Monday, May 18, 2009

Federal Hate Crimes Bill or Pedophile Protection Act?

Federal Hate Crimes Bill or Pedophile Protection Act?

--by Angela Rockwood

I was watching this clip that someone sent to me the other day, and I just had to do a double take.

The Federal Hate Crimes legislation, S. 909, is cited as the “Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act.” Why? For sympathy points? What does this monstrosity have to do with Matthew Shepard?

The two miserable human beings who killed Matthew Shepard are currently serving life sentences for their crimes – and rightfully so. Why do we need hate crimes legislation pushed through under his name?

When it comes to the government and regulation, “more isn’t better”, so why are we signing ourselves up for this bill anyway? What’s the draw? I don’t get it.

In addition to being unnecessary, it’s also dangerous.

As often happens in government, there are unintended consequences to laws. Perhaps in this case they are intended, I’m not sure. Whatever the intent, it can’t be denied that producing special classes of people has nothing to do with “equal protection”. In fact, just the opposite.

If a gay man slaps me, it’s a misdemeanor, maybe a fine. Under this law as proposed, if I slap him back, it’s a felony hate crime. How is that equal? In fact according to some who are familiar with the text of the bill you don’t even have to touch someone for them to feel a hate crime has been committed. It can be as flimsy as mere perception. Orwellian thought crimes anyone?

Now I’m against all forms of hate crimes because it smacks of thought police and government religion, but even if you support hate crimes and special protections for minority classes, how can you possibly support the defense of pedophilia as one of those protected classes?

This bill has earned the nickname “Senate Bill S. 909, Pedophile Protection Act” because it specifically protects pedophilia and many other “philias” along with homosexuality and transgenderism. In fact, when a legislator suggested adding a clarification to the bill to specify that pedophiles were not among the protected classes, it was flatly voted down.

Now that’s just bizarre. Why protect the pedophiles but not religion and freedom of speech?

The Senate is expecting a final vote on this starting next week. Call your Senators! We’re facing an uphill battle on this one, which just boggles my mind. S. 909 is a terrible bill, poorly written, dangerous, unnecessary, and bad for everyone all around.


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