Saturday, August 2, 2008

Finally McCain Plays HardBall!!

Senator may have taken you longer than we would have liked, but welcome to the game.

It seemed for months that John McCain might suffer the same circumstances that Hilary Clinton faced in the primaries.  He was losing the battle of airtime, being accused of being racist, and left in the dust by a man who could raise more money than well, God.  But finally, could it be......a small crack in the magnificent one's armor.

With the addition of Steve Schmidt to the campaign, it appears that the tides could be turning.  It seems as though Senator McCain is finally showing some fight in him. Of course, we all know that this is not the route that Senator McCain would have chosen.  He would have preferred to lead a respectable and well-mannered campaign. 

He tried to take the high road and stick to the issues and the differences the two men had on them.  He invited Senator Obama to twelve town-hall meetings, but was denied.  He tried to go out and compliment Senator Obama and at times even defended his opponent for one thing or another.  But what did that get him? Nothing.  Senator Obama had three news anchors on his latest trip and Senator McCain had one news reporter meet his plane in New Hampshire.  You might not have even known he was running according to the media-bias in this country.

That was then.  Now comes his two most recent ads, "Celeb" and "The One". Yes, you could probably describe them as silly.  Personally, I think they are hysterical. But the point is, the conversation has changed.  Senator McCain is actually getting some press time.  People are actually discussing his candidacy. It might not be the most conventional way that he would have wanted to get his message out there, but it is working.

In all likelihood, the best person to defeat Senator Obama, may just be Senator Obama.  We may not know if it is the ads that have dropped Senator Obama's poll numbers or just great timing, but the fact is that they are lower and dropping every day.  The game is far from over, but at least it's in the same ball park, maybe even closing in on the same field.

"The One"



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