Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bad Things Happen to Obama While On Vacation

Poor Barack Obama. He tries to take a week's vacation and all hell breaks loose with his campaign. Let's review just a few of the bad things that happened to his campaign while on vacation.

  1. Russia invades Georgia: Obama first makes a pitiful, standard statement about the incident before making two additional statements. All while running on the beaches in Hawaii. Meanwhile, Senator McCain is out front and center on the issue and making Presidential-like statements on a daily basis. Senator McCain has traveled to Georgia and already met with Georgia's President in the past. Senator McCain has also stated in the past his distrust for Putin and speaks from his experience. How many of Obama's 300 foreign policy advisers did it take to come up with his statements?

  2. Breaking News: Obama's campaign is requiring those wanting tickets to his acceptance speech to volunteer in order to receive their tickets. Oh, but volunteering doesn't guarantee you a ticket. Staff were sent out for damage control immediately, but even some Democrats were angered.

  3. Nancy Pelosi opens her mouth: Every time Nancy Pelosi opened her mouth while Barack Obama was on vacation, she hurts him a little more. First, she wanted to save the planet. Then she softened, yah right, her position on drilling. Finally, you can add blackmail to the list. She actually threatened Senator Leiberman that she would take away his committee seats if he doesn't back off of Obama. Too bad he is in the Senate and not in the House where Pelosi rules.

  4. Kwame Kilpatrick wants to come to the convention: The disgraced Detroit Mayor who is a superdelegate and supporter of Obama wants to attend the convention. I'm sure that the people in Michigan would love to be reminded of Kilpatrick's support for Obama. The press would love to get a picture of Kilpatrick's ankle bracelet while attending the convention. He's currently only ahead by 3 points in this blue state that could turn red this year.

  5. Jerome Corsi's anti-Obama book hits number one on NY Times Best Seller List: The swift-boat author writes a seething tell-all book about Obama. The book, Obama Nation, immediately climbs to number one. Senator Obama sends out John Kerry to defame Corsi. want John Kerry, a Presidential loser, to defend you?

  6. And finally...........drum roll please....Hillary Clinton takes over the Democratic Convention. I don't care how many times you try to convince me that Senator Obama believe this will unify the party, THIS IS BAD. The Clintons will now have three days of the convention centered around them. It is not a good thing, no matter how much the Obama camp tells you it is.

Senator Obama only has one more day of vacation. I wonder what else could possibly go wrong. I'll update tomorrow, Friday, if there is any other BIG news!!!

Friday's Update: Did I mention that while Obama was on vacation, he tanked in the polls? Kwame now also has to stand trial for assault? Howard Dean called the Republican party the "white" party? The Republicans have a picture of him swimming in Hawaii reminiscent of Kerry's 2004 sailboat picture?

And we still have the Democratic Convention to couldn't get better than this.........or could it?


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Did Obama--actually, Indonesian-citizenship-holding and once-Muslim-still-Muslim? Barry Soetoro--really plan this vacation?

Or did his deep-pocket and Marxist supporters order him out of the spotlight, given how he was tanking after his world tour, and how he just kept making gaffe after ignorant gaffe?

Regardless, and I do think this is what's happened, he can run but he cannot hide from the inescapable reality that he is an empty suit, inexperienced and ignorant of the things that matter--and that he's surrounded by a crack team of advisers who also appear clueless.

Anonymous said...

Good post. first time reader.

Obama took the vacation for one reason alone, and that was to get that dang birth certificate from Hawaii (even if it's a newly fabricated one).


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