Friday, May 15, 2009

Nancy Karma is a knocken!

Nancy it looks like you will be taking some of your own medicine. Your indignation over President Bush’s administration for allocating water boarding seems to be getting you all wet. It seems you were apprised by the House Intelligence committee less then a year after 9/11 of interrogation techniques including waterboarding. As a matter of fact, you were one of the first few to be informed.

You stole the old finger shake from your good 'ole pal Bill and told America you were never briefed on any water boarding tactics. Unfortunately for you, CIA director Leon Panetta disputes your denial. It is also reported you encouraged the CIA to do even more than water boarding if needed. If you considered this tortue, why would you encourage even harsher methods if needed?

We all know this was never about torture but the left’s insidious hatred for President Bush. I believe it is this hatred that has maligned our country over the last 8 years not the former sitting President. The left loves to waste time and resources on committees for which we have no need. How better to spend our time as our economy fails and our liberties are stolen than blister the former administration. With leaders like you, how can we do anything but fail?

Not only do many of us Americans salute President Bush and his administration for keeping us safe, but we would like to demand recourse for having to listen to you badger and lie your way through office.



Anonymous said...

I guess I just don't get it. I am a liberal, and if Pelosi or anyone for that matter did anything illegal, I would want that punished appropriately.

The amount of information concerning the illegal activities of the Bush Administration is overwhelming, and irrefutable at this juncture. How can you berate the activities of someone such as Pelosi, when you, and much of the conservative movement, are willing to turn a blind eye toward members of the Republican Party.

We have laws, and NO one is above them. I am sorry, but the Bush Administration needs to be investigated, prosecuted, and judged where appropriate. Allowing them to avoid obeying the law because they made you feel safe is not a good argument. The law is the law, if you want to stop politicians from breaking them, everyone needs to be made accountable irrespective of political affiliation.

Rick Beagle

Anonymous said...

Very good points!!!! It would be nice to see her eat crow.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Lenny! Let's all agree we need to start to be accountable for our actions. After 9/11, we all wanted to make sure we were safe and that there was no "next time". President Bush acheived that and you supported it. Stop back peddling!!

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