Monday, April 20, 2009

Bad Moon Rising: News Schemedia

I see a Bad Moon rising over America! I am not sure where I was that I did not see what happened to commentator John Zieglar when he was handcuffed by security at the USC Annenburg School of Journalism until I saw it on an internet video today. Oh my goodness America! Bill of Rights: First Amendment! Establishment Clause, Free Exercise Clause; Freedom of speech, OF THE PRESS, Freedom of Religion and OF ASSEMBLY; right to petition.

Oh, I know where I was, exercising my "freedom of assembly" with tens of thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands) of other peaceful Americans of all color and party affiliation or lack thereof on 4-15-2009. The "news" media, if you want to call it that all but completely dismissed fellow Americans coming together to say we want fiscal responibility from our Federal Government. How does media call itself responsible when it is prone to dismiss fellow Americans like that? Even worse, our President barely gave the event notice and "we the people" are his boss according to the Constitution. He should be listening with all ears. This should have been an avenue for conversation between the President, congress and fellow Americans. But no one person of "importance" was listening and our rights continue to be treated as so much folly.

But let's get back to poor John Zieglar, a legitimate documentary filmmmaker who was standing on public property at Annenburg School of Journalism. (that's right...journalism) He was asking questions, oh the horror of true investigative reporting, of why people wanted to attend this event that honored Katie Couric for her "biased" reporting of Sarah Palin. He was on public property, did I mention that? He was intending to hand out free documentaries as well of his film about the unfairness of the mainstream media when....drum roll please....he was accosted by security and handcuffed for reporting a media event. (??!!) Please refer back to the First Amendment. Mr Zieglar was not haranguing anyone nor was he even protesting or causing a scene. He was reporting and asking questions.

So let's recap very briefly but very importantly two events on 4-15-2009 that were either dismissed of punished by the mainstream media. (By the way, please hold all comments until you have seen the video of John Zieglar being handcuffed by security)

The first event: National Tea Party attend by American Taxpaying Citizens all over the nation in a peaceful protest.
The second event: Filmmaker, who was not breaking any laws, but covering an event as a reporter is apt to do, and handcuffed with the threat of arrest because he was what? Asking QUESTIONS of people as they walked by.

I am with fellow writer, Natalie; call me whatever you want, a right wing nut or zealot or something equally uncreative. Profanity is not necessary. I will only say, "thank you" because it won't sway me from the First Amendment or my standing beside a reporter who is actually trying to find out information and not push an agenda.


Anonymous said...

Could we get a link to the dang video, or could you perchance embed it into the article?

If you are having troubles doing that, may I suggest that you use Windows Live Writer? It is free and it makes embedding video very painless.

Rick Beagle

Natalie said...

The link to the video is here:

Joy, thanks so much for writing about this. Most Americans have absolutely no idea that it happened, and those who heard about it likely were misinformed. Might I suggest that those who are wondering what all the hubub is about actually view Ziegler's documentary, "Media Malpractice" as well.

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