Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Tows The Line.............Barely!

I watched the video of Hillary Clinton tonight and as a woman I must say it was extremely impressive. Although I disagree with her politics, it made me proud as a woman to see her journey. Her speech was very well written, very well delivered, and very well received, but it lacked something.

I listened carefully. To be honest, the only endorsement I heard from Hillary was vote for Barack Obama because he is a Democrat. She technically did the job that she was sent to do, but she didn't address the concerns that she herself brought up about Obama.

She didn't once address his experience. She didn't address what he will do for our country. She said nothing that would relieve her supporters fears about Barack Obama's past, his radical associations, or why he is ready to lead our country.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't blame Hillary. She didn't want to lie. She didn't want to be seen as the reason why Obama will lose. If he doesn't get a bounce in the polls after the convention, I can tell you now, his minions will blame her and her supporters for it.

Another thing that I noticed, and I am sure that a lot of other women out there noticed, was the look on Michelle Obama's face throughout the entire speech. The only two times that she smiled were when her own name was mentioned and when the speech was over. Out of curiosity, I looked at a few of the PUMA sights and it was not an observation that I was making alone.

I believe that Senator Clinton said it best during the primary:

"I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience he will bring to the White House. And Senator Obama has a speech that he gave in 2002."

Congratulations Senator Clinton on your historic run for the Presidency. You have cracked the glass ceiling and if we're lucky John McCain's VP will finish the job for you.


Rick Hilton said...

One of the things missing from almost every Republican blog that I visit is information on the substance of the Republican platform. There are plenty of observations (some true, some not) about the person (Obama is inexperienced, McCain is great), but very little on the actually Republican platform.
In contrast, the Democrats blogs talk about the issues and only make personal comments as they relate to that particular issue (i.e. McCain is so rich he can't fully understand the economy).

I have no real point, it just seemed to be an interesting contrast.

On point, I, too, am very proud of both the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. All politicking aside, the Democrats put together a fine ceiling busting set of primaries for both women and people of color. Irregardless of anything else they do, this was a proud moment for all Americans.

Hillary, I am glad you got your moment under the lights, well done.

Stacy said...

Rick...thank you for your comment. I would say that we do try to talk issues. If you go back and look at some of my past posts, I discuss energy, abortion. Right now, however, we are following the DNC and to be honest, they really haven't mentioned many issues. I welcome your observations though....thank you.

Rick Hilton said...

Not a problem Stacy. Again, I did not mean to imply anything by the contrast and you are absolutely right to acknowledge that you have posted some issue related topics. But as a group, the Republican oriented blogs are focused primarily on his character.
Surprising to me, last night, there was a person from the National Review on Fox tying Obama to terrorist friends (or at least extremists). I thought of your website when I heard the sound bite, thought you would be interested. Amazingly, his comments almost mirrored the information here. Either you have a secret identity (nerdish looking staffer of the National Review) or you have a fan! I guess you could also be a prop staged to look like a successful conservative woman in an effort to get the message out to that demographic?
Sorry, my distrust of the political system crosses my brain too much these days. But if you don't mind, could I ask you a quick few questions?

Who are you? I mean, are you paid to put these items on your blogs by any group associated with either of our political groups? Or are you, as the website seems to portend, just a regular super woman sharing her ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Stacy said...

I am flattered that you think I am an operative. However, I am what I say. A stay at home mom of three beautiful children. This is simply a hobby and something I am trul passionate about.

Rick Hilton said...

Thank you for you quick response, and for not punching me in the nose for the insinuation. :-)

My name is Rick, and I have two wonderful children. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Full time mom, part-time nurse said...

I was energized by McCain's selection for VP. My family & I are from Pittsburgh & going to the McCain rally in Washington, PA tomorrow.

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