Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Too Late Biden! We Are Already Building A Clean Coal Plant Here in the US!!

In the clip above, Joe Biden tells a supporter that China can build Coal Plants over there, but there will be no Coal Plants built in America.  Did he just hand the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan over to John McCain?

My question to Senator Biden is:   What do you do about the first Clean Coal Plant that is already in the works in Benwood, West Virginia?  Will you now tie up permits for this plant or send armies of environmentalists to the area to slow the process down and effectively kill all of the new jobs that this is about to bring to the State of West Virginia?

On July 28, 2008, CONSOL energy announced that it intends to develop through a joint venture, their first U. S. Coal gasification and liquefaction plant in West Virginia-an $800 million investment in the state.  It will help the State of West Virginia become a leader in a new direction for energy independence.  It has the potential to transform West Virginia from a major coal-producing state to a national energy center as well.

This proposal will not only help West Virginia, but the Ohio Valley which includes Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.    It is expected to bring 500 new construction jobs to Ohio Valley residents.  It will also employ 60 full time hires for it's operation once completed.  This is just the first of it's kind planned for the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia areas and could be expanded quickly to states like Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Joe Biden, Barack Obama and the other Democrats have been beholden to the environmentalists on drilling for oil.  What are the odds that they will now bail on these groups and support clean-coal technology?  Ohio Valley residents, many who continue to lose jobs under Democrat-controlled local governments, should be wary of promises made one day and denied the next.

I am sure that the campaign will be doing damage-control shortly, but rest assured you heard the truth from the horses mouth!!


Anonymous said...

This needs to be sent to newspapers all over PA and OH. They keep 86ing energy and prices keep going up. Good job.

Anonymous said...

The Nancy Pelosi ("I'm going to save the planet") Democrats are passing up an oppotunity to create jobs with clean coal,nuclear energy and technolgy for oil recovery from oil shale.
The Al Gore wing of the party wants significant reductions in fossil fuel use in 10 years.The economic cost will be high with high prices and a deepening recession .
Please go to Americansolutions.com (a site associated with Newt Gingrich) and sign a petition about oil drilling to create American energy.The Nancy Pelosi energy bill will hinder the American economy !
I'm a chemist tasked with reducing formulation costs but petrochemical prices, as a result of high oil prices, are high priced . Inks,coatings,lubricants,fuel additives,resins,adhesives, and solvents all have petrochemical derived components and this should give one some idea of the inflationary aspects of rising oil prices other than high fuel prices.
The democrats aversion to nuclear power is astonishing as France obtains 60% of it's electricity from nuclear power plants safely.
WE cannot afford those rolling brown outs / black outs which occured in California some years ago due to increased energy demand and not having enough popwer plants. The Dems should realize that their plan does not create jobs !

Anonymous said...

Great article !
The mainstream media probably won't talk about the Dems weak,and not comprehesive energy plan.

Anonymous said...

OBama told people at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania that he is for clean coal.Will Obama take on Pelosi,Reid and Biden on the matter of clean coal ?
McCain will!
Also I checked out the site "Amercansolutions.com & signed the petition.
Global warming is an issue but our energy resource development can be done in a "clean" manner.

DaveF said...

This is my take on the Global Warming issue. I apologize now for its length.

I am fairly open minded about issues. I generally try to gather information before forming an opinion on subjects I’m unfamiliar with. That doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to things going on around me, and I do rely on common sense to make a lot of judgements. I do not look at everything as a conspiracy either. However, when it comes to relationships between the Government and researchers, environmentalists, scientists and corporations; I feel you need to take a devils advocate position. Why? Because typically the government likes to throw large amounts of money, our money, at perceived crisis’ without enough data to warrant a sound decision. As proof, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac debacle. Yes something needs to be done, but I do not believe we should jump off the cliff without first looking over it. It needs to be thought out so it fixes the problem; while protecting the people and country.

Back on topic. How many of the scientists touting Global Warming are experts, or at a minimum, have experience in Climatology? Who is behind the issue? I believe there are several groups who equally share the responsibility. Environmentalists, automakers and alternative energy manufacturers. I’ll state my reasoning in a moment.
In order to get the ball rolling the group needed a spokesperson. In steps Al Gore. He is a known environmental change advocate. I believe in protecting the environment, so I do not see that as a negative quality. However, he appears to me to be possessed with a big ego and a severe need to be center stage. He was Vice President, but couldn’t be President. He confesses to inventing the internet. He has a B of A in government. So, we know he is not an expert in Climatology or any other sciences. His best assets are his political experience and ties.

Now back to my reasonings. The environmentalists have made it their mission to save the earth from humans anyway possible. They learned from the past that violent protests and tactics often have a negative impact. But what if they push their cause through a likeable spokesman who already agrees with most of their agenda?
Automakers. What do we know? A large percentage of Americans are tired of high gas prices and want lower emissions to reduce pollution; especially in large metropolitan areas. The automakers are aware of this, so there is a focus on R&D to develop hybrid and electric vehicles. How much money is invested in this venture? What if there was someone who could get the Government to provide money, incentives through tax breaks, and the prospect of a large cash award to whoever develops the technology first? This same principle applies to Alternative Energy Developers and Manufacturers.

Are these good things? By all means, but, shouldn’t this be their goal whether or not the government provides funding? After all, It is our tax money. The government budget is way over it’s limit and growing. The economy is not real stable, etc, etc. I feel it is a form “Political Blackmail” for personal and monetary gain. And folks you and I are paying it!

I have included some info and links to allow for further consideration regarding this topic.

Fact Links on Global Warming:
I did not investigate the contributors of this link, but the ones with Climate background seem to agree and be consistent. The others may be outside that field of study, and I would not consider them reliable experts on climate. As for Al Gore, he has issues.
Original link to two above. Call me naïve, but doesn’t hot water melt ice cubes?

Anonymous said...


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