Sunday, November 30, 2008

GOP Grassroots Explodes With Presidential Loss

I would have preferred that John McCain had won, but I have to admit that the loss may actually be a good thing for the Republican party. While some news reports state that there is a division in the party, it appears that the opposite is actually occurring.

After the election, I started the Smart Girl Politics Network which now has almost one hundred members and over fifty conservative women bloggers. My network, however, is not the only conservative movement on the Internet. There are new groups popping up on Wordpress, Blogspot, Facebook each day.

A few of the best new networks are Read My Lipstick Network which actually started earlier this year during the election season. Rebuild the Party has developed a ten point action plan to modernize and strengthen the party. The New Republicans is a grassroots college organization that is trying to unite the youth of the party. There are new groups on Facebook such as America's Next Generation of Conservatives and The Next Right which are also looking to unite conservatives and change the direction of the party.

This election has already changed the Republican party for the better. It's no surprise that Republicans owned talk radio, but it was the Democrats that owned the Internet this year. With the grassroots movements growing and each individual group gaining momentum, there is a good chance that come 2012, the GOP will be fighting for that title.

Some wonder whether these individual splinter groups can have the intended effect. They can and they will. It is important that these groups bring conservatives out of the wood work. If the intent is to bring together people who in the past have not been active in the party, it's working. GOP supporters have little to do right now besides regroup, organize, and prepare for another battle in two years.

If these groups continue to grow and then are guided in one direction or another by the leaders of the party and more specifically the RNC's new chair, it will be a movement like we have never seen before in our party. At this point it may not matter which group you join, as long as you join a group.

2010 will look like a different race and these groups will be the ones leading the fight.


Clay Bowler said...

One good thing about the internet is that conservatives can catch, match, and surpass the efforts of liberals. We just need to understandt their tactics so we don't get discouraged. Liberals will continue to fail at talk radio, and the only hope they have is the Fairness Doctrine. Which could transfer itself to the internet.

Mel said...

I am glad to see this amazing grassroots surge!!!

Stix said...

Cool to see a Women's Conservative group like this.

You can add Grizzly Groudswell to the list of Conseravative groups.

Also the @dontgo Movement which came after the bail out of banks

There a few others also Lets Get This Right

I think you are correct that the best thing for the Republican Party was a McCain loss, but it may not be good for the country.

But with Palin paving the way for the reform of the party, I think we have some good days ahead

An American Liberal said...

First of all, I have and continue to applaud your efforts to come together as a group. Conservative women have been under-represented in the GOP for far too long imho.

However, Republicans lost elections at almost every level in government, and it would be ruinously deceitful to perceive these losses as a failure to create an internet "presence".

IMHO the Democrats successfully made the case that the Republican party had sold out the American public to corrupt big business, and offered "hope" to counter the dismal future we are all staring at. In historical context, this was just Hoover/Roosevelt all over again.

Warmest Regards.
An American Liberal

Grace Explosion said...


I don't know if I "joined" your network... but I definitely "follow you".

Keep up the good work!!


Retired Spook said...

Cool to see a Women's Conservative group like this.

Yeah, Stix, particularly one that welcomes comments from guys. Besides, some of my best friends are women, including my wife.

It will be interesting to see if the majority of Republicans come to the realization by 2010 or at least by 2012 that, given the choice between a Democrat and a Republican trying to act like a Democrat, the majority will vote for the Democrat every time.

An American Liberal said...

Okay, okay... I'm sorry for laughing so hard as I type this post....

CNN is reporting that Jeb Bush might make a run for the Senate in Florida, and then use this as a launching pad for a White House run.

That isn't what is making my sides hurt, but rather how much the left is screaming at the mere thought of another Bush. Their squealing is actually quite funny.

Dare I say it? Muhahaha Palin/Bush 2012! Can you imagine the screams of the Left? I may be liberal, but dang that is just too funny not to float out there.

Hope it made you smile!

Warmest Regards,
An American Liberal

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work SGP. We're partners.


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