Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dems Dangle Carrot to Entice House Republicans!

Exactly what party is the majority in the House of Representatives? Why can't Queen Bee, Nancy Pelosi, close the deal? If the Democrats in the House wanted this $700 billion bailout done, why didn't it pass? Why did Nancy Pelosi tell those Democrats in the House that are in tough re-election fights to vote their conscience?

The fact is that while the Democrats have the majority in the House, their leader is no leader. The Democrats did not have the courage to pass this bill on their own. They wanted the Republican party to hold their hand on this deal so that when it blew up in their faces they wouldn't have to take the blame.

The American people probably will never hear this in the MSM, but they have the House GOP to thank for that crappy bill going down the tubes. The only bill that was worse was the one that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid said they had in the tank before John McCain came back to Washington. Prior to McCain's arrival, the House GOP were completely left out of all negotiations.

After McCain's presence, the House GOP was finally given a seat at the table. It was only then that some of the best parts of the bill were introduced and some of the worst parts were taken out. The House was able to negotiate ACORN out of the deal. (It was a deal breaker for the GOP) They were able to push the idea of insurance being offered for some of the less evil mortgages.

Unfortunately for Nancy Pelosi, but fortunately for us, the House GOP voted against the bill. Yes, I am sure that Nancy Pelosi's partisan speech gave them their final push to vote no, but it was not their only reason. Good for them and US....the Senate Democrats are now dangling a carrot.

The Republicans may have just brought the end of the Alternative Minimum Tax by holding out on the bailout. During this time period, it appears suddenly that other ideas are being entertained as well. The FDIC is asking to temporarily increase the amount that it guarantees. It would raise the amount from $100k to $250k. They are also considering loosening some of the market to market accounting that contributed to the now freezing credit market.

What do you think they could get if they hold out for another round of negotiations? As I asked above, who exactly is in charge right now? Apparently, the Republicans are....and the American people can thank them on November 4th!


Scarlet said...

Great blogs here, Stacy! I hope you don't mind but I posted your link to my facebook group:

Let me know if that's cool :) Keep it up! It's so refreshing to hear what the people really think instead of the media minority!

Eva said...

New bailout, no taxpayer money as seen on Lou Dobbs:


I assume that the reason the Senate and House will not consider this possible bailout plan is the fact that it would not cost the taxpayers any money and there would be no money going to their "friends" on Wall Street. There are still massive earmarks that will be attached in the proposed bailout going to the Senate. John Kerry's wife lost a lot of money on the stocks and it's a sure bet that the rest of the House lost a bundle also; I guess they want to recoup their money at our expense - - as usual.

andi said...

I could not be more frustrated if I was Chicken Little and the sky was falling. What in the world is John McCain doing? Is he single-handedly trying to loose this election? He has made so many ridiculous decisions lately that even I do not want to vote for him. He’s loosing big time in the polls; is he relying on Gov. Palin to pull him out of the slump he has put himself?

He has let Obama take credit for just about everything and has not inspired one bit of confidence in his ability to run the U.S. He needs to put the blame for this housing crisis entirely on the shoulders of the Democratic Congress where it belongs. Is he planning on waiting until November 3rd to take a stand? All over the country voters are having their votes counted based on what is happening at this point in time. November 3rd will be too late and tomorrow will be too late. Perhaps he doesn’t really want to win the Presidency and take on the onerous task of - - - the economy, stupid!

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