Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Jihad Invasion of the Western Heartland

by Bridget Geegan Blanton

I learned through a Twitter post that Brigitte Gabriel, the driving force behind ‘Act For America’, would be appearing on a Moody Broadcast Network program ‘Talking It Over’ with host Janet Parshall. I tuned into the show via blog talk radio to hear the interview because we cannot count on the media complex or the government it serves, to speak the truth about extremist Muslims in our midst.

Recently, Ms. Gabriel addressed ten high ranking Pentagon Officials on the issue of national security and the threat of terrorism from within our own country. Out of the ten officials present during Gabriel’s address, only two were familiar with the Islamic belief regarding the ‘return of the Twelfth Imam’. Iranian President and self- proclaimed deputy paving the way for the return of the Twelfth Imam, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has referenced this radical belief repeatedly in recent years. The return of the Twelfth Imam, a.k.a. the Islamic Messiah would then usher in a worldwide Islamic Supremacy according to its advocates. It would appear that the Iranian Nuclear proliferation has everything to do with Ahmadinejad’s obsession with the return of the Twelfth Imam.

As for the Pentagon officials recently educated on this tenet of extremism and our collective shock at their ignorance, it is worth mentioning that Gabriel has been invited to return as a consultant to the Pentagon. Gabriel’s involvement at this high level on an issue of singular importance for our generation is a crucial victory as too many officials both appointed and elected are woefully ignorant of our enemy and how they operate. Her presence at the Pentagon is especially timely when considering that there are 43 known terrorist camps operating in the U.S. In contemplation of both extremes, which situation is worse… appointed officials in the dark or elected officials who are advocates of Shariah Law with a direct line to the President? I would have to choose the latter because the implications of infiltration are far more ominous.

Most notable among Muslim groups with politicians in their pocket is CAIR. Senator Larry Shaw of North Carolina is a Muslim and as CAIR’s chairman, we can expect both protectionism from Shaw and advocacy of CAIR’s support for Sharia Law. Naming those elected officials who have accepted contributions from Muslim groups does matter because the money trail starts at the top with President Obama and trickles down to state legislators like California Assemblyman Dave Jones. Did I forget to mention that all these elected officials are Democrats? It matters because Democrats are notoriously submissive to political correctness which in Brigitte Gabriel’s opinion is “intellectual and cultural suicide”.

In existence, is a 100 year plan designed exclusively to infiltrate and dominate the United States by Muslim extremists culminating in the institution of Sharia Law. Inherent in this strategy are tactics such as entering our government through elected office, working with labor unions, financial corporations and leftist progressive groups such as the ACLU. Litigation jihad is championed in particular by the ACLU and promoted relentlessly through legal cases such as their defense of Hasan Al-Banna, grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Banna is a pro-Islamic terror professor seeking to procure a visa so that he can propagandize terror at our colleges and universities.

source: http://creepingsharia.wordpress.com
This case is the proverbial tip of the iceberg when it comes to the decidedly politically correct yet suicidal activity by the ACLU.

Another increasingly popular tactic is the use of the bullying mob. On the agenda at the March 18, 2009 meeting of the Fairfax County Virginia Government Planning Commission was the consideration of exempting the Islamic Saudi Academy from zoning regulations for purposes of expanding the campus. A small number of speakers opposed to the expansion addressed issues ranging from traffic concerns to challenging the legitimacy of enlarging the scope of an institution with a “documented history” of textbooks promoting hatred, intolerance and human rights violations. Whereas the small number of citizens speaking out against the expansion were heckled, mocked, laughed at and interrupted continuously; those in favor were allowed to speak without being terrorized and often went beyond their time limit.

It is not surprising that the state of Virginia is the backdrop for this disturbing story when examining the solid relationship between the open borders lobby and the Virginia Muslim Political Action Committee. The VA Muslim PAC regularly speaks out in support of the open borders policy and prior to the ’08 election, ran a voter’s registration booth in cooperation with the open borders policy. Is something amiss in Virginia?

