Saturday, May 16, 2009

Buyer Beware

By Kelli Krauss

President Obama said recently at a town-hall-style meeting in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, “We can’t keep on just borrowing from China. We have to pay interest on that debt, and that means we are mortgaging our children’s future with more and more debt.” He called the current deficit spending “unsustainable” and said that interest rates for consumers will go up if we continue to borrow from other countries.

Please excuse me while I bang my head against the wall!!! Is this not what we have been saying since January 20, 2009? Some of us have been saying it since the fall when the first financial rescue package was signed. This is what the Tea Parties on April 15th were about. More and more people are getting fed up with the spending in Washington and this Congress and Administration have been so good at it. Even John McCain, who I do not always agree with, called the current spending practices in Washington "generational theft".

It is being reported that the Obama administration has revised it's own estimates for the deficit this year to a record $1.84 trillion, which is up 5 percent from their February numbers and the 2010 deficit is being estimated at $1.26 trillion, up 7.4 percent from February.

Why is President Obama agreeing with us now? I guarantee it is not because he wants to stop spending. This is Obama paving the way for a tax increase and it will not be just for the "rich". As he said during his campaign when gas prices were skyrocketing, "High gas prices are just fine by me, I just wish we could have raised them more slowly." Will this be his model for tax increases?

Those of us who did not vote for him knew this was coming. So as the saying goes "Buyer beware". Or in this case, "Obama-buyer beware".


Mel said...

Kelli how right you are...again he is doing the listen to my words but don't watch what i am doing.

Swilliams said...

B. Hussein might do well to use a DVR and play back what his teleprompter said in past interviews/speeches...

Kinda scary when he appears to agee with Tea Partiers???

Lisa said...

You nailed it, Kelli. He makes me crazy! He'll say ANYTHING, anything at all to manipulate the situation his way. I heard someone say that a tech accidentally uploaded a Huckabee speech into the teleprompter and Obama just read his lines like usual and didn't realize what he was saying. :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh.... You protested and the government is responding to your comments with action. But gah, that is just him doing "anything for a vote". You gathered and asked him to take this seriously, and he is.

Geez folks why don't you write a post that says, "we hate the man" and stop there?

Seriously, the hypocrisy is getting a bit thick in here.

Rick Beagle

Bravo33 said...

Again Beagle shows his stupendous ability to miss the obvious. I try to be civil, but damn dude, you haven't got the brains God gave a goat.

The Tea Parties were ridiculed by the media, the current Administration, and dolts like yourself. All of a sudden Obama comes out and says the same things that conservatives have been saying, in particular the very message that was spread at the Tea Parties. The media not drawing attention to that and the president not acknowledging it is totally intellectually dishonest. He isn't responding with "action"; just a lot of talk. Not to mention it is HIS actions that are compounding the problem. The words ring hollow coming from his lips.

We don't hate the man. We are not like your kind. We can protest and fight his ideas without blinding ourselves with hatred. That is the liberal modus operandi. Seriously, you and your fellow liberals were apoplectic with hatred for Bush, and even now that he is gone, you still can't let go. The building is on fire and you still want to blame the former landlord. You and your kind have no credibility on this issue.

The only thing "thick" here is YOU.

Anonymous said...

It is telling that on one hand you differentiate yourself from "liberals" by stating "we don't hate" and "I try to be civil but..." comments, but then ridicule some perceived intellectual deficiency on my part.

Listen troll, the President of the United States listened to the whining of constituents like you; those who seem to equate the economy of this country to your own pocket books (its our taxes quoth the people living in states dependent on government aid to exist). People like those attending the tea parties have neither the ability nor the desire to rise above their ignorance to even attempt to grasp economics at a macro level. This sounds cruel, but it defines the conservative movement so very nicely. It is not always about "you" and "your conservative needs".

We have ignored, obfuscated, and encouraged the rape of the United States Treasure for close to twenty years, and it is absolutely incredulous that the same people who were responsible for this national tragedy should presume to know more about fiscal economics than a two year old. You and your party have had ample opportunities to lead by example and yet you continue to flop on the floor spouting nothing but hateful and empty rhetoric. The state of South Carolina is a perfect example of this. Here is a thought, Mr. Governor (R) quit griping about the national deficit and help a bit by - oh I don't know- putting more into the Treasury than you take out.

The entire Bible Belt is freaking on welfare and has been for years, so why in the heck should we listen to people who are adamantly determined to destroy every economy from the national to local levels?

As for your comment that Obama is just a talker... rofl. The man has done more in his first hundred days to put us back on track than Bush did in eight years. I don't agree with everything he has done, but the man is working his butt off (and it shows).

Keep complaining people, but at some point you need to come to grips that the government is by the people and for the people. If he happens to listen to you, you should at least learn to be civil and be gracious about it.

Rick Beagle

Bravo33 said...

Beagle - Your words do nothing here but prove to those around that you are a fool. You cannot pass off your opinion here as if it were fact, as you so often attempt.

Like I said before Wormtongue, your words ring hollow here. You lack credibility and humility. You speak with condescension to everyone here who has an opposing view. I don't have to hate liberals to ridicule them. I don't hate you either. I just think you are a buffoon. A funny buffoon.

Before you accuse others of hypocrisy and double standards, perhaps you should take a long, hard look at yourself and THINK about what you write and apply some of your liberal scrutiny to your own words. Maybe then you will begin to understand how to develop some credibility. Until then, you are nothing more than another mindless liberal drone with a big koolaid stained smile.

Regardless, you have entertainment value. Your posts are always pathetically funny. Especially when you get angry. Keep on trucking.


Anonymous said...


ROFL! It is absolutely stunning how absolutely clueless you are.

Do you think that you help the Republican cause by continuing to perpetuate lie after lie? I suppose you think if you say it enough it will therefore be true?

Gawd, go read a book and come back when you are all grown up.

Rick Beagle

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