Thursday, May 7, 2009

Calling all extremists! Let's keep it up!

By Lisa Farrar Wellman

Nearly a month later people are still yapping about the tea parties. Big name liberals can’t stop calling us (by us, I mean radical extremists like myself who attended a tea party with my husband and 2-year-old) ignorant, racist, redneck, and backward. The tea parties have been ridiculed and belittled all over TV and the Internet. The mainstream media claims our little shindigs were ridiculous, promoted by the GOP, and a failure. Yet we definitely riled ‘em up, didn’t we?

Sure I’m irritated by the left-leaning (or toppling over) media’s version of how things went down on April 15, but I’m also flattered and inspired by it. We got their attention whether they want to admit it or not. We’ve upset them. I think maybe they thought we’d just roll over and let them tromp all over our Constitution without even a peep of protest. They assumed we couldn’t organize or unite behind a cause. The media has told the country for years that the conservative movement is dead. How can the dead rise up by the thousands and holler “taxed enough already"? But we did. And we were joined by Democrats with voter’s remorse and Libertarians and Independents alike. This tea party movement is not about right or left. It’s about Americans saying, “I don’t think so” to a group of politicians who aren’t told “no” often enough…or ever.

The hypocrisy of the left is so obvious; I don’t want to waste your time digging around in it. You and I both know that they spent the last eight years raging about President Bush. If we were Code Pink, they’d have been out in full force, lobbing softball questions and bringing us sandwiches and lemonade to quench our thirst and hunger.

Let’s do it again. Let’s shock their elitist socks off again! Show up for a tea party on July 4. March on Washington. Write your representatives. Send them a tea bag or 40. Join The 9-12 project.

And above all, in 2010, don’t you dare send these morons back to Washington, D.C. Let’s elect us some radical tea-partying patriots instead and change the course of this nation and get it back on track. That will really give the media something to talk about!

For a view of what Tea Party goers are really like, check out Andrew Klavan’s column on Glenn Beck’s website.


Anonymous said...


Lotsa luck with that. Maybe this time you could be a little clearer about your message. You know, what is it that you are protesting?

Rick Beagle

Lisa said...

Rick, we’re protesting outrageous spending and unbelievable taxing. This is the largest budget ever proposed by a President with the largest deficits in American history. It adds over $9 trillion to the national debt, doubling the total debt accumulated from the start of our country through the Bush presidency. We’re protesting a Congress that passes bills without READING them. We’re protesting a socialist agenda which will destroy our country and leave our children and grandchildren suffering.

Thanks for reading Smart Girl Politics!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your comments, but as I have said in another post, the "outrageous spending" cause is unbelievable.

We have lived through twenty years of Republican deficit producing, government growing, and egregious excessive spending (Reagan, Bush and Bush). Prior to our last elections, a "group" put together a nuclear option to play after the election (if McCain did not get elected). We know this, because these idiots registered the website for this "spontaneous grassroots protest" in August of last year. The same people then spent money lavishly via the Fox conduit to glamorize and promote it.

All that effort ended up providing fodder for comedy shows, movies of racist rants, calls for secession and fairly poor attendance (very poor for people of color). Why in the heck would a sane person continue to support this?

Again, as I stated before, imho if you hijack the protest from the vested business interests, obvious political pundits, the far right whack jobs (don't be offended, you know exactly who I mean), and maybe the people will come out in droves.

Rick Beagle

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