Monday, May 4, 2009

Feminist Gloria Feldt---Liberating Women? or Just Another Lib...Berating Women?

Looking For Love With All the Wrong Feminists

By Beetlebabee

If you haven't seen this exchange between Laura Ingraham and Gloria Feldt on the lack of feminist outrage over Carrie Prejean's treatment in the media, you should. It is an eye opening example of how feminism has been corrupted away from the ideals of liberating women.
"Feminism is the idea that women should have political, social, sexual, intellectual and economic rights equal to those of men." --Wikipedia
Where is the voice of the feminist movement who claims it's out to protect the right of women to form and express their own opinions, free of degrading treatment? The latest attacks on Carrie Prejean all just "happen" to mention not her opinion or her logic, but her body, her womanhood, and her sex.
"Feminism is about equality and justice." --Gloria Feldt
So, where are Gloria Feldt and the feminists on Carrie Prejean's equal right to express her opinion? Solidly on the side of muckraker Perez Hilton.

Not only did Gloria not defend Carrie Prejean's right to express her opinion, regardless of what that opinion was, but she got right down in the mud with Perez Hilton and took her own jabs at Miss California, noting that she should have looked into heart transplants instead of breast implants. Breast implants?? What do breast implants have to do with anything Carrie said?

So much for helping women achieve "equality" in the arena of ideas. A woman opens her mouth to offer a view, to participate in the conversation, and the reigning feminist in the room points out her augmented cup size.

Do feminists like Gloria Feldt realize what they look like here? How can petty, opportunistic agenda pushers who step on the faces of women they don't agree with possibly hold themselves up as representatives of women?

Gloria Feldt's lack of interest in protecting women and their right to stand up and be heard regardless of her politics or opinions is deplorable. She is no better than Perez Hilton. She and her ilk only reinforce the idea that some forms of free speech are more equal than others, and some people are more equal than others. This is the very opposite of equality.

Gloria Feldt betrays herself not as a supporter of equality, but as just another political hack. Women don't need more women's lib "heroes" dedicated to political gain at all costs: monetary, societal, or human. We need heroes who will stand up for women, their husbands, and their children, regardless of political persuasion. Someone who will defend our right to speak and be heard, free of personal vilification....whether they like it or not.

Keep looking girls, we're not there yet.


JoyFull said...

Gloria Feldt is NOT speaking for WOMEN who get out there and work hard, raising families or putting money into the family account. She is NOT speaking for the MAJORITY of women in America and I found her remarks to be SHAMEFUL!!

BKR said...

Isn't it interesting to watch Gloria lay it out there unashamedly? Apparently, only one kind of female deserves the defense of the "Feminist Elite." Their movement has become a lame joke - IF it was ever anything else.

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