Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Conservative Respect

The presentiment that this country was facing a "crisis", in values and principles, in my opinion, began with the election of 2008. Never before had there been a candidate with such a shallow, questionable and untested background and yet, Americans, as a free people, were subjuected to labels if they dared to delve into the candidates backgorund. Indeed, the opposing candidate was subject to ridicule even though he had served America heroically and honorably. The fall from our values and principles began with the failure of the citizens to delve into the aforementioned background anyway. Now, we are at the risk of "change" like America has never seen...."change" that could strip away our very right to the pursuit of happiness.
It is time that, this author included, we refamiliarize ourselves with the American Constituiton, for it is on the chopping block.
Knowledge, they say, is power and it would be highly feasible for us Americans to get to know our founding father intent so we may, in the future, realize whether our candidates stand by the constitution of seek to "change" it.
Now, I am hoping that this candidate, who is now our President, will learn to respect our constitution and stop seeking to redefine it, as this is what seems to be happening. That is why it is so imperative, that we, the people, hold him to that respect.


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