Monday, August 18, 2008

John McCain Should Thank Barack Obama

John McCain should take a moment to thank Barack Obama. For what you may ask? Barack Obama did the one thing that John McCain has been unable to do in the last few months.


Many of us, including myself, have been uninspired by the candidate, John McCain. Although we respected the man, the candidate has left something to be desired. But after my own blog yesterday and reading so many other blogs and even the MSM today, it is clear that there is a new found excitement about our candidate.

In the last few months, so many of us were voting against Barack Obama more than we were going to vote for John McCain. However, that changes as of today. With Barack Obama's performance on Saturday, it is not only apparent that John McCain can win, but that he will win.

It is obvious that Obama's stance on abortion should make every christian cringe. However, that is not the only thing that will energize the base. The way that Barack Obama dodged and weaved anwering many questions left something to be desired.

His stance on Supreme Court justices was comical. He almost called Clarence Thomas not experienced enough. He would have given the Republicans the best sound-byte ever. Had he actually used the word experience, he would have guaranteed his defeat. The comparisons of experience level between Obama and Thomas would have made for great foder.

The fact that Obama's surrogates were immediately out accusing both McCain and Rick Warren of cheating should prove that his camp is worried about his lack-luster performance. For them to be such bad sports about the whole thing, just motivates us even more.

You have to give credit where credit is due. John McCain did a great job, but Obama made him look decisive and commanding. He made John McCain look, the next President of the United States.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

You may be right, about McCain thanking Obama.

But let's not forget thanks to SoetorObama's handlers, script writers and ace advisory team.

Nor should we omit his minions and devotees who spew his lies and hatred throughout the blogosphere and, through their vileness, launch cyberattacks to prevent freedom of speech when said speech is unfavorable to their secular god.

Nor should we forget SoetorObama's shills and shillettes in the wrongly named and so-called "news" media for reporting essentially every syllable he's uttered and every cubic centimeter of flatulence he's expelled.

Those shills and shillettes, in their ethical and professional paralysis, have done more to expose SoetorObama than he and/or his campaign could have ever done.

What's delightful is that none of them have the apparent intellect--or is it commone sense?--to understand the Law of Unintended Consequences.

But they will, in either Denver or on Election Day, when their prince meets his well-deserved defeat.

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