Thursday, August 21, 2008

How Many Radical Associations Do You Have?

I am so tired of being told that Barack Obama's association with left-wing radicals has nothing to do with this campaign. The character and judgement of the President of The United States absolutely is important to this campaign.

One of the first lessons that you are taught as a child is be careful who you hang out with and don't hang out with the wrong crowd. We are taught not to let the influence of our friends affect us. Don't give in to peer pressure. Why are we taught these things if it truly does not matter in life?

Let's take a look at the list of Barack Obama's friends:

1. Tony Rezko-Felon
2. William Ayers-Terrorist
3. Bernadine Dohrn-Terrorist
4. Reverend Wright-Radical
5. Reverend Pfleger-Radical
6. Rashid Khalidi-Supports attacks on Israel

I won't go into details on each of these characters. All you have to do is Google their names and you will find more than enough information on them. I don't even believe this is a complete list of his questionable relationships. "Guilt By Association" does and should matter.

How many average Americans can name one radical friend that they have been associated with? How many would be able to name six? I'm sure that people in Pittsburgh, Dayton, Grand Rapids, and Terre Haute have all kinds of radical people in their lives.

These are people who were friends or mentors of Barack Obama for years, some for over twenty years. Do you really think that they had no influence in his life at all?

Barack Obama-you can't pick your family, but you sure have chosen some interesting friends!!!!!


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Good point.

Per usual, the Demockacrats, liberals and leftists want the rest of us to suspend our common sense and intellect, to support their absurdist and irrational notion that if you lay down with dogs, you'll get up with no fleas.

Anonymous said...

you missed out the communist who shaped his views.

Kibby said...

Very few of us have so many radical associations - even one of these would probably be enough to keep a person from ever receiving a Secret Clearance from our Government.

We have a man running for President who would (in all probability) be denied a normal security clearance and would certainly be denied a Top Secret Security clearance.

How strange is that?

Anonymous said...

We need to address one more.

It turns out that Obama's childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist.

Ken in IL said...

You missed his half-brother 'Roy' Abongo Obama - Muslim terrorist and best man at BO's wedding

Rick Hilton said...

It would be interesting to look at undesirables in John McCain's life as a comparison. I suspect there are quite a few names that would cause more than a few people to squirm.
I am not saying this as an affront to these comments, but stating that this particular weakness could potentially cut both ways.

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