Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama Flu Pandemic Continues to Spread

Okay...since I brought a little heated conversation to the forum this week...allow me to lighten the mood a little bit...or not...then I'll stay away and let someone else post for the rest of the week.

World Health Organization (WHO) officials were ready today to declare an international pandemic disaster, as a new strain of flu continued to sweep the world.

Called Obama flu, the virus – in all cases – is fatal. So far, the illness has already infected 62 million Americans, all now having become the walking undead. Symptoms include delusional exchange of freedom for comfort, theft from the rich to entitle the poor, eco-madness (a related condition in which the power of Mother Earth sucks all brain matter from the affected), worship of the death culture of abortion, and low-flying of 747s over Manhattan in broad daylight.

Cases of Obama flu have been reported in every nation on earth, except for Iran, where leaders are in denial that the flu even exists.

The virus is said to have mutated from the H1N1 strain that causes swine flu. Eating pork does not cause the disease. However, officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have confirmed that eating tofu, sushi, and Vegan menu items can transmit the disease to humans. Infection also occurs from inhaling the stench of those suffering from Obama flu.

“This is an unprecedented disaster,” said Margaret Chan, director-general of the WHO. “The virus first infects the brain, removing all capability for rational thought. Once infection sets in, there is no cure, no antidote, and no hope for anyone with the disease.”

The only protection against the virus is to avoid breathing, but that may be only a temporary defense. A bill introduced today by Zombiecrats in the U.S. Congress would abolish all breathing, in an effort to affect complete infection among all 300 million Americans. Other nations worldwide were said to be considering adopting similar laws.


Natalie said...

This would be hilarious if it weren't so laced with truth. It was good for a quick laugh though, until the sad reality sat in.

Anonymous said...

It would be hilarious if it was actually funny. I wouldn't quit your day job....

Rick Beagle

boni said...

Good one Dr. Dave! Why is it so difficult for U.S. citizens to take a step back and see the big picture? If they could see what those of us who diss Obama see...the coming demise of a political system. We have moved steadily from a free market economy - capitalism - and a classical liberalism political system into a mixed economy - closer to communism - and a socialist political system. Is this really what these individuals who support Obama want, or do they simply refuse to see the truth?

Dr. Dave said...

Well, ya kinda need a brain to even get it, Rick, so I can't fault you for being your serious self. Zombies can't really help themselves.

But, hey! That's why I and others DO and you just comment...because you CAN'T.

@boni I think my response to Mr. Hound just about sums up what we're dealing with.

Anonymous said...

(CNN) — Conservative host Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday he isn't sorry to see Arlen Specter leave the GOP — and that many Republicans wish the Pennsylvania senator would take a few others with him when he goes.

"A lot of people say, 'Well, Specter, take [Sen. John] McCain with you. And his daughter [Meghan]. Take McCain and his daughter with you if you're gonna…" he told listeners, dissolving in laughter.

"…..It's ultimately good. You're weeding out people who aren't really Republicans," he said.

Limbaugh did concede the downside of Specter's defection. "It makes the Senate essentially as big a slam dunk for Obama and the Democrats as the House of Representatives already is," he said.

Earlier this month, Specter said Limbaugh did have a tendency to make "provocative" statements, but told radio host Howard Stern he didn't have a problem with the conservative talker. "Do I like Limbaugh?… yeah, I like him," he said then.

UPDATE: Late Tuesday afternoon, Meghan McCain fired back on Twitter. "RED TIL I'M DEAD BABY!!! I love the republican party enough to give it constructive criticism, I love my party and sure as hell not leavin!"

Now that is funny.
Rick Beagle
"just another zombie"

Dr. Dave said...

Oh, yes, Rick...that's very, very funny. Brilliant...stuff...there.


Umm...I think I hear you being paged over at Salon...where your...um...talents might be more useful.

Anonymous said...

Dr Dave,
Aren't you a regular over at that insane site... um Red State?

As I told the people over in another thread, please keep talking. The more you and your cohorts ramble about your hate, lies, and moral ambiguities, the more our numbers grow (did I mention your lack of patriotism).

Seems like the majority have the same opinion of you that I do, which is- not much.

Rick Beagle

Dr. Dave said...

Nope...people may post my stuff over at RedState, but I do not personally.

Nice argumentative technique, calling humor "hate." Why, of course your numbers are growing...you Zombies are eating your country alive. (Do not mistake that for "winning"; it simply means the blind are leading more of the blind.)

Apparently you didn't get that from my post, but it's there, just as Natalie observed, well, because she has a brain.

JoyFull said...

Dave, that was a funny piece but it is also true...kind of like laughing through the tears.

Laughter is good for the soul and it restores hope.

May we all continue to keep our sense of humor while we keep up our fight to restore autonomy to the hard working people of America.

Anonymous said...

Was that humor? Oh, I'm sorry, I thought:
"worship of the death culture of abortion"was a thinly veiled attempt to perpetuate hatred.

Sorry, my tiny brain has a hard time with concepts such as humor and hate speech. It appears to me that in your blather they both look the same....

Rick Beagle

Anonymous said...

Another poll Mr. Beagle will not like. He sure seams to be full of "unsupported" facts, doesn't he? lol

Sorry, I am a little to old to be very computer savy, but to find the polls, in which SOME of the data is listed below, go to the Rasmussen Report and search for the "Obama Approval Index History". Again, here is some of it...I didn't want to post it all because it would really make Mr. Beagle look like a 3rd grader can research better than him. lol

Presidential Approval Index: +5
Strongly Approve: 36%
Strongly Disapprove: 31%
Total Approve: 56%
Total Disapprove: 43%

Presidential Approval Index: +28
Strongly Approve: 44%
Strongly Disapprove: 16%
Total Approve: 65%
Total Disapprove: 30%

Even you, Mr. Beagle, should be able to see that his approval rating is showing a downward trend in every catagory. You cited the New York Times, a very leftest media outlet. However, just about every media outlet, mainstream and cable, cites the Rasmussen Reports as The Standard" when it comes to statistical data, with regards to accuracy and fairness.

Again, your research and source citing is laughable!

The ironic thing here is this, the only person here who seems to give you some sort of credit, is the same one you like to bash the most. Typical Liberal.

Anonymous said...

I made an assumption that this was you, so if I was wrong please accept my apologies.

To get a link to embed follow these steps (writing instructions is actually harder than actually doing it).

Less than sign, and an a (look below this box and see the html tags - just don't close the a)


type href="link" greater than sign

type in a word that you want to embed this like to. common example are words like here, link, or the name of the article.

type all of these on one line minus the commas: less than sign, forward slash(under the question mark), a, greater than sign

there you go!

Rick Beagle

Anonymous said...

I meant to say that if you look below the comment box, you will see examples of HTML tags and hopefully will help steer you toward your goal along with my directions.

Rick Beagle

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