Monday, November 3, 2008

Stand Up and Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight....and Then Go Vote!

It is most likely a rare occurrence that anyone visiting this blog is an undecided voter. Most people who visit sites such as this are solidly in their camps. This final blog before election night is not to influence any one's vote, but to help remind you why you should do whatever you can tomorrow to get out the vote. Call at least five friends and make sure they got their behinds to the polls. After you vote, take your I voted sticker over to Starbucks and get your free cup of coffee.

Card Check: If we allow unions to go into business and bully employees with an open vote, we will open all small businesses to union intimidation. Small businesses will be forced to lay people off in order to have money to fight off the unions. We all know how well industries taken over by union have fared in history. (airlines, steel, and auto). The unions will be more powerful and even more influential in the Democratic party.

Taxes: If you think the tax threshold will remain at $250,000, you are naive. We have already heard Democratic surrogates lowering the expectations down to $120k. Do you think that was an accident? No way, they are softening the blow purposely. I had a friend of mine this evening, a small business owner, tell me that if Obama is elected he will be laying off two or three of his employees after January 1 to adjust for the tax increase he will feel. Do you work for a small company? Is your job safe under Obama's administration?

Fairness Doctrine: Say goodbye to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham and all of your other favorite talk radio hosts. Just look at what Obama did to those newspapers who didn't endorse him. Shutting down opposing views is anti-American no matter which candidate you support.

Energy Independence: Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid will cave to their environmental extremists. We will never have energy independence under this threesome. They oppose drilling and will immediately place the ban back on off-shore drilling and will oppose drilling for gas or oil shale in the Rockies. The Democrats are against coal, nuclear power, and drilling. If you don't think your energy costs are going to go back up, think again.

Retirement/401k accounts: At the very least, the Democrats want to tax your contributions. If you employer matching funds are taxed as well, you most likely will not receive them again. The worst case scenario is that they will actually seize your retirement accounts and tie it to your social security. What happens if social security goes bankrupt?

These are not the only issue that are of concern under an Obama administration and both houses controlled by the same party. These are the final arguments for voting for McCain/Palin, but don't just vote. Paraphrasing the words of one John McCain:

Stand up and fight, never give up, never give in, stand up and fight, fight for what you believe in, fight, fight, fight.

Oh.......and go vote too.


Anonymous said...

Rock on sweet sister!
Vote McCain/palin 2008!!!!

4 energy independence, 4 saying no to the Fairness Doctribe, 4 saying no to open voting Unions, 4 saying no to higher taxes and 4 saying no to BO/JB!!!

Braden said...

McCain/Palin 2008!

Anonymous said...

"Is it a rebellion?" asked Louis XVI of the count who informed him of the fall of the Bastille.

"No, sire," came the reply. "It is a revolution."

Viva la Revolucion!

Obama/Biden 2008!


Anonymous said...

Revolucion. You Obama people are a little scary.

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