Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We Are Not Mad Conservatives, We are Disullusioned People

by Carmen Grant

Contrary to popular belief, the Tea Party Movement is not a conservative agenda movement. It is a movement against increased taxation and wasteful spending. There are many democrats that voted for Obama and support Pelosi who are equally as disgusted with the increase in spending and increase in taxation on the wealthy that is unfair. Perhaps if the government would elaborate on HOW spending more can make more money, then perhaps the feuds would end. I wish I could spend more to get out of debt. Sounds fun.

Instead the White House is leaving their own followers in the dark and the only thing left for them to think is "maybe we should have voted for Ron Paul?" That would have been historical too.

Now before I get backlash for being anti-historical, anti-Obama, anti-government and anti-family (yes CNN, I'm talking to you), let me relay a message from a loyal reader. He is a long time San Francisco resident, Pelosi supporter and Obama voter. He admitted he doesn't like what the Democrats are doing. For the first time in 30 years he decided to take a strong political stand by taking up a sign and joining the over 550,000 people that rallied on tax-day. After a long day of exercising his American rite, he came home and saw Pelosi's opinion of his efforts. She belittled the protesters, said they were being controlled by high power corporations, and were "astroturf" activists. A hard slap in the face for anyone who favored her and her fellow Democrats.

Here is what my reader professed in a letter to Pelosi:

"I found her words not only insulting and dismissive but also disheartening and discouraging. If this is not true grassroots I guess I don't know what is. For her to not understand this it means one of two things. Either she has not taken the time to take a closer look at what we are doing or she does know better and ridicules our process as it better fits her agenda. I find both of these to be disturbing."

I don't think anyone got the memo that we're not allowed to protest the Democratic agenda. Apparently we have to agree and adore the intentions of the Democrats and not criticize the results of their policies. Love the intention people, the intention.


Anonymous said...

You can keep making the kool-aid, but we (the majority) aren't ready to dip our cups into a "movement" lead by the far right wing nuts of this country.

Hijack the movement back from them, give it a purpose and maybe reasonable people will stop laughing long enough to listen to you.

Just my two cents on the whole thing.
Rick Beagle

Theosebes said...

It is always amazing to me, when ignorant people try to introduce legislation. How is it that those in "power" today think that they are smarter than the Founding Father's who drafted one of history's most important documents ever? It astounds me when legislation is written on the winds of public opinion and not on the wings of brilliant scholarship!

Carmen Grant said...

Dear Anonymous,

The purpose of the movement is government transparency and accountability. The only people who are laughing are those that don't want to take two seconds to listen to what we are saying. Responsible government spending is something that everyone wants, and that is what the movement is about. Unfortunately, the left-wing media gave tea party efforts an offensive and sexually charged name that overshadowed what we were trying to do. If you want to take those two seconds to read about what the movement is about please visit: www.taxdayteaparty.com/


Anonymous said...

Rick Beagle, professional blog commenter. The fellow who used the word "irregardless" on Pink elephant Pundit (2/19/09). This guy, or girl, (after all s/he follows female oriented blogs), who regularly attacks conservatives as stupid, bobbleheaded, etc., expects that we readers will take him seriously and that he will convert us to his leftist beliefs.

Ha, Ha, ha, ha, snort!

Anonymous said...

The media did not paint the "Tea Parties" as a running joke, the organizers did that. But regardless, you can not have a "movement" that was organized before the election of the new President (as a nuclear option I suppose) and pretend it is a "grassroots based outrage".

The liberals recognized it for what it was - an attack on the new President looking for a cause. A cause that has been hijacked by extreme elements in the party and plastered all over the news. Maybe you have no problems marching with these folks, but I sure as heck do.

As to the comment about me being a profession blogger, that is an incorrect statement. I have been a commenter on this site for almost a year, and enjoy participating in these conversations. I am trying my best to understand the opinions stated here, and provide a more liberal counterpoint. Discouraging conversations between both sides seems to be popular right now, but my attraction to this site is rooted in Stacy's philosophy of talking it out.

We get the occasional trolls, and as the only liberal, I am the number one target.

By the way, "irregardless" is a colloquialism that I picked up in my youth, and is actually a word (dictionary.com). There are numerous and more eloquent synonyms, but alas, I find myself too often drawn to my roots.

I do not recall visiting Pink Elephant Pundit, but I occasionally do stray to other sites (usually linked from here).

Rick Beagle

JoyFull said...

The tea parties that I attended in Mobile and Fairhope wer organized over 2 months and 3 weeks respecitvely. There was never a pre-election intention as far as i can tell. The bailouts started before the election, therefore people in America certainly had the foresight to see what may be coming down the pipe. When the new administration did nothing to stop the bailouts and continued to drive that train faster, then those of us who felt we needed to make a stand against it, did so. And we did so in the American and peaceful way. They were a way for disillusioned citizens from all backgrounds and party affilliations to come together in an attempt to stop the continuing bailouts and the apparent direction the spending in Washington was going and it was going without regard to taxpayers BUT with taxpayers money. So, the taxpayers, who should be the major voice of the country attended the rallies in protest. Many more people would have been there had they not been working. I am NOT ashamed of the teaparty or the tea party attendees. We held the parties with integrity and honor. We made the right stand and there was nothing ridiculous about it. What was sad, shameful and incredulous was the dismisal of it from fellow citizens, msm and the President himself.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned this in the earlier post, but the website for this was created in August of last year. We know this because they registered the domain name (partisan hacks).

It is good to hear that your gathering was peaceful and on message, but it doesn't take a lot of looking to see that your message was in the minority.

However with that said, NO ONE begrudges you your right to protest about how your hard earned taxpayer money is spent. There are many of us disgusted by the bailouts, and we have strong resentment toward the banking industry. But with that said, I will not walk with racists, people who are just mad that a Democrat is in office, promote secession, and people who think Liberals are akin to crap on the ground.

Lose the nut jobs in your party, and I will gladly walk with you to support a more responsible approach to spending our tax dollars. Otherwise, we are going to just point, laugh, and move on our merry way.

Rick Beagle

JoyFull said...

Rick, please stop calling ME and other Americans that work happily and joyfully side by side with fellow citizens of different colors and background. I am NOT a racist! Americans, BLACK AND WHITE made a stand and they were ignored and ridiculed by MSM and Washington. I find this very distrubing. There was NOTHING RACIAL in the protests. PERIOD!!!!

Anonymous said...

I did not call you a racist, I said that there were racists in the protests. You can peruse YouTube to verify. It amazes me that everyone is "offended" by this, but seem to be unaware of the skinheads that were marching in these rallies.

Whether you like it or not, the racist community have aligned themselves with your efforts, but their message is far more odious than that yours. But they are not the only ones who have hitched their wagon to your cause, the paramilitary secessionists have also decided to spread their message through your conduit. Both of these views I find intolerable (not to mention the anti-abortion crew, Obama's the Anti-Christ, homophobes, and other divisive and hate minded groups).

I get the impression that you wrongly feel that we are ignoring your message, when in fact its the other yahoos we are ignoring. Again, dump the lunatics (who seem to have the biggest voice in these things) and you will get the coverage and discussions that you seek.

I hope that clears it up for you.
Rick Beagle

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