Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day: Lovely Day for Anarchy...and a reminder about Americanism

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Growing up in the U.S., May Day was a sort of unofficial holiday where we welcomed the spring season. Not so much in other countries, where May Day has evolved into a Labour holiday, a time for protest. And we're not talking well-behaving tea party attendees.

The Wall Street Journal opines about what these protests hold in store ("Burn, Capitalism, Burn")- some of which we will have seen play out by the time you read this. (Some articles on violent protests here and here and link to Reuters slide show here).

All this serves as a reminder of the slippery slope from disruptive, violent protest to anarchy to total government, where the people have lost their rights. An irony, since often anarchy begins because the common folk feel powerless and seek to be heard or recognized.

On this May Day, take this video to heart.


Anonymous said...


Isn't it wonderful that in this country that we democratically elect our officials, and that everyone supports the decision of the majority. I mean, no one supports democracy only when their candidates win in the US.

We respect the opinion and wishes of our neighbor, and if we disagree, work peacefully to improve our great nation through positive actions within our political process. I mean, no one talks about secession or bemoaning that the opposition is something insane (Anti-Christ, illegal alien, fascist, Muslim plant, etc...).

It is great to be an American even when we disagree. I think that is the real message here.

Rick Beagle

givemetruth said...

That is a grossly inaccurate statement, "everyone supports the decision of the majority". And to reference the video in the piece above, we were not given a "democracy"...that word doesn't exist in the Constitution or Bill of Rights by design (just as "separation of church and state" doesn't exist either, but that's another discussion). So, "no one supports democracy" is an accurate statement when followed by "because a republic, which the US is, is governed by the rule of law not the rule of the majority."

Our founding fathers were educated men who weighed the evidence of other societies failures and tried to create a more perfect union...sound familiar? Currently, our politicians seem far more interested in an oligarchy that can assume power over the people who put them there, rather than protecting only those things they were entrusted to protect and leave the people alone.

Peace is a temporary state while someone plots to steal it from you.

Vigilance and wisdom.
Kim R.

givemetruth said...
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Cdat88 said...

Kim, you are wasting your time. There is a good chance within a post or two, Beagle will be referencing your "manhood" and implying you have substandard intelligence. If you really agitate this person, they will become infatuated with your primary sexual characteristics. And how they play a part in the conversation.

Anonymous said...

ROFL. "Methink thou dost protest too much."
And given her screen name, I suspect that pretty much wraps up the other complaint you had.

Don't you have another paramilitary site to tend to? And um, nice comics there chief....

Rick Beagle

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