Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where Are The Real Liberals?

Some gay-gossip-queen-blogger by the name of "Perez Hilton" decides to launch an all out assault on a 21 year old beauty pageant girl, who answered a simple opinion question about the definition of marriage.

Apparently there was only one right answer, and the penalty for not answering the question "correctly" was to demonize her publicly and call her names that I won't mention here.

I'm confused…why hasn't anyone called Hilton's crude actions a hate speech crime? All this girl did was state a personal opinion and is now being persecuted. Where are the liberals advocating free speech?

In an interview with Larry King after the pageant, Perez was asked if Miss California's answer about gay marriage lost her the competition. Without hesitating, Perez answered "Oh, most definitely, all the judges thought her answer was a bad answer. Her answer needed to be politically correct. Her answer needed to be all inclusive."

Just so we're clear everyone, unless your opinions echo that of the radical left they are "bad answers", "bad opinions".

Conservative views rooted in Christian morals are the only one's not allowed in America…for the record.

Later, the owners of this pageant apologized for Miss California's answer. The agents from California, who were previously her friends, cut her off saying, "she doesn't represent California, and she doesn't represent America."

Actually, if we are to be politically correct…meaning politically ACCURATE, 85% of America still believes that marriage should be between one man and one woman. Excuse me California, as leftist and brainwashed as your state is, you STILL passed Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage!

You should actually be thanking Miss California for representing the majority of people in California, or at least give her the common decency of expressing an opinion without being called the b-word, the c-word and being denied first place in a stupid beauty pageant.

Where are the real liberals? I thought liberals were all in favor of the free exchange of ideas, freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

When groups of people are bullied into answering questions a certain way, or not allowing members of our society the right to express certain beliefs, it's called censoring, a fundamental tenant of a socialist society.


Allison said...

well said!

Anonymous said...


The real liberals are here, but I am perplexed as to how you equate this beauty queen's answer with some sort of speech infringement. She was asked a question, she gave an unpopular answer, and she lost the competition. You are somehow equating the consequences of her free speech to a lack there of.

Whether you agree with her or not is immaterial, it is whether the judges, the sponsors and the organization she was to represent agreed. Obviously they felt her answer was an inappropriate representation of them. Since they actually run the contest it pretty much remains their call.

Seriously, you folks need better talking points and smarter bloggers.

Rick Beagle

Anonymous said...

It's time to fight back damn it. Read these inflammatory comments, if you dare.




Anonymous said...

Miss California had her say, the Pageant had its say, the crass 'blogger' had his say ... now it's time for the rest of us to have our say.

Boycotting is the truest form of free speech. If you are outraged by this, you know what you need to do.

bethel78 said...

Yes, yes and yes! The people of CA had their say when they voted. You can't argue with results. Kudos to Miss CA for standing up for what she believes. An opinion is an opinion. It's not right or wrong. There is no argument. It just is.

Natalie said...

You said what I was thinking, but never got around to writing. BRAVO! Our opinions and ideas are only welcome if they are lock and step with the left. Any dissent is frowned upon and seen as "divisive."

BKR said...

The owner of the pageant, Donald Trump, actually stood up for Miss CA and applauded her for stating her conviction. Rick, it's a little disingeneous to say that it was simply a matter of her giving an unpopular answer and losing. The issue is that she was villified for her opinion. It is a sad truth that the left wing espouses free speech, and yet screams the loudest and ugliest when someone expresses an opinion they don't agree with. There seems to be no room for civil discourse. No one was calling Perez filthy names - but he was certainly calling that young woman lots of filthy things. How can you defend that?

Anonymous said...

Please note that I do not support attacks on people who voice their opinion (unless they intentionally put people in harms way).

With that stated, I think Perez Hilton is a disgusting hateful pig of a man who is/was only out to achieve fame at the expense of other people's misfortune.

However, Ms. California is part of a beauty pageant and even I know if you want to win the contest you have to abide by their rules and views. For whatever reason, Ms. California decided to make her knowingly contentious feelings known, and I think it is disingenuous to think that anyone would be surprised by the bitter backlash toward these comments.

From the gay rights perspective this woman went on television and declared her support for the continued discrimination of homosexuals. I can imagine a significant amount of bitterness to those kinds of comments.

I am sure you have all already guessed it, but I support gay rights wholeheartedly.

Rick Beagle

BKR said...

i think 'Givemetruth' said it quite well in this post on another part of this site:

"Miss California was selected to represent CA for who she is, which includes being a Christian attending a Christian college. If this wasn't a clear message about what her beliefs might be, then someone other than Carrie Prejean dropped the ball on selecting her as their state representative.

"Just because the pro-gay marriage community is more vocal in their beliefs doesn't make them the majority. I fault the pageant for allowing such an individual to serve on the judging panel, too, since there seems to be a lack of standards and rules for them to follow.

"Finally, the contestants are judged on their poise in this portion of the pageant, not their position on issues. The judge(s) were wrong to not score her according to this standard and instead replace it with their own personal views of her answer. If the pageant wants pre-programmed robots to participate then they need to more carefully screen contestants in the future."

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