Consider this news story hastily swept under the rug... The Governor of Virginia, Democrat Tim Kaine had appointed a radicalized member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Essam Omeish to head the Virginia Commission on Immigration. Following the protest of Omeish’s appointment and subsequent resignation from the post, Kaine stated that he “didn’t know” about Omeish’s affiliations and radical statements. The excuse “didn’t know” seems to be the standard fare of Democrats and of course the media looks the other way and allows Democrats (never Republicans) to walk away unquestioned and unscathed by their treacherous lies. In addition to the ongoing injustice resulting from the obvious double standard, recent events beg the question: what’s going on in Virginia, Governor Kaine?

Speaking of states that appear more and more Shariah compliant is the state of Minnesota. Aside from the Senate seat circus where media clown Al Franken is producing absentee ballots in his favor found on the side of the road, is the emerging problem of the radicalization of Somali Muslim youth and the advance of taxpayer facilitated Shariah Compliant Mortgages.

A group with a foothold in the Minnesota-based Somali-American community is the terrorist organization Al-Shabaab. This group is producing young terrorists. Shirwa Ahmed, a product of Al-Shabaab became radicalized in Minnesota before returning to Somalia and engaging in a suicide bombing that took his life and 29 more.

As for Sharia Compliant Finance (SCF), according to Frank Gaffney, Jr., Center for Security Policy President, “it is a device used to legitimize Shariah Law, a brutally oppressive theocratic-political-military doctrine.” SCF acceptance used to be under the radar but, according to the Family Security Council “about 88 billion in Shariah Compliant Funds are currently invested in the U.S.” Financial organizations such as banks, hedge funds and investment firms must be diligent and keep the door locked to SCF. Investments of this nature lead to the Islamic finance practice of tithing known as zakat which funds terrorist organizations and the goal of SCF, which is the destruction of Capitalism.

What’s happening in Minnesota is best described as the initial ground game of the 100 year plan. We witness union thug tactics in stand offs with Muslim cab drivers who refuse to pick up obviously inebriated clients, clients with dogs or clients whom they perceive to be homosexual. It was bad enough when Target Stores kicked The Salvation Army to the curb, but now, Target is caving in on demands by Minnesota Muslim employees refusing to handle pork. I haven’t shopped at a Shariah Compliant Target in years. Do not discount for a moment the ominous implications surrounding the fact that the state of Minnesota has become involved with Sharia compliant mortgages. If you’re looking to legislators to take a stand, don’t expect any help from Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, a Muslim, a Democrat and a strong CAIR supporter and advocate.

However, when it comes to corruption, fraud, unregulated financial jihad and all around shady behavior, Chicago just might be the top U.S. Islamic Finance Capital with Barack Obama right in the middle. On the one hand, we watch horrified as Obama applies the Marxist principle of apocalyptic chaos to implement his death to Capitalism agenda and all of the nasty outgrowths such as his Fascist Obama Youth Corps legislation and his obvious abhorrence of freedom as evidenced by his plan to silence all his detractors. Once again we find Barack Obama thoroughly acquainted with a gang of ne’er-do-wells who are the central villains in this dicey story that the traitorous media won’t touch with a 10-foot pole and that’s just phase one.

To understand phase two, let’s take a little trip to my hometown of Chicago, Illinois. For years, Salaman Ibrahim has been advising neighborhood banks on issuing mortgages compliant with the tenets of Shariah Finance. He stood to profit and he did as CEO and financier of Sunrise Equities, a Shariah Finance institution that suddenly closed shop in the dead of night back in September of ‘08. Disappearing along with Ibrahim and Tariq Siddiqui was $80 Million dollars.

Barack Obama is no stranger to Sunrise Equities. In 2004, the business donated office space to the Obama campaign. This donation of office space is no small non-news event. These office space donations are nothing short of candidate endorsements. Furthermore, there exists photo documentation of a long time friendship between Obama and the Sunrise Equities fugitives. In fact, Tariq Siddiqui was a top bundler for the Obama campaign; although Obama operatives have been working overtime scrubbing this evidence from the internet. To learn more and to view aforementioned photographs, please visit the sourced blog.

Now that we are advised of Obama’s ease with known Taliban supporters, his “Respect Islam” agenda doesn’t surprise us in the least. Obama will kick off his Islamic appeasement campaign in early April ’09 when he attends the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations which appears to be a symposium dedicated to the criminalization of any statements questioning Islamic dogma. As noted by Frank Gaffney, Jr., the “apparent willingness of the Obama administration to embrace the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda” has emboldened the organization. In terms of Homeland Security, this open invitation to influence peddling is extremely troubling.

