Friday, May 22, 2009

It is time for a boycott!

By Lenny Moynihan

Now that GM and Chrysler will be owned by Obama it is time for a boycott. Just like we need to start buying only American made products, we need to do the same for our cars. At this point, I can’t consider GM or Chrysler American. This is because in my America, our government could have never hijacked a car company. Not only that, they are taking away PRIVATELY owned businesses.

I read a heart breaking letter on the American Thinker blog by a George C. Joseph. He has been the sole owner of his dodge/Isuzu dealership since 1974. He employs over 50 people and has been active in his community for decades. He received a letter stating his business will be taken from him with no compensation on June 9th. It will then be handed over to another dealer at no cost. He rightfully asks how can this happen in America?

We should all be beyond outrage. This is a very sad and scary day for our country. I no longer look at President Obama as my President but the Godfather of the mafia. His henchmen ready to act in any fashion to get the job done. This is nothing more than an act of piracy done by our own government. We must assume that many that voted for "hope" and "change" did not have this in mind! We are called to action by denying any car sales once the government procures these lots. As Paul Revere warned, "The British are coming." We must warn the people of something much more sinister: The Grim Reaper is alive and well in the destruction of America.

All eyes on President Obama.


Anonymous said...

I think that it is so sad that people do not know what to do about all these negative changes in our way of life. Obama has said that we need hope and change well I think I am quoting someone when I say - I am sure hoping for some change!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Two things are wrong with this article, the first one is pretty obvious, Obama did not make the decision to cut these dealers, the businesses did. And second, how does boycotting these products help the situation? I mean what to you hope to achieve beyond putting more people out of work?

I do not agree with many of the decisions that President Obama has made, but this boycott is a bad idea.

Rick Beagle

Lenny said...

I totally disagree with you Rick. Obama has crucified the car companies unlawfully I might add. Although I believe these car companies should have gone bankrupt, could have gotten rid of the unions, they begged for bail out money. That was their biggest mistake. This gave Obama and his henchmen the power they wanted. The boycott is essential. In America, government does not own car companies and has no right to come in and take away someone's private business. I refuse to give the government one more cent then they are already robbing from me! Do you really want to own a car warrantied by your inept government?! Obama is a disgrace to this country, our constitution and capitalism. This is the most corrupt administration. I have ever seen! If you were truly upset by Bush's administration because you believed they were corrput, why is your head in the sand now?

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