Thursday, April 16, 2009

They Wouldn’t Write Anything about Al-Qaeda Like This…

by Ellen

I wouldn't worry patriots, these outrageous accusations from Obama and his pals from Homeland Security aren't anything new. Liberals have been craftily waging a war of language and labeling for years.

Remember back to 1995, when Timothy McVeigh went nuts and bombed a federal building in Oklahoma City. It was shortly after this tragedy that Bill Clinton snatched the opportunity to blame conservatives and conservative radio for McVeigh's heinous act of terrorism.

President Clinton referred to conservative radio hosts as "loud and angry voices" who were "spreading hate and leaving the impression by their very words that violence is acceptable." In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Clinton urged radio talk show hosts and their conservative callers to stop "fostering hate and division and encouraging violence." I think Rush Limbaugh was probably offended for being blamed for the deaths of nearly 170 lives by the president of the United States.

So do you think Slick Willy honestly thought that conservatives were to blame for the bombing? Or was he taking this opportunity to play the blame game in an attempt to restrict the rights of the Americans that were still in favor of a free America…not an enslaved America that Bill Clinton and Friends envisioned?

It was soon after the bombing that President Clinton urged for the quick passage of new anti-terrorism legislation. His original plan would allow the President to declare a group "terrorist" without the likelihood of judicial review. (Doesn't sound like a balance of power to me.)

In more recent news, take a look at the comments of Obama's BFF, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. The governor cites the shooting of three police officers in Pittsburgh, PA as a motivator for legislators to take fast action to promote stricter gun laws.

In fact, I don't know if anyone noticed the reference in the Homeland Security memo yesterday to the tragic events in Pittsburgh, but liberals are using the actions of a deranged wacko with an AK-47 to label all conservative gun owners as potential terrorist threats. How clever. I guess the daily shootings and stabbings on the inner streets of Philadelphia by African American gang bangers don't make the A-list of terrorist threats to America. Or at least DHS is too afraid to stereotype and target anyone but conservatives.

This is what liberals do. They blame the warm weather or some wacko with a gun for something, and then use fear and panic to slowly remove our individual liberties.

As offensive as it is for conservatives to be labeled as a larger threat to America than Al-Qaeda, Kim Jong II, or the countries of China, Iran, or Venezuela... we can't expect anything less from the dangerous left and Obama's team led by Janet Napolitano, who would rather wage a war against veterans and constitution loving citizens than the real enemies.


Anonymous said...

McVeigh was a right winged racist nut job ex-military who decided to blow up Omaha. There is absolutely nothing made up about that....

As to your claim of "patriots" please insert the words "domestic terrorist wannabes". If you are pushing for violence, secession or harm to other human beings through your hateful message then you are a terrorist, not a patriot.

We need to pull together with ideas, not hateful ideology.

Rick Beagle

Anonymous said...

Of course, you could actually listen to some people on Fox who actually have a clue about this....

Sigh, and they wonder why we refer to you folks as wing nuts?

Ellen Janoski said...


For someone who claims to know something about Timothy McVeigh, you should probably know that he never blew up "Omaha". Omaha is in Nebraska.

With your logic, using one man's actions of terrorism to determine that ALL veterans and conservative Americans are "domestic terrorist wannabes", I guess I could infer that ALL liberals like yourself are terrorists too, just like William Ayers.


Anonymous said...

Yikes.... Where did I pull Omaha from?

Scratch that and insert Oklahoma City, sorry for the egregious error.

As for all veterans (which I am one), and conservative Americans being "domestic terrorists", I don't know where you derived that little fantasy but it wasn't from me.

One would ask, how could you find my Omaha error, but fail to comprehend the words. If you think every veteran and conservative wishes harm on another human being you have lost your bloody mind. But those that do, are without a doubt domestic terrorists and should be branded as such.

These people are not noble, they aren't patriotic, but they are attention seeking sociopathic traitors.

And finally, if you actually read something you might have realized that DHS also submitted a report (in January) on Left Wing Terrorists.

Get a grip.

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