Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Listening tour, come on!

Mitt, Jeb, Mike, and John are going on a listening tour with the American people. We are in real trouble if these men need a listening tour. Instead of listening to the American people, they can just listen to Dick Cheney. Dick has the leadership qualites we are looking for. He does not cow tow to the left, nor does he care a whit what Obama thinks. The media is galled by his chutzpah. I for one love his direct approach with no need for apology. We need a lot more like him. In this era of political correctness and many of our leaders willing to bend to the middle, we are desperate for leaders like Dick. Here is all you need to know Mitt, Jeb, Mike, and John - stand up for the the Constitution and stand behind your principled constituents. We are more willing to just say NO - maybe that is what you need to start doing. Oh yea, and stop beating down our own like Sarah Palin. We have enough problems without back stabbing in our own party!


Anonymous said...

You know, not to be a smart butt, but if the Republicans had been listening and actually heeded the will of the people we might still have a Republican in office.

As for your support of Dick Cheney, wow, I don't even know what to say....

Rick Beagle

Lenny said...

Not sure what you mean about Dick Cheney? The reason I like him is because he says what he means! He is convicted in his beliefs none of this wish washy stuff. I happen to agree with most of his observations.

Anonymous said...

Most Liberals believe that Dick Cheney is a war criminal, who pushed for the invasion of Iraq to provide billions in revenue for Haliburton and their subsidiaries. There are far more serious charges, but as a vet, that is the charge that bothers me the most.

This is mentioned to inform you of our opinion, not to start an argument. If you are truly interested, I have some links, but in the interest of peace, they aren't added by default. :-)

Take care.
Rick Beagle
PS Dick Cheney is a very smart, and capable man - so just on that matter I agree with your perception.

Lenny said...
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Lenny said...

Thank you for your service! We don't have to argue just disagree. I don't agree with the charge against Dick. I also feel he has as much right to comment on the affairs of our country as you or I do. I am not clumping you in this but the double standard of the left is just so obvious and I am soo done with it. We had to listen to Jimmy Carter weigh in on President Bush for 8 years and the media never said a word. Now that it is someone from the Bush administration the media balks that they need to support Obama or shut it. Obama had no mandate but the left media sure would like to make you think he did.

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