Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How McCain's VP Pick Could Redefine His Campaign?

Conservatives are slowly coming around to supporting John McCain for President. Yes, it has been a long road getting here and there have been roadblocks thrown up along the way. Yet the one thing that is missing is the enthusiasm for the candidate. Most votes from Conservatives are more a vote against Barack Obama rather than a vote for John McCain. Yes, I am saying that as a Conservative myself.

What will it take to excite this base? An olive branch to say the least. There have been baby steps along the way as we knew there would be, but what about one giant step? Here it is..................John McCain picks Governor Sarah Palin for Vice-President of the United States. Most people who don't normally follow politics too closely are probably saying who right about now. I said the same thing a few months ago.

First, some background. Sarah Palin, 44, was elected Governor of Alaska in November 2006. She has been a fighter of corruption in Alaska since her early political days. Alaska is probably second only to Louisiana for corruption in politics. She is a true reformer in every sense of the word. She is pro-life, pro-gun, pro-marriage, and a fiscal conservative. She has been to Iraq, unlike Barack Obama, and has a son who enlisted in the army on September 11, 2007. She has the highest approval rating in the country which is more than we can say about Congress.  She would definitely be the branch that Conservatives are looking for.

But hold that thought. Even conservatives know that it will take more than us to elect John McCain. Here's where Sarah Palin would be a better choice than someone like a Mike Huckabee. She is from Alaska. She has experience dealing with the oil and gas companies. She is currently in the process of pushing forward a new gas line lease that would move gas from the Northern Slope to the lower 48. (Apparently that's what they call the rest of us up there). She is for drilling in ANWR and could yank on John McCain's ear until he was persuaded to change his position. She could speak to McCain's energy policy with authority. It would be difficult to challenge her knowledge on the subject. She could be a voice to the number one topic America is dealing with now.

Finally, she could attract another block of voters. WOMEN. There are still millions of angry Hillary Clinton supporters out there who would love one more excuse to vote against Barack Obama and here it is. The democrats have frustrated many women with their tactics from the primary season and this is our chance to show them that the Republican party is an inclusive party. Yes, there are issues that we will disagree on, but no party is perfect.

She would bring the energy, enthusiasm, and most likely the money to a campaign that at this point could use a shot in the arm.  The buzz is already spinning out there about her and it only grows as she makes the media rounds in support of drilling in ANWR.

As a young female conservative, I would like to see the next generation of our party brought to the forefront. It might surprise most people to see exactly how diverse we are. The first step is for the party of the good 'ole boys to put forth their brightest and strongest candidate.....and well, if she happens to be a woman more power to us.

If you haven't heard of Governor Sarah Palin yet, visit palinforvp.blogspot.com for every detail you need to know about her and more. It's time to get smart......... about Sarah Palin.


Mike said...

I don't mean this to be political, but I am sure it will be taken as such since this is a politcal blog after all.

Every time I see John McCain he looks frailer and frailer. I saw him being interviewed on KDKA last night, and I am starting to get worried that he will make it through the campaign let alone a four year term. Do you have any concerns about that?

What kind of President would Sarah Palin make?

Stacy said...


I'm glad you asked. Sarah Palin has more experience at this point than Barack Obama so I feel confident she would be just fine as President. She has led in the private sector. She has been Mayor of her hometown. She has been Governor. She has led the fight against corruption even against those in her own party. She has cut spending and actually carries a surplus budget. She was the one who killed the bridge to no where. She has been to Iraq and has more foreign policy experience dealing with Russia and Canada than Barack Obama has.

I am sure John McCain will be just fine, but if the worst would happen, I would feel confident with Sarah Palin. Check her out if you need more info.

tigrefan98 said...

One more point I think is fair game: Sarah Palin is (gasp) a woman. And a Mom (of 5). Millions of American women have never heard of ANWR but they know what it's like to drive the carpool and go into labor at work (in Palin's case, during a Governor's conference 2000+ miles away). Gov Palin is the ONLY choice strategically who appeals to both disaffected Hillary voters, independent women, and conservatives. Her fights against corruption and energy dependence mesh nicely with McCain's career and campaign emphasis.

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