Friday, April 17, 2009

From IGen to the G.I. Gen---Turning into the WWII Generation


There's only one way to win the fight for marriage and families.

--Beetle Blogger

They're calling this IGen, the internet generation. We've got access to communication and tools we never had before. We've got toys and distractions to abstract and endlessly entertain....we've got everything but what we need---good wholesome moorings of morality and self discipline.

Marriage and families are under attack in our country, these last few months we've watched as Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California.... have all come under fire in the same sex marriage onslaught. Other states and battles are coming into focus as well, New York, New Jersey, Washington, and more.

With same-sex marriage comes a loss of freedom. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, parental rights....all these have taken hits where same-sex marriage has become the law because in order to be accepted, same-sex marriage activists have argued, and in some places won, the idea that homosexuality is not a lifestyle, but a protected class. As a protected class, their freedoms rank higher than others, including those who disagree with the idea that homosexuality is healthy and good.

These arguments have implications in law, in schools, in businesses, religion, and freedoms at every level. Again and again we see the pattern emerge that those who disagree with homosexuality as the norm are demonized as homophobes or bigots. The special rights of a few trump the constitutional rights of us all.

We have seen what same-sex marriage has done to freedom in Canada where religious programming has been banned in at least one case for preaching against homosexuality and which is classified as hate speech. We've seen it in the U.K., where religion stops at the chapel door and we've seen it here in the U.S. as school children are being taught that homosexuality is normal and right, that experimentation is acceptable and gender is a matter of opinion.

We have seen our courts overstepping their constitutional bounds to create new law based on untested and unproven societal theories, setting aside common sense and rejecting the time honored institution of marriage.

We have seen our lawmakers coming out in many states, skirting the will of the people as they impose same-sex marriage laws on a reluctant populace. Why? Because they think there will be no backlash from the "silent majority".

We have heard our President, publicly standing against the national Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), against conscience laws that allow us the opportunity to keep our actions in the workplace consistent with our religious beliefs. We've heard his views on abortion, and seen the overarching legislation (FOCA) he intends to enact that will repeal limitations on abortion in every state.

We've seen these anti-life, anti-family policies coming at us from the very highest office of our land, from all three branches of our government.

The picture is clear. We're in a war for the heart of this country. We've got to move on from the pleasant distractions of IGen to the concentrated focus of the G.I. Gen.

That generation was the last major generation that fought the fight for families and freedom. All the generations in between have been adrift in baubles and amusement. The great war generation mobilized and fought, they survived the depression, they banded together no matter what came against them....they focused their energy on the task of doing whatever needed to be done---And they got it done.

If we're going to win this current onslaught and turn back the looming tide, we need to take a few pointers from the G.I. Generation. We've got to be constantly alert and aware of what's going on, because there are bigger things at stake here. We can't afford to be apathetic or laissez-faire about our situation. Abortion, same-sex marriage, crippling debt...??? We're losing our nation, our families and our freedom to those with broken morals and backwards ideals.

We have got to be consistently more dedicated to these issues than the most virulent opposition, or we will lose on every front to the slow and steady creep of this societal decline.

This is one of the comments I got today:

Can you tell me which family organizations/websites you think are most important to watch? I am always up to call, write, donate if I can, but most often I get emails last minute saying, ‘The vote is today!’ or ‘tomorrow!’ call your legislators! And they are always big issues to take away the rights of families and freedoms that true Americans hold dear. And sometimes I drop everything and do it, but sometimes I feel so frustrated because I can’t and there is never any time!

It’s like a well coordinated rush to push things through before America wakes up. Every time I look at my inbox there’s a something to stress about....I’m having a hard time while raising my kids, being aware of every courtroom fight, every legislative session, in every state, for our nation, and the UN as well!!!! I’ve accepted the fact that the elite in power are trying to take away our rights and the rights of the family and far over reaching the bounds of the constitution, and I can’t just sit back and expect them to do the right thing anymore. I have to fight! --Karisa

Karisa, I love you! I wish we had a hundred thousand more just like you. This is the attitude we need to have. It's the can-do attitude of the G.I. Generation. Honestly look around at what we're up against and ask yourself, if I don't do it who will??

I don't know if you're on twitter, but I get most of my information on the marriage fights on twitter from UFI, DNA_Army and Nomtweets. They try to send out a steady stream of updates on what's going on with marriage, they also cover other family issues. If you follow DNA_Army, they retweet all the relevant stuff for marriage, family, life and freedom that comes to them from other groups.

If you're not on twitter, you can sign up for NOM, UFI and DNA emails. I am also signed up for updates as well as my local source of information for my state.

For the most part, these fights are on an extremely short time frame by design. The dirty little secret is that the legislators pushing anti family measures do not want our input. They don't want us making a stink or rocking the boat, they have things on their agenda they want passed and if they're in power, they can make it happen quickly and there's nothing we can do about it but take it as it comes, always on the ready.

Family comes first, and if that's really true then this is part of the new landscape we have to live in if we want to fight for families. This is guerrilla combat against the powers that be. Somehow we've gotten into a place in this country where the government is working against the people. They don't listen, they don't hear, they don't stand for their constituents, and they don't think they'll be held accountable for it.

Will they be tossed in four years? They don't think so. That's what we've got to change. Turn up the heat! Bring on the pressure! Shine a light on what they're doing and pray we never go back to the distracted nonchalance that got us where we are.

It takes time to be involved. I've got a family too, but if families don't fight who will? Several times this last month I've dropped everything to write or call or do what needed to be done. That's a part of my new reality.

I've even got a new section in my household budget for donating to pro family organizations. What are they going to do? Throw rocks? We can't have our guys out there running in the red, they need tools to fight with, and that costs money. If families don't fund them who will?

We can't afford to be content with being the wii generation, we've got to become the WE generation. It's just got to be done, and WE can do it!

It's like washing the dishes or making the dinner. Put on the helmet, tighten your belt, change your expectations and incorporate this war into your lifestyle. It's not going away anytime soon, but it's a battle certainly worth fighting---and it can be won.


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