Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Barack Obama & Nancy Pelosi Are One In The Same

Democrats just can't make up their mind where they stand on the issue of drilling. Are they for it? Are they against it?  Are they for it because they know they can block it?  Why not just allow a vote already?

First it came out last week that Nancy Pelosi told House Democrats that they could abandon party lines and come out for drilling.  She told them that it was OK if they needed to say they were for it in order to win their seats.  That woman must have some real power because Democrats were jumping out of line right and left.

Barack Obama leaving for vacation stated that he was now open to drilling if it was part of a larger compromised bill.  Even my own representative, Jason Altimire, was released from his puppet strings and immediately changed his position on drilling.

Last night on Larry King, Nancy Pelosi herself stated that she would be open to drilling if it was included in a comprehensive energy package.  Has hell frozen over? Not quite.  Read between the lines.

Nothing has changed.  Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and even Jason Altmire still don't want to help everyday Americans during the energy crisis.  In their compromise, they conveniently have thrown in the "Windfall Tax" on those big, scary oil companies.

By including this tax on oil companies, they are pretty much ensuring that Republicans will vote against the bill.  If Republicans, god help us, do compromise and vote for the bill, the included tax will ensure that oil companies don't jump into any additional oil drilling and will in fact most likely cut back on production.

So again, Americans lose.  Nancy Pelosi will continue on her book tour, Barack Obama will run on the beaches of Hawaii and we will continue to pay Russia, Venezuela, and our enemies for oil.

Has your representative changed positions in the last two weeks?  If you don't know.......it's time to get smart.


Dave F said...

This boat is rocking so much from trying to keep everyone happy, and not committing to anything that I am getting SEASICK! Dems introduce a Bill as you state, the Republicans drop it like the hot potato it is, and the Dem's point their fingers while chanting their favorite mantra..."We tried but the Republicans won't work with us! It's their fault." Welcome to Both Ways Barack's Change for America. I shudder at the thought of him attempting to make a real decision that forces him to take an unpopular stance.

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