Saturday, August 9, 2008

America IS Olympic Gold!

Even if we never won a single medal at the Olympic games this year in Beijing, America would still be Olympic Gold.

I wasn't as excited this year to watch the Olympics as I have been in years past. However, having been sidelined this week by surgery, I am stuck on the couch with nothing else to do. My husband and I watched the Opening Ceremonies. It really is inspiring to see the best athletes we have to offer being cheered on by those around the world. After watching a few of today's competitions, something started to sink in.

Of the 632 athletes the US has competing, 35 of them are foreign-born athletes. Our entire table tennis team was born in China. I found that tidbit kind of funny. The flag carrier for the team, Lopez Lamong, was one of the Lost Boys born in Sudan. There is so much diversity on the American team, as opposed to say China's Olympic team. It is amazing to me how many people want to represent our country.

How many athletes this year representing other countries actually live and train in the US? Why do so many people chose to migrate to America? Why do so many Cubans risk their lives on a daily basis to try to reach America? How many South Americans sneak across our borders for a better life? So what does all of this have to do with my political blog?

A 7 year old girl asked Obama this week why he wanted to run for President of the United States. His answer:
"America is...,uh, is no longer, uh.. what it could be, what it once was. And I say to myself, I don't want that future for my children."
At what point in our history did it become politically advantageous to put down our country? This was, is, and always will be a great country. He may not want to explain that to his children, but my children will always hear what the United States stands for and how proud we should be of it. My children will know what opportunities lie before them and that the only thing that holds them back from their dreams is their own desire, drive, and determination.

As we watch the best the US has to offer the world in the arena of sports the next week or so, keep this in mind.......our athletes have trained for years to get where they are....they are what the US represents to the world....opportunity.

However, Senator Obama, you would not be qualified enough to make our team, let alone lead it.


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