Saturday, August 30, 2008

Crowd Shouts, "SARAH, SARAH".....Did I Mention I Got To Meet Her Too!

Today I attended a rally for John McCain and Sarah Palin in Washington, PA.  If this crowd and the size of it are any indication of the energy she has brought to this campaign, then it will be a win in November for them.

I was standing in front of the stage on a local minor league field.  It was a sold out crowd.  Local campaign managers said that they had run out of tickets after Palin was announced yesterday.  People didn't care if they had a ticket or not.....they just showed up.  The local officials estimated that the crowd was well over 10,000.

As Sarah Palin took to the stage, the crowd began to shout "Sarah, Sarah". They chanted her name even through Tom Ridge introducing them.  At the end of the rally, I was lucky enough to get to shake hands and meet someone who I have been talking about for the last few months, yes, Sarah Palin herself. I thought I would share some pictures of the event:


Meeting Sarah Palin

Her husband, Todd, and her little girl were with her also.  Thanks for sharing in my moment.  I will be back to blogging tomorrow.


Americaneocon said...

I am thrilled with the Palin pick!

No Sheeples Here! said...

Smart Girl,

I'm supremely jealous. I hope you got to hug her and tell her for the rest of us that we are standing guard over liberty until she and John win the general election on Nov. 4th.

Thanks for sharing the great pics. I'm very glad you got to see her.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this post. Palin has reinvigorated this recent ex -Democrats hope for the country.

Julie/TKD Momma said...

That was so awesome. I'm hoping for the same experience next week. She will be here in Adam Brickley's hometown of Colorado Springs and I'm going to get tickets. Sure wish Adam could be here to meet her. Once again, I'm happy for you and save those saw history today.

David Schmidt said...

Palin makes me smile...I feel like real, normal Americans might actually have a leader that understand one of us!

Anonymous said...

After talking to you yesterday I just had to check out your blog Smart Girl! So happy you had such a great time - did you call Sarah? And by Sarah I mean your Democrat friend in Florida?

Much Love from The Swing State of Ohio

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures!! Looking forward to seeing what Palin can do to show that many dems are underestimating her!

Paul said...

Congratulations for meeting her!!

frieda said...

what a lucky person you are. I am so thrilled with this pick that I am beyond myself. I can not stop talking about her. Here is blog that I put together dedicated to Gov. Sarah

No Puma said...
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Stacy said...

I do not belong to PUMA PAC. I am not a Democrat and haven't been for a long time. Take issue with them to them.

Sheri said...

Just found your blog. Love it!!
I am so jealous that you got to meet her!!
I have told my husband that if they ever come here I will go and see McCain/Palin. Of course, why would they EVER come TO Troy Alabama. I think that I saw McCain driving through Troy. You have got to see my Blog...I have a picture of a McCain bus driving on HWY 231 between Montgomery and maybe I at least saw McCain! :)
John McCain's Bus

Stacy said...

Thanks everyone for great comments. Sheri-I have seen you many times on Adam's blog. Welcome. I love your sight.

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