We can take solace in the fact that terrorism experts such as Steven Emerson, Brigitte Gabriel, Raymond Ibrahim and Frank Gaffney, Jr., will continue to speak out against the torch carriers for Shariah Law. Make no mistake, we are under attack by a stealth Jihadist movement hard at work undermining our rule of law and using the Democrat submission to political correctness to their advantage. This is our nation, it does not belong to Obama and the George Soros funded Islamic appeasement campaign.

For that reason, it is ultimately our responsibility to speak out against all components of the 100 year plan. The very idea of entering into dialogue with Muslims who are adherents to Sharia Law without preconditions as set forth by Barack Obama is ludicrous, dangerous and naïve. Deception is a sanctioned tenet of Quranic doctrine, known as taqiyya. In other words, it’s permissible to lie to protect Islam. With this acceptable decree of deceit we cannot fully trust any agreement with an avowed follower of Sharia Law.

Instead of assuming where local, state and federal legislators stand on the issue of Islamic appeasement, write them and inform them of where you stand. What are they doing about radicalized Muslim recruitment in the prisons, and Shariah Compliant Finance? Equally important, hold them accountable. Remind them that as your representatives, they cannot use the “I didn’t know” defense. There’s no excuse for ignorance when our very way of life is at risk from the enemy within.


Anonymous said...

Wow.... So what are you suggesting? Should we have McCarthy like trials to root out this evil or should we skip straight to the "final solution"? Haven't we been down this road enough times to know that it ends poorly?

Yeah, there are people out there who wish us harm, but the VAST majority of people just want to live their lives.

Anonymous said...

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The above post was brought to you commercial free by:

Rick Beagle

PS sorry, I forgot to sign my post....

Julie Anne Fidler said...

Hey, how do I join your network?

JoyFull said...

To Julie Ann, you may google smart girl politics, a conservative woman's movement and sign up. We would love to have you.

To Rick, there is a faction of Muslims, called the Brotherhood, whose sole objective is to have Sharia law in the US, as well as worldwide AND they would prefer to accomplish this without firing a shot. Sharia law, to refresh your memory or perhaps teach you, I have learned seeks to establish a state religion, rejects the freedom of citiznes to govern themselves irrespective of a religious code, BANISHES freedom of consience,economic freedom, calls for the execution of homosexuals and people who don't adhere to their religion, among other atrocitities to human life and freedoms. I daresay, even a far leftist really wants to be that subjugated. Especially a far leftist homosexual. This is serious business Rick and you have Europe if you want to embrace this "religion." But Americans DO NOT. However, it is a serious threat to the US. The examples that Bridgette gave in Minnesota are red alarms. Muslims are free to practice their religion here but they should NOT be free to force it on us. And yet, our elected officals are pansies and allowing it. Americans need to be speaking up NOW.

Mel said...

I am reading a book right now that is about the radical agenda of Islam. It is astounding that our leaders do not know nor do they care what is happening.

Anonymous said...


Not to demean your comments, but yeah, someone else is out to destroy us.... They are just one on a very very long list.

On a positive note, we just keep sending missionaries and Bibles to the middle east to staunch their efforts. Which, by the way, is the exact same thing....

The only way that we can prevail is to come together as a country, and fight this off with our own sense of American wonder.

To accomplish this we need to eliminate the corrupt political class. So how about we stop ignoring laws that pertain to our own political agenda, and start throwing a few of these clowns in jail? And please, no "we are wishing on a star that he is guilty of something" political statements. Blago would be a heck of a nice start along with countless others....

Once we have a country run by people that are for the people, these clowns have no chance. Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was me again....
Rick Beagle

JoyFull said...

Rick, I repeat the Brotherhood is a real threat and should not dismissed because they are on a long list of those out to hurt us. They are organized and I repeat Sharia law is not wholesome for human liberties.

Handing out Bibles is not the same. They are handing out information but are not "offended" if someone refuses to read or accept the religion. It is a freedom of choice with no threats...just a choice you can make once you have information.

It would truly be nice if we could have a good dialogue, but if you are talking about a corrupt political class, then the Democrats are the ones in control right now. You are really confusing me. It is time to stop the blame game and do some constructive work, but no one in this administration can stop blaming long enough and it is costing valuable time for construction solutions.

