and retail goods costs. We are forced to turn to second jobs or, if able to qualify, accepting government money for food. I find it degrading that someone has to use money that could be used to fix social security, education or any one of the other issues in our country. The majority of citizen’s do not want to be fed, clothed or housed by the government, but we “DO” want you to keep us safe from terrorist’s, unfriendly foreign leaders, a failing economy, high health and insurance costs, unemployment fed by illegal immigrants and company relocation, research and development of alternative fuels, use of wind, solar and nuclear power, oil and natural gas exploration in America, improved education, put money back into social security and stop taking from it, lower taxes, and better pay and benefits for active and retired military.

It is time for you to put aside party differences and work together to make America strong again. America First! If it’s been a long time, or you have never read The Declaration of Independence and Constitution, go do it. We can all use a little reminder from time to time. Now seems to be a good time. And just so you know...If you are from my state, I will not be voting for you next election. I feel if you can impose a two term limit on the President, I can impose one on you.
If you choose not to earn your money, but spend our money recklessly…Than in the words of Donald Trump…”Your Fired!”


A Concerned Citizen for a Strong America

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