Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Read Any Good Law Lately?

By: Theosebes

"Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions." ILN, 4/19/30 G.K. Chesterton

Read the fine print. Never sign anything without reading the number 4 font legalese at the bottom of every legal document. This is what got so many homeowners in trouble; they failed to read the fine print before signing a note their paychecks couldn't keep up with down the road.

But it is not just the mistake made by those on "Main Street" as Obama so cheerfully calls them, but those ruling on "E Capitol St NE & 1st St NE," on behalf of the American citizens who should be reading the fine print before they sign anything into law. Any business plan worth its salt is never rushed into, but thoroughly researched, analyzed, professional advice sought, and legally examined prior to a signature. It is said the foolish man begins to build without counting the cost, yet the very men and women who attempt to run our government have fallen prey to the same blind mistake thousands of displaced homeowners have faced.

The Congress has panicked, they have not done their due diligence, they have signed their John Hancocks to legally binding contracts that affect the lives of Main Street, Wall Street, and every dirt road in America. Don't do as they do, nor do as they say, for those who have signed legislation into law without adequately reading, let alone researching, the full letter of the law, which their signatures whole heartedly declare support for, do so in ignorance, not in the good faith of their constituents.

Terry Neece of the NCPA stated in an interview with Our Blook, "There is little to praise in this $787 billion stimulus bill. The President signed a colossal bill that virtually no one read, which relies on out-of-date economic theories to stimulate the economy." No one read the fine print and no one did the homework. According to Neece, the economic theories that Congress is operating with in order to write this legislation is "obsolete."

The rush to judgment, on a rush job, that stimulates a rush to panic should cause the governing body to rush and reconsider their ways and means. The ire felt due to bonus pay for AIG, on the backs of American taxpayers, is the fault of those who penned their names without doing their due diligence. So instead of taking responsibility, they pass the buck, or rather steal the buck back from the very ones they mistakenly gave the money to in the first place. It seems to me that our representative body would do well to give back the pork and beans and the bonuses they gave themselves and their pet projects when they signed this stimulus legislation.

The Magna Carta stated that the king was not above the law and even he must obey it. Our founding documents are largely based on this philosophy and yet I wonder if the Senators, the Congressmen, and the President have ever read and given credence to the values found in this most important legal document. I find it hard to believe that they have read it, let alone practice it. They live and rule as if they are above the law of the land and they punish the peasants and wealthy landowners for questioning.


Anonymous said...


Nice cartoon, and for many people out there this is a nice echo chamber piece. Unfortunately it is an absolute LIE.

Economists such as Dr. Paul Krugman (Nobel Economist) insist that the Stimulus Bill is entirely too small, and that we need another Stimulus injection. For those of you who would like to actually learn something about our economy and the efforts currently underway I strongly encourage reading his many articles. While Krugman is definitely a liberal at heart, he is first and foremost an economic expert. You can find the latest of his articles here.

Please give this information a read.

Nice cartoon.
Rick Beagle

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