Sunday, November 2, 2008

Killing The Coal Industry Will Lead To Energy Independence?? Update: Video Added

On September 23, 2008, I wrote this blog detailing how Joe Biden stated there will be no more coal plants built in the US.  He stated that China can keep the coal plants over there.  His comments were made in response to an environmentalist's question why an Obama/Biden administration would use coal. Video proof of his comments were included.

The very next day, I posted this blog entry detailing how the members of the Coal Industry could very well determine who wins this election.  I wrote the entry in response to Al Gore's call that same day for students to show civil disobedience when new coal plants were being built around the country.  This entry also included statements by Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, saying that she was against coal because she was trying to "Save the planet."  As well as comments by Senate Leader, Harry Reid, stating how "coal was making us all sick."

If at any point in this election, you had doubts about where the leaders of the Democrat party stood on the issue of coal, this should settle it for you.  Today, a recording of Presidential candidate Barack Obama has surfaced stating how he will "bankrupt" the coal industry.  I have included the recording for you to hear it for yourself.

The one state where I have the most readers is Pennsylvania.  Most likely because I am a resident here as well, but I hope it is because I also understand the people here.  The coal industry is critical to the tri-state area (OH, PA, WV).  It is critical to the Ohio Valley more than anything.  This area is a large Democrat party stronghold.  I hope that they look at which party will be serving their self-interest in the next four years and skip over the rhetoric of the last two.

H/T  If you live in the areas affected by the coal industry, email this video to them today.  Send this video to your local newspapers and TV stations.  It is crucial that we know exactly where Barack Obama and the leaders of the Democrat party want to lead us.

UPDATE:  High five to the McCain/Palin campaign for jumping on this tape.  I am in a suburb of Pittsburgh and just received a robocall stating that the future of the coal industry is in jeopardy.  It tells you to listen to Barack Obama himself and then plays the tape above.  

UPDATE2:  Video of the conversation added below.  Again, h/t to


Anonymous said...

Have voted for McCain aleady and his energy and economic policy are major reasons.I live near Chicago but I know Southern Illinois has abundant coal as a resource.
Energy and important chemicals can be derived fron coal and oil.
These liberals are going to strangle our economy.
Our resource extraction and use should be done in a clean manner, but hey we have smart environmental engineers/scientists.
If we do not get this energy policy right we'll end up like California some years ago with rolling brownouts, because they went too "green" too fast and did not have enough power plants to meet the demand !
Paul the chemist !

Read My Lipstick Network said...
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Anonymous said...

Coal research into the derivation of chemicals is also important to our economy.

PA Pundits International said...

I post to another PA blog site, and this is a frightening audio, which we are now being told by Obama's people was taken out of context, and it is something that should worry all PA voters.
Go and read just what it actually entails.


Clay Bowler said...

Isn't it pathetic that this finally got attention on the last day of the election. Pathetic. Who knows how much it would have helped. Some of these KOOL-AID drinkers don't care. They think January 20 is going to bring magic to the country and everything will be better. How people are this dumb when all the sign point trouble ahead if you elect Obama is beyond me. I guess I better get ready to be very cold over the next four years.

Coincidentally, I started reading Christopher C. Horner's The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism, and the first chapter reads like prophecy. Scary.

E.V. said...

Like Gov. Palin, I do not believe global warming is man-made. I’ve read many articles, pro and con, to support many different theories. As far as I am concerned, if global warming was not a natural progression of nature, we would still be in the ice age. I’ve read the theory of an asteroid being responsible for the destruction and extinction of life on Earth and the subsequent restoration; it is only the very ignorant, like Nancy Pelosi and friends, who believe they can save the planet from destiny.

Anonymous said...

I’m going to wake up tomorrow morning and vote; and then I’m going to take my shift at the polls and hope that everyone that passes me still has enough common sense left to vote for McCain/Palin. Our local news says it will be safe for us to wear our campaign generated shirts to the polls tomorrow. Most of us have not sported bumper stickers or campaign T-shirts that might single us out for intimidation. Voters in early voting lines here have been intimidated even though volunteers are supposed to stay 100 ft. from the election sites. We have been threatened with local violence should Obama not win the election. Some McCain voters will probably stay at home to avoid confrontation and some will get angry and head for the polls at first light.

If Obama wins this election, democracy as we have known it is surely dead and I doubt we will be in a position four years from now to resurrect it. During a clip this evening I again heard Obama say we needed a civil army as well as a military one and all I could think of was a quiet, systematic, well executed take-over of the U.S. First the takeover of the MSM and then the Senate, House and Presidency; please tell me that it’s all in my imagination and it isn’t even a remote possibility.

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