Friday, May 15, 2009

Toddlers for Congress: Would we notice a difference?

By Lisa Farrar Wellman
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Last night we put our two-year-old to bed and I decided to update myself on current events. After a quick scan of our national news, a realization came to me. Our Congress (all of them, not just the libs) and many others in our government greatly resemble a room full of toddlers.

Think about it.

Toddler Trait: They lie to get out of trouble.

When a toddler can’t look you in the eye, don’t believe a word he’s saying. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to admit she knew about waterboarding. The winds have changed. It’s not politically correct anymore so she’s lying about what she knew and when. (This particular scenario is quite common in Washington. They expect us to trust them with what is now unlimited power and our grandchildren’s money, but they can’t remember where they were or who they talked to or if they knew anything about anything… ever).

Toddler Trait: They smile a lot and hope we don’t notice what they’re really doing.

When our daughter is up to something she shouldn’t be, she smiles and hugs us and tries to distract us from the fact that she’s shoved a toy into the toilet. Day after day our leaders hold press conferences on Capitol Hill. They grin wildly and shake hands and the president signs bills into law. Lots of hip, hip hooraying, yet when you get down to it, the smiles are there to cover up reality. Our lawmakers pass bills they do not read. They hobnob with lobbyists and accept donations to their campaign funds from the shadiest of the shady. They do not do what we sent them to Washington to do.

Toddler Trait: They’re expensive.

Toddlers go through clothes at a pace that boggles the mind. They’re picky eaters and they are sick many times each year. They’re expensive little boogers, but they’re also darn cute so they make up for it. Wish I could say the same about Congress members. Their pork spending gives us all the swine flu. We suffer because they can’t live within a budget. Pet projects trump common sense time and again. And it doesn’t matter, right? What they don’t have, they’ll just borrow, or we can always print more money.

Toddler Trait: Rules don’t apply to them.

Toddlers don’t want to share or eat their vegetables. Bedtime means nothing to them. Congress is the same way. They have a different set of rules to live by. Who else gets to vote every year for his/her own pay raise? Did any of Obama’s cabinet nominees actually pay their taxes? No wonder they don’t mind taxes. The rules don’t apply to them. They feast on a special Congress-only retirement plan while the rest of us make the Sign of the Cross over our Social Security checks and hope for the best. They work approximately 15 minutes a week and get to call themselves representatives of the American people. They don’t represent me, my beliefs, or my work ethic, I can tell you that.

Now that I think about it, there really are only two differences between toddlers and our government leaders. If something smells, you check a toddler’s pants. For Congress members, check their pocketbook. The other difference is that toddlers grow out of this stage.


Anonymous said...

As the resident Liberal... um, Amen!

Unfortunately they have been behaving like spoiled brats for quite a while now, and some, not all, are outright criminals. Chris Dodd - I mention him due to the slant of this crowd - is one such individual, and I would love to see these folks prosecuted.

In my humble opinion, irrespective of our political leanings the political class needs to be held accountable to the laws of this nation. As I have stated before, I completely support capital punishment for some of the actions committed on our behalf, if they are proven to be true.

I am sick of it, and until we start coming together and demand justice over the spin (we allow them to get away with their crimes because it is easy to believe the other side is biased (which they are, but no always)).

Rick Beagle

Anonymous said...

I am sick of it, and until we start coming together and demand justice over the spin (we allow them to get away with their crimes because it is easy to believe the other side is biased (which they are, but no always)) NOTHING will change.

Sorry, just finishing that last thought.
Rick Beagle

JoyFull said...

We ARE coming together. Conservatives know that Republicans are just as much of the problem as the Democrats. The problem here in lies in that rules REALLY don't apply to this administration and they have very organized and agenda minded mediums that support them in their lies: ACORN, ACLU,Unions, and MSM.

That was a great article...good analogy.
It truly is time that we quit calling each other names and throwing darts and direct them at those who are responsible: our politicians. We must make them accountable and go back to our Constitution and smaller government.

We must make our voices heard TO them and not back and forth with each other because I believe we all want freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and not AGENDAs.

Anonymous said...

Something you said suggests another similarity: the belief that if you run out of money, you can print more. How many times has a toddler responded to "We don't have the money for that," with "You can write a check, mommy?"

Theosebes said...

Insightful, yet at least our toddlers can be easily disciplined! Time out chairs, a slap to the hand when the danger of burned fingers is near, early to bed when the sleep monster has taken control; yet we don't have the means to discipline as easily and readily those who are meant to serve us, "We the People".
Great thoughts!

Lisa said...

Let's discipline them by OUSTING them in 2010. :) A nice, LONG time out seems to be in order. Thanks for reading my post!

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