Friday, August 29, 2008

Don't Be Too Quick To Dismiss Palin......She is More Than A Woman!

For those of you who haven't been part of the Palin for VP movement for the last several months, welcome to the game.

Like most people today, I had never heard of Sarah Palin until about six months ago. I stumbled onto the now hit website, After reading Adam Brinkley's blog, I did some more research of my own. She is impressive. She got me excited about politics and was the reason I started my own blog.

A few days ago, I posted a blog, "Why Is Obama So Afraid of Women?". From the reaction today, my blog post was dead on. The first reaction of not only the Obama campaign, but every single Democrat that could get media attention, was atrocious. Obama's spokesman, Bill Burton, had the following to say before she even made an appearance on the stage, "Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the Presidency."

Really sir, you want to talk about experience? Sarah Palin has taken on tougher challengers than Barack Obama and Joe Biden combined. Look on for her debates during her Gubernatorial campaign. She is tough as nails and put those boys in their place more than a few times. She took on corruption in Alaska in her own party and believe me they have come after her for it. While Senator Obama has been out on the campaign trail for the last 18 months talking the talk, she has been in Alaska walking the walk.

Sarah Palin has passed more important bills in the last month than Senator Obama has in his entire life. She went to Iraq to visit our troops before Senator Obama did and she didn't take a media crew with her. She doesn't take positions or make a stand based on anything other than her ideals and morals.

Before you write her off as an inexperienced woman as the Obama campaign would want you to believe, do a little research, watch the debate with Joe Biden, and most of all, keep an open mind. You will be impressed. I didn't stay up most of the night last night following flights from Alaska over at Adam's website for nothing.

Senator Obama: Sarah Palin is more than a woman..................and by the have every reason to be afraid!!!!!!!!

I will have pictures and a blog posted tomorrow night from the campaign rally in Washington, PA . Be sure to check back.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Besides the Demockacrats, liberals, leftists and their shills in the OMSM, who's dismissing Gov. Sarah Palin?

I can't find conservatives or Republicans doing that.

And even if they are, let'em.

Gov. Palin's got the steel in her spine to dismiss them and drive on the right target.

DaveF said...

The reason the Dems are pissed is that had their candidate chosen Hillary they wouldn't be in this position. Here is my theory on why BO did not choose her. Muslims generally consider women second class citizens. No matter how much he denies it, it's in his psyche. Therefore, he would rather choose a man and lose, than to admit he could win with a woman.
This is my opinion, but look how he acts when they talk. Is he listening or detached.

Mike said...

Here are a few comments from conservatives thanks to a comment on 2 Politcal Junkies.

You may feel comfortable risking our country on her, but I am not. You don't like Barack Obama, but at least he was smart enough to have an experienced Joe Biden backing him up. God help us if something happens to John McCain.

She might be tough in the minor leagues of Alaskan politics, but this is way over her head. Keep in mind that Alaska has half the population of Allegheny County.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

davef - are you seriously still talking about obama being muslim? this is incredible! i agree with anon who said her confidence is NOT with palin, regardless of palin's gender - and i think any decent american (politician or not) would leave gender out of it. mccain's decision to use palin is frightening because of just that: he may be 'using' her gender to try and fill a gap he feels in his campaign.

Anonymous said...

"God help us if something happens to John McCain"??? Thank God John McCain selected Sarah Palin is more appropriate. Obama is a puppet, a puppet of the Democratic party who cannot speak with intelligence without the support of a tele-prompter. He does not write his own speeches, he just delivers them. John McCain is no puppet and Sarah Palin is not as well.

Leadership is not about following a party line, hype, or how many people live in a state. it involves conviction, courage, passion and selecting people stronger than you in key positions. Obama selecting Joe Biden is safe, John McCain selecting Sarah Palin is smart.

While Sarah Palin may be one-heart beat away from the Presidency, that is further away than what may happen if Obama is selected. I rather Sarah Palin be one heart-beat away than having Obama leading this country.

John McCain is not "using" Sarah Palin. That can be an argument for any politician, including Obama. Obama is not using Joe Biden? Please, Obama believes the selection of Biden will strengthen his foreign policy position and win over the white male population, where he trails consistently to McCain.

Sarah Palin has not publicly criticized her running mate, Sarah Palin has not ran for the Presidency on numerous occasions and lost, where Biden has. Who is running on the platform of change? Biden is definitely a change.....interesting.

In reading blogs today, it is great to see all the anti-McCain postings on the sites. It proves the Obama following is nervous, they should be. Obama's 15 minutes of fame will be soon be over.

Mike said...


Why did you delete that person's question about links?

Unfortunately, you have to use HTML. <a href="URL">Label</a\>.

URL is the link and Label is what you see on the webpage.

By the way, what bothers me most about her selection is that it doesn't seem like McCain spent much time getting to know her. I know you have been following her for quite a while, but it still appears to be a political gimmick to me.


Stacy said...

Mike, I deleted someone who was bashing Palin calling her names. If you want to have a respectable debate, I'll have it, but don't be disrespectful. I haven't deleted everything anti-Palin.

With that said, there are many of us who have followed her for a while, including McCain. She lives in Alaska, it's not like she is in Washington everyday to have a conversation.

Anonymous said...

After recently researching the leadership philosophies of men and women, and the pros/cons of each, I feel that McCain was right on in picking Palin as VP. Not only does she have an excellent track record of walking the walk and staying true to her morals, but she also has certain leadership abilities as a woman that qualify her as an excellent VP canidate. Before you write me off as a crazy feminist, let me explain myself. I recently studied a reading by Sally Helgesen called "The Female Advantage". Helgesen does a really good job of contrasting male and female leadership philosophies and the pros and cons of both. Women as leaders generally tend to view their leadership system as a circular system, rather than the typical bottom-to-top hierarchy that males prefer. This orbital system is represented as a spider web, with the leader in the middle of things, rather than on top. Each orbit that surrounds the central "leader circle" represents another leader or leadership team , with each orbit reporting to another. In the typical hierarchy, the goal is to make it to the top where you are superior and others cannot get close. Communication is filtered as it is passed on towards the top and random communication, such as bypassing levels, is discouraged. In the web system that women tend to use, the goal is to get to the center of things, and direct communication between all orbits is encouraged. With the leader being in the middle of things rather than on top, there is a greater sense of connection and concern for the whole group. In the 21st century, where networking had become such a huge part of many peoples everyday lives, I believe that having a woman's leadership talents in the White House, especially when it comes to communication, could be extremely beneficial to our nation.

tigrefan98 said...

Sarah Palin has relevant experience and a consistent record of ACTION. Name 3 *actions* Obama took that made a difference for average Americans?!?

There is an excellent comparison of Obama and Palin (who is of course running for VICE President) at:

DaveF said...

Let me clarify my Obama muslim comment. IMO...Whether Obama is or is not a muslim is not the issue. My comment was in regard to the fact that he was exposed to muslim teachings as a child for around 5 years. So in his subconscious those ideas can influence his actions as an adult whether consciously or subconsciously. If what I say isn't true, why then would the extremist in the middle east or Africa recruit young children for terrorism. They are the easiest to influence.

ThinkBeforeYouWrite said...

Representatives of the McCain camp stated that with Palin on the ticket, the 18 million women voters that Hillary garnered will still have the chance to cast a historic vote for a woman running for VP.

Seems that the Republicans think women are so stupid, they'll vote for any women regardless of where she's on the ticket, and where from.

I don't think the inexperience of Sarah Palin is the issue--its her right extremist stand on anti-choice, her lawsuit against polar bears (because their existence was obstructing the development of her oil drilling) and her repeated, repeated arguments for bigger oil and gas business in America.

Just what we need... another oil man(woman) in Congress.

Rick Hilton said...

If you listen to Karl Rove they are counting on just a few of Hillary's supporters and a revitalization of both the Evangelicals and Republican women.

Your point is right on the mark, but so are his. This selection, while deplorable to me, was a brilliant tactic.

The comments about Obama being muslim or having muslim thinking bouncing around in the back of his brain, would you please just stop? This type of fear and hate mongering is just tasteless.

Let me put it this way to you, John McCain was a POW for I believe seven years (sorry, if that number is wrong). During that time he was tortured, and mistreated in the extreme. As result of this treatment he made some rather terrible comments about the United States. Do we condemn him for this, or perhaps question his patriotism? NO! We do not. He is a man and we judge him by the choices he made when he is allowed to make those choices.

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