Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shhhhh....Don't Let Barack Obama Hear This!

What is the easiest and sometimes most shady way to win an election? Shut down or shut out your opposition. Barack Obama has been creeping up to the line of unconstitutional in the last few months, but he just jumped full throttle over that line.

Barack Obama supports the "Fairness Doctrine". Nancy Pelosi has already stated that if they win majority seats in the House and Senate this year that she will bring back the "Fairness Doctrine". It is almost a certainty with a President Obama. This doctrine would basically put an end to the only media giving the Republicans a voice in this country. It would be the end of talk radio as we know it.

Each time that an author appears on talk radio discussing an anti-Obama book, the Obama campaign sends an email to it's supporters. In the email, the Obama campaign asks supporters to descend upon the radio show with phone calls against the station, it's host, and the guest. They try to intimidate these shows to no longer give an outlet to any opposition.

The Obama campaign has dispatched lawyers to counter any advertising that shows Obama in a negative light. They have threatened local stations not to air certain ads against Obama. The "Tony Rezko" ad was one of their favorite targets. At one point, he even demanded that the Department of Justice investigate the group behind the "Rezko' ad.

Barack Obama supports "open" voting for new unions. This will allow the unions to intimidate those potential union members into voting in the union. Why would you take the chance on openly voting against the union only to have them become your "boss". Secret ballots are essential to fair voting for employees deciding whether to unionize or not.

Last week, the Obama supporters threatened Jewish Groups holding a pro-Israel rally. They were told that if they didn't uninvite Sarah Palin to the event that their tax-exempt status would be challenged should Obama win. Sarah Palin's invitation was rescinded and she was not permitted to make her speech.

And now, he may have very well have crossed the line. If you have any doubt which of your constitutional rights he will go after the video below for proof that it will be your right to free speech. (unless of course you are a supporter of his)

He has actually asked that local and state resources be used to target any opposition ads that may come out against him in the state of Missouri. You have to wonder....Why Missouri? What other states is he asking to do the same thing? Is this even legal?

Don't ask the ACLU to help. According to The Lancaster Gazette, the ACLU doesn't have any one available. (At least not until after the election)


Denise-Mary said...

Anyone who doesn't find these tactics frightening and intimidating, needs serious shrink time. And let's not forget that this intimidation actually started months ago, in May, when the U.N. sent a representative to "investigate" allegations of racial discrimination in the primaries. Even then, the Dems seemed to be laying the groundwork, if BHO loses the election, to turn around and blame the loss on racism. McCain has GOT to win by an unquestioned margin, or we'll be watching a Supreme Court replay.

Anonymous said...

Great article. Food for thought. I, too, am concerned that the general public is unaware of the true Obama and his agenda. We only have a month to get our word out.

I understand the so-called Obama Truth Squad is now in Pennsylvania and Governor Rendell is actually going along with it, unlike the Missouri Governor who told Obama to "get over it."

We must contact US Senator Arlen Spector (R-PA), to stop this lunacy.

Obama is trying to do the same thing he did in his first election to Alice Palmer, "un-level" the playing field.

Obama "Thou doth protest too much."

Steve Z said...

If Obama supporters are trying to "crash" talk-radio shows by massive numbers of hostile phone calls, why can't the talk-show host disconnect the phone during shows with anti-Obama guests, allowing the guests to speak their minds freely on the air?

Or, another possibility would be to have the calls forwarded to the FBI...

Anonymous said...

Wait, so you are upset that you cant tell lies!!!! oh my gosh, the nerve of these people, cant spread lies so lets whine about it. The blogger really needs to understand the importance of a little word called "Slander"

Anonymous said...

One should not stop Obama from doing this. It's about time people with something more to lose than an avatar or a moniker know about his tactics.


Anonymous said...

Chicago Politics.What did you expect. Will anyone make sure that the lies that are said about Sen. McCain are handled the same way. I doubt it. The American people better wake up or the economy is going to be the least of our problems when something happens to us that is similar to 9-11. Do people actually think that it could never possibly happen again? With the inexperienced Obama as President I have no doubt that it can and will.

A Mom for McCain said...

Great article, Staci! Havent heard this angle yet. I have noticed, anecdotally, that most people with whom I talk that are McCain supporters are logical, rational and respectful. The Obama supporters rant, yell and are really disruptive.That is even before they know my position. I think the minority is just loud, and they are trying to shove their agenda through. Weve got to keep at it and make sure WE call the radio and TV showswhen Obama is on--and be our normal,logical, polite selves.Thanks for pointing out this side of the issue --God bless

Paul said...

More reason to fight for McCain/Palin.

Please see article on Ground War and set aside JUST ONE HOUR for McCain/Palin this election and encourage friends and family to do so.


Eva said...

Obama has never won a fair election. He uses whatever means available to eliminate the competition. In fact, his only fair election he lost; perhaps that defeat to his ego is what is driving him to unscrupulous tactics. I am amazed at the blatant deception and corruption in his campaign. He has turned basically normal youths into obamabots who willingly do his bidding by intimidating voters or precipitating fraudulent voter registration. I cannot believe that the MSM and the legal system have allowed him to perpetuate these activities. It is a sad commentary on the journalistic integrity of the MSM - - I miss the good ole days of honesty and truth from the media. It just proves that just about anyone can be bought; I’d wonder how well they slept at night but judging from the media innuendos, untruths and inaccuracies they report, they don’t have a conscience.

At this particular point in time, it appears that Obama may actually be the next POTUS. It will be a sad day for Americans; some of us realize that what will follow his inauguration will most likely be a spiral downward for the U.S., our economy and our national security as the “hope and change” that his followers have imagined is nothing more than political promises amounting to nothing. My one great fear is that Obama is a radical in sheep’s clothing; a sleeper from another country waiting to wreak havoc on the American way of life. I see a man with a wide smile and cold vacant eyes. I see the loss of our 1st Amendment rites with the Fairness Doctrine and the loss of our 2nd Amendment’s right to bear arms to protect ourselves - - only the criminals will have access to weaponry. I see the possibility of a socialist country and a police state. I see the stunned look in the eyes of his ardent supporters when they realize they have been manipulated and are now collateral damage. And left unchecked I see his control over our youth leading to an Obama army just as Hitler’s youth army. Don’t believe me? Just look at all the college students running errands for him, searching for and signing up unqualified voters, crashing or hacking into anti-obama web sites and personal accounts; and verbally or physically attacking and/or harassing anyone that does not subscribe to the Obama myth.

I may sound a bit dramatic, but it’s a fear that I just cannot shake! I sincerely hope I’m wrong and he turns out to be a great President, but I’m not betting the farm on it.

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