Bridgette's article is a real red alarm. Our elected officials on both sides of the aisle need to sit up and take notice.

Anonymous said...

Again, I do not want to be dismissive of your comments, but honestly, as a liberal, I have been fighting religious nut jobs all of my life. And yes they are well organized and hell bent of restricting our liberties.

As to your comments about handing out the Bible being somehow innocuous, you don't strike me as someone who is that gullible. It is a blatant and overt attempt to spread Christianity and by extent, those values. These Bibles are often accompanied by money, food, medicine and education.

Perhaps this is scary news to you, but for me its just another group of religious whack jobs to watch out for.

As for the calls to Jihad, I think I will pass....

Rick Beagle

Anonymous said...

Dear Rick,

A liberal fighting religious nut jobs your whole life? Shocker.

Either you are very young, or you don't take your fight very seriously.

If you did take it seriously, you'd know that Islam is an ideology complete with a legal code (sharia law), and political and military aspects - in fact, any Muslim will tell you Islam is a complete way of life. Jihad is imperative in that way of life as is spreading Islam until it rules all the lands (ie, the caliph or caliphate, ummah).

It is so dominant that if a Muslim chooses to leave Islam - the punishment is death. There is no choice in the matter.

Unfortunately you seem to have morphed into one of the nut jobs you claim to fight against and have lost all sense of rationale. You quickly jump to statements like "Final Solution" which is precisely what Islam calls for. The destruction of Israel and death to all Jews, and then Christians, and Buddhists, etc. Only those who either convert to Islam or submit to 2nd class status and pay the jizya tax get to remain.

It's pretty clear you probably know these things already and are simply playing ignorant going around to every blog you can find in an attempt to discredit those who write about reality and what is happening, or you truly are among the ignorant, in which case, some time spent in the SWAT Valley of Pakistan or Mogadishu might do you well. Regardless of your self-proclaimed fighter status and staunch defense of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, it won't likely save you once you step away from your keyboard and face reality.

As for your claim Christian proselytizing is the same as Islamic, again are you playing ignorant or really are ignorant? Is many Muslim countries you cannot even own a Bible, you can't enter some airports with a Bible and if you get caught you face harsh penalties. Additionally, does the Bible advocate not taking non-Christians as friends, killing them where you find them, chopping their heads off? The answer is no it does not and where there is a New Testament and Reformation in Christianity there is only one Quran, continued Jihad, and latter verses in the Quran abrogate (or supersede) earlier less violent verses.

My sense is you know all this, you may even be Muslim, and part of your efforts to obfuscate the discussion is doing exactly what you do.

By the way, if/when you ever have any evidence whatsoever to suggest the vast majority of Muslims do not advocate jihad or sharia law - you will be the first person in the world to produce it as no one else has. In fact, poll after poll indicates just the opposite, that the vast majority of Muslims while they may not be killing, do advocate suicide bombings, death to Jews, elimination of Israel, and sharia law to rule the lands.

To anyone else reading this - do your own research, read the Quran, read books, follow CAIR closely, follow the ACLU closely, and the truth will set your conscience free. Don't be afraid to confront this threat that all of our children will be stuck living with and under.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

If you believe the various religious incarnations of Christianity to be benign you are either willfully ignorant of history (and our current actions) or busy swallowing the propaganda at unsafe levels.

The last time I checked, us Christians had killed somewhere in the hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of "those Islams" while they have managed to kill a few thousand of us. So who exactly do we need to be afraid of?

Here is a thought, we actually act like Christians and quit killing and torturing hundred of thousands of people because of our greed, and then come together as a people under all banners of faith. You know, we show that pesky thing from the Bible called "love and tolerance" of our fellow human beings.

I have been to war twice, and my family has a history in the military that stretches before the Revolutionary War. We are still serving, and quite frankly I find your calls to Christian Jihad tiresome.

The right wing nut jobs only have hate and fear to guide them, and quite frankly I'm tired of shedding my family's blood for your cowardice and ignorance. Show some backbone and go talk to these people. Make it your job to counter their efforts by walking into their community and facing your fears with Jesus like Love.

Let's see how that works for once.

Rick Beagle

Anonymous said...

Relevant link:

Military Accused of Handing out BiblesAgain, I reiterate that our actions are far more nefarious than those listed here by so called "radicals".

Rick Beagle

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