Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Clintons Are Voting For........?

On November 4, 2008, millions of voters will go to their local voting precinct and pull the lever for the candidate of their choice. Regardless of what you may or may not say in public, when you are in the privacy of that voting booth, you are the only one who really knows who you voted for.

With that said, who do you think that Bill and Hillary Clinton will pull the lever for? I know what they both say publicly. They have to say what they do publicly or it would undoubtedly be the end of their political careers. But in the privacy of their individual voting booths, which lever do they pull?

Just pretend you are Hillary Clinton for a minute. Your husband has been called a racist and you have been disrespected over and over again. Just look at what has happened since she gave up her race for President.

Barack Obama's camp has refused to help her pay off her debt. They will not release their fundraising list to her campaign. They stated publicly that she would be on any one's short list, but yet they did not vet her. Barack Obama did not call her personally to tell her of his decision for VP. And with one last slap in the face, he announces his pick at 3 am. I'm not sure his campaign could have gone further out of it's way to alienate her supporters.

Even Republicans have more respect for Hillary than Barack Obama and the Democratic Leadership have had for her. Republicans are grateful today that he did not pick Hillary because we know she would have been a formidable candidate. Now you know that for Republicans, of all people, to have sympathy for Hillary Clinton that she must have been robbed.

My point is, that after all of this bad blood and disrespect, how could you blame either Bill or Hillary Clinton if they pulled the lever for someone other than Barack Obama? the privacy of the voting booth, you never know who one will vote for..................or who their disrespected supporters will vote for?

Upcoming....did you know that Hillary Clinton is not the only female politician that the Obama campaign has gone after? Stay tuned for more details